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  1. Thanks for all the responses Cap'n, Insane Alien, Pangloss, and Bascule. (sorry I didn't reply). And thanks to you too, antimatter, for explaining the problem. The problem hasn't persisted since the temperatures have gone below 80F. If I just use the laptop in lower temperatures, there's no problem. But there's one thing I've noticed. The problem happens when I run games from a disk. Anyone got any theories?
  2. My new notebook has been in use for a couple of days, and I'm already seeing a few heat problems. It's a Dell XPS m1530, so the slim chassis and the higher-end parts don't sit too well. My first question is if heat really is so bad. What effects does it have on parts, and will it decrease performance? (I hope I didn't ruin it already.) Secondly, when running anything intensive, the notebook occasionally shuts itself off for no apparent reason, even when charged. I'm thinking that this is to protect itself from heat, but surface temperatures are always relatively cool. So does anyone have any good reasons? Thanks.
  3. That one is amusing.

  4. Antimatter: It's his signature move

  5. great shot of the pillars of creation

  6. We know it's your occupation, Vlad. Especially the "Chef Boyardee." We all remember that incident.

  7. calvin_hobbes_pascals_wager_pascal_.jpg


    Sorry, forgot because of the recent end of the year rush. This one is the first one I've ever read.

  8. Well, it's Friday...still waiting for the new Calvin and Hobbes...

  9. Well, it appears that by "immune system" you mean defenses against viruses, diseases, etc. Everything living has this type of defense built into their cells - the cell membrane is basic protection and filters out harmful products. But this isn't great protection, because viruses are almost always able to get through the tiny pores. So if you mean an advanced adaptive immune system, like the specialized white blood cells that lock down viruses with antigens, macrophages to dispose of them, and B-Cells to memorize the viruses in order to create new antigens, it'd really only be animals that would have this type of defense. Compared to other organisms, the complexity makes it necessary. However, all animals and plants also have an "innate immune system." I don't know too much about it, but this basically means that the organism responds to any disease in the same way (this occurs when an adaptive immune system meets something new. Then it adapts.) This response is primitive, but works well enough. So yes, everything that is alive has its own immune system. Now I'm surprised that you actually read all that.
  10. Nice profile picture.

  11. wattersonrare.jpg

    "Calvin and Hobbes," Bill Watterson.

    This is Watterson talking to his own creation, LOL.


    Check in every Friday for a new comic.

  12. Hi. I guess we can form our own little clique, cause I'm also friends with Dark Matter. Cheers!

  13. Hey,

    Good to see you back on SFN.

    See you in the Forums.

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