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  1. Start with Java. You'll appreciate the beauty of all the other languages so much more Join an open source project =) put that programming to good use.
  2. You have enough information to use the basic kinematics equation vf = vo+at. The force in the forward direction is equal and opposite to the thrust, 200N, minus the force due to friction (F-friction = umg = 0.1*75*9.81). Divide that force by mass to find acceleration, and plug it into the equation. vf is your top speed.
  3. When I was 11 years old, I told my doctor that I was only drinking three small cups of milk a day. I was extremely skinny and short for my age, so she suggested that I increase my daily intake to four cups (and by cups I mean 8oz.) So for about a year and a half until I was 13, I was drinking four cups of 1% fat milk a day. I didn't grow any taller. What I did end up doing, however, was gaining 25 pounds (80 to 105). And for a preteen, that's plenty to be freaked out about. I immediately stopped drinking milk. Instead, for the past four or so years I've only been drinking calcium-fortified
  4. Was not the generally accepted interpretation of the double slit experiment the one of probability waves? But I digress, that's quantum. I agree with those who state that the universe of itself is universal. There isn't any "unspace" to refer to. I think many people are caught up with the false image that the "big bang" or "expansion" of the universe appears as a dot of matter floating in a sea of darkness, and all of a sudden the matter exploded outwards, flinging itself into the depths of the darkness. Rather, if one were to be present in the pinprick of matter, one would probably not re
  5. Well now In order of fluency: Java, PHP, Javascript, C++, Ruby, C, Perl, Python
  6. Oh really? I was using it efficiently from day one. It's really not that hard. I have a TI-89 Titanium and a TI-84 Silver, the latter only because I was not permitted to use it in Pre-Calculus class several years ago. if permitted, as many have said, 89T is the best of its class, and that calculator has gotten me through so many AP and SAT tests you wouldn't imagine.
  7. I always believed that the hype about personality disorders was a bit overexaggerated. Telling children and others diagnosed with the "disease" that they had "mental problems" or "chemical imbalances" or whatever else only fosters in them a sense of differentiation and a conscious knowledge that they're "not normal". I know a girl who's in her early twenties and was part of a singing group that I ran. She would miss deadline after deadline, and when confronted she would say, "I have a personality disorder! Don't you realize that whenever I try to sing, I end up breaking down in tears because I
  8. AP Microeconomics, AP Chem, AP Physics C, AP Euro History
  9. "Rose-scented vomit", haha. I just felt that the impact of Jane Eyre could have been heightened for me if the book didn't drag on for ages in its dull, monotonous fashion.
  10. No no, that's not what I meant, haha. I just felt the need to mention my install of Vista always seems to have a particular trouble with installing them properly. I remember trying to install drivers so I could connect my cell phone up to my laptop via Bluetooth. Vista went through it's whole "searching for device drivers" sequence, ended up not finding any, had to search my C:\ drive for them, etc. And when it had finally successfully installed about three of them, it told me my device was ready to use. I set my phone on discoverable and waited about 5 minutes just to be greeted with the
  11. Doing a revive of this thread. Minimalistic yet flashy desktops are where it's at =)
  12. I tried out Ubuntu 8.04 just two days ago and damn, it's pretty awesome =D
  13. My laptop came with Vista as well, but I'm switching full-time to Linux later this year. Still experimenting with distros, though, so I haven't really decided which I'll eventually use. I have the hardware to handle Vista's laggy performance, but it still irks me every single time I have to deal with installing device drivers.
  14. I've wanted to read this book for the longest time, but I haven't seen it in my local bookstore and I haven't found an e-text of it yet =/ I flipped through some of the pages when I was up in Boston in April but haven't seen it since then..
  15. I read Jane Eyre my sophomore year in high school and absolutely HATED it at the time. After seeing the BBC movie version I've gotten to like the plotline a bit more, but there are still various segments of the book that make me want to rip out the pages and trample on them. I hate the huge long section where she's staying with John Rivers. Dragging it on for 5+ chapters are not my idea of fun.
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