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  1. I'm not using the bible as proof! To me a bible isn't proof of anything and I'm using it so I can put my answers in an understandable context for Christians. I'm using logic. Please tell me how anything could exist if it isn't matter or energy!? I'm not talking about spirits and x th dimensions. I'm asking you to explain why you think that if there is a god........ why do you think he isn't made from matter? Also, what is with the bad rep for asking for a sensible answer? How accurate do you think those things are? And also.......... they are all matter. Surprise! Surprise!
  2. Because he can only be matter or in our heads. Please tell me........ what else could a god be?
  3. I am actually atheist myself but if God isn't made from matter, he must just be in our heads. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. What you have put there is either saying that God is matter or God is just something made up in your head. *Edit* Picture God in your head and tell me what he's made from.
  5. How do you think they are causes? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurotransmitters http://answers.yahoo...16103632AAbMBe5 Well it seemed "God's only son", Jesus was made of matter.
  6. It doesn't matter if it is image or matter. Anything that has an image is matter. I don't quite understand what you mean by that. I'm a good speller myself and if I slip up occasionally, Google Chrome will underline it in red. So yes, of course I would fix it but I don't see how that is at all relevant to points in the debate or this topic. Open it up in "The Lounge".
  7. But is infinity not equal to [math]0[/math] or [math]i[/math] until it comes to a finite point? Also, would it be okay if you reply to the quotes so I can get straight to your reply. Thanks.
  8. Because it is a big thing. That is like asking why Christians believe in God and why they relate their facts to God. Also, to us a god is a paradox. I find Christians neglect the fact how that if there is a god....... who created God? Yes, you may say that God has always been there but if God made man in his image, God must be made from matter. The universe is also made from matter (or energy) so isn't saying that even though matter doesn't have to be created (God)......... matter matter has to be created (the universe). Try hooking up your video camera on a live stream to your T.V and line it up so its dead on straight. The picture would keep on getting smaller and smaller and wouldn't stop getting smaller until the T.V ran out of pixels in the centre of the T.V. You wouldn't look at the end and see a god right at the end of the "tunnel" would you? It's a paradox in my head and this is actually the first time I've ever mentioned it so if it's a bit hard to understand so if you have any questions or replies then please do. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ With respect, Morgan.
  9. I would actually say 1/x as extra terrestrial life is unknown and we have no idea how big the universe actually is. The "x" just suggests that maybe there is, maybe there isn't and there isn't a lot of point discussing the details unless you really have something to put forward other than one's opinion.
  10. Just wondering, what would happen if you went in an orbit around a planet of anti-matter (if it existed)? Would there be a type of gravity that pushes you away? And would time speed up relative to Earth?
  11. Yeah, I know bits about as I really like Derren Brown but it just doesn't make sense to me on how it could be passed down in D.N.A because all the information of you ancestral history would have to be stored in the nucleus of one tiny cell.
  12. This sounds a bit like Assassin's Creed to me (a video game and book for those who do not know). But memories can't be passed down in D.N.A as there is nothing to keep the information.
  13. Actually, I was wondering if she was just taking the piss.
  14. I see them as "ifs". As in "if" this happened, then the universe would be in some way different.
  15. Well, they could be on an alternate timeline.
  16. They can because if there is an infinite amount of 'alternate timelines', there is an infinite amount of possibilities which means violations in our universe may not be violations in other universes.
  17. Yes, it contains them but I'm talking about the outside of the nucleus.
  18. Oh, I just realised when I said, "There are no "neutral" atoms. Are you talking about neutrons?" it came out wrong. What I though we were talking about was matter and anti-matter as when I posted it, it was quite late at night. I do see how it was so easily misunderstood.
  19. It would be solved if you jumped onto an alternate timeline. That's how you can solve most time paradoxes.
  20. I'm 14 actually and my display picture was one taken a while ago. And I do have an understanding of atomic structure and as "Phi for All" pointed out, this is a personal attack so don't try and put me down on it. Edit: And if you bothered to look at my profile, it clearly states that I am 14. I'm sorry but I really don't see the bible as proof of anything. With no disrespect, in my opinion the bible is full of inaccuracy and although I read all the replies on this topic, bible quotes don't count toward my beliefs. Don't get me wrong, I study religious education at school and totally understand the concept of it but I just don't agree with it because all it really is, is a huge argument of how the universe started and what happens when you die. Edit: I see you did view my profile but it states I'm in year 10.
  21. In a non-disrespectful way, what evidence do you actually have to back all that up? Lots of Christians also say that the Earth has been around for 6000 years which we know is just not possible. There are no "neutral" atoms. Are you talking about neutrons? What are you talking about? Atom comes from the word atomos which means indivisible. Nothing else was known about the atom as it was just a sugestion made by a Greek philosopher named Democritus. Research was only carried on when a group of scientists, probably with Newton in the late 1600s. Its was then they proposed a corpuscular or atomic model. So please tell me how on earth it would be possible for god to talk about ATOMS! Which is a piece of evidence supporting the big bang. A universe doesn't magically appear. If god is in me, then a real god would let me know he's in me and be there when I've gone through some extremely tough times. People have to go through things on there own, not with god. Its like, when you are very young you might talk to your teddy bears or your pet cat. You know your doing it to get it off your chest but do they understand? Is there something inside them that will make them listen and give you guidance. A soul is not a magical spirit inside us, its our conciousness. http://www.west.net/~simon/brain-soul-consciousness.html So at some point matter is going to collide with anti-matter. Doesn't sound to good, lol.
  22. Thanks I had a dig around the net and came across "quantum tunnelling". Do you know anything about that? I might read that. It sounds like it has the information I like.
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