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  1. By budding i mean, it produces from itself like asexual microrganisms in biology.
  2. lol so is my mom's bum, but do you think it curves outward or inward does that make sense? I personally think there might be other universes and the rate were going at with gravity what if we collide?
  3. Honestly I don't believe Al, Hes a hypocrite (with his jet plane, and carbon footprints its just another word for excuse) and global warming makes no sense, maybe because i live in Utah, but you got to take in consideration solar flaring, but bagpipes killing our ozone i mean c'mon.
  4. And also I would suggest try to treat them as equals at most times instead of treating the youngest like the baby (but of course dont neglect the youngest). I would also suggest having a little more one on one time with the eldest child, and suggest that your fiance give her undivided attention to her (even that she is pregnant), this problem could get worse. just tell her she is loved and tell her often, it might be hard for her because your fiance hs been bouncing from relationship to reltionship, but try to better than those other relationships to the eldest child play an extream father ro
  5. I think its a great idea because we can gain great knowledge, that can be used to cure cancer and what have you, but if its borderline or anwhere near torture then i dont think it is that necessary. But its a very interesting topic.
  6. That makes sense. its so hard to comprehend though :/..... i hope were not the only universe. whoe knows what else is out there?
  7. Uranium hexafluoride is a chemical compound consisting of one atom of uranium combined with six atoms of fluorine. It is the chemical form of uranium that is used during the uranium enrichment process. Within a reasonable range of temperature and pressure, it can be a solid, liquid, or gas. Solid UF6 is a white, dense, crystalline material that resembles rock salt.....thats interesting
  8. i thik depending on the person who plays them it will determin the efect it has on them. if your easily influenced then yea i think you will be violent, or an angry person. I really just think its the type of person who veiws them.
  9. So des the univers bud into other universes. or are they just there, and have they been thre since the begging? its so had to comprehend please give me some ideas.
  10. I like the expplanation that if you were wearing a watch and were going at the speed of light the time n your watch would stay the same it would not sped up with so time makes you go slower.
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