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  1. As I mentioned in my post: But does that actually make sense? I see them as physically close in writing but the numbers themselves are not close. In fact 0 isn't a number because it doesn't tell you how many of something exist. It tells you that it doesn't exist. Also, see the top paragraph of my topic. Define "close".
  2. Thanks, although I understand small bits of it, that defiantly does seem to complicated for me.
  3. Although that was aimed at questionposer, I decided to buy the book and it has arrived finally! In the acknowledgement, it mentions his previous book, The Large Scale Structure of Space Time. He said he didn't advice readers to purchase it but I was wondering if you had read it and if so, what it is like.
  4. Generally, if you ask people if 1 is a close number to zero they would say yes. But is that true? The way I see it is 0 means nothing or non-existent and 1 has a value so to me it is a leap form existent to non-existent. However, if you look at a number line for example, 0 and 1 would be right next to each other. Also, I was wondering if numbers can have their own type of relativity. What I mean by this is comparisons to the size of the number (or anything really). I think this because 0.0001 could be "larger" than 100000 if it's compared to other numbers such as 0.00000000000000001. Perhaps there is a word for it so if you know it, it would help me out. Thanks
  5. I am 14 and my school doesn't offer me enough. Believe it or not, we get only 3 science lessons and 3 maths lessons a week! I purely have to rely on the internet to teach me so I can take on more advanced topics. Might I recommend buying a book from eBay. I do enjoy this forum site because I can put all my ideas into it whenever I like and have a discussion about them or even be corrected if I've made a stupid mistake. Revision is they key mate but 1 thing that I've been taught is to separate my knowledge because if I give an advanced answer in a test, it may not get all the marks as it isn't AQA (or whatever examination board you have).
  6. I am learning it at 14. It seems to be quite easy learning from the internet but it would be easier being taught 1 to 1. Try this link: http://www.understandingcalculus.com
  7. Nope, maybe it was a satellite but I can't remember. Ah yes, that would be it I guess. Thanks.
  8. I seriously doubt he lied to me. Also, I made a mistake. It was supposed to be 19:35 GTM.
  9. Hi, I was wondering if you noticed a spaceship travelling past the moon at approximately <edit>19:35<edit> GTM? My grandfather told me to look out for it but I didn't see anything as there was too much light pollution.
  10. Cool, I live in Dorset but there's unfortunately quite a lot of light pollution. But thanks for the best time. I will try and get a few pictures myself but my camera doesn't have a good telescopic lens. :/
  11. That explains a lot, thanks.
  12. Thanks for the info, do you think there will be earthshine tomorrow night?
  13. Well we can only see as far as the cosmic microwave background. Whether we can see past it or even get past it in the future would be a huge achievement.
  14. Yeah, the planet is Venus. Is there a name for this type of event?
  15. Has anyone seen the moon tonight in the south of England (maybe anywhere in the UK)? Does anyone know why it is so small, yet so bright? Is it because of the high air pressure?
  16. Wow, never seen the moon so small, yet so bright.

  17. I'm not. It just automatically does it when my computer is on and unlocked.
  18. Thanks, I understand that a lot better.
  19. So it has no effect? Or are you saying that it just isn't matter?
  20. How do I stop windows media player streaming to other computers on my network? I would like it to stop streaming to all computers but if possible, I would like it to keep on streaming to my PS3. Any help would be very appreciated, thanks.
  21. So are you saying that they could relate to dark matter? By which I mean it being in another dimension so we can't see it but it still has an effect. Anything just implies mass and energy (or just energy). What else could it possibly be? And for the record, deity dust would still me matter.
  22. Sorry, It was a spelling mistake. I meant "caused". Apologies. Mass then......
  23. If there is a black hole in the centre of our galaxy, what effect would that have to our time on Earth?
  24. I would be more than happy. First one: My evidence is that dust and burps are matter. I suggest you think more carefully about the question you write as that was just pointless. Second one: Well actually Jiggerj asked you to define it but the evidence to support it is a little something called [math]E=MC^2[/math] !! Third one: [math]E=MC^2[/math]
  25. Lets put it this way. If it isn't matter then it doesn't exist. P.S You were being immature. Thank you I totally agree!
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