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    Anywhere, everywhere. I AM THE TELEPORTING MASTER.
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    I hate people. There should be a dis-interests section.
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    Computer engenering.
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    It all started when i was 5. The mass murders anyway...
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    Annoying "antimatter"
  1. Haha. are you kidding me? If things are lousy because of bad laws and bad rules, then stupid people are idiots because of the government. what you just said makes no sense whatsoever... Unless you are just talking about biotech companies. then it makes a little sense. But also, then when people make bad decisions at the biotech factories, then is it blamed on the government?
  2. Omfg. How many times do I have to say this... I think that we could very possibly do very well with genetic modification. I'm just saying that there is also a large % error, and if we do screw up, we will have big problems.
  3. OK, ok. i'll change it back... jeez

  4. I know...I'm the one who experienced it first hand...if you remember than traumatizing incident...

    I just liked his old avatar better.

  5. Antimatter: It's his signature move

  6. Why'd you change the icon?

    It's teh_n00b now...

  7. Well, i think that it might be able to go both ways, but QUAZAR? sorry...that was Ben...anyway... i think that it will go to the screwed side rather than the incredible super people side.
  8. Hm, rather sad, Vlad had more comments than me, though he has been on for a few days.

    Oh well, at least my sheer volume of posts is unrivaled among school friends...

  9. Ah yes, the "Chef Boyardee". one of my favorite moves.

  10. i'm not sure what it is, but i think it is supposed to be an interpretation of fire...

  11. Glad to see you part of the SFN community


    By the way, what is your avatar? Looks rather.. cycadelic* probably misspelled.

  12. We know it's your occupation, Vlad. Especially the "Chef Boyardee." We all remember that incident.

  13. if there aren't any drivers for his network, then how is going onto the forums going to help...? Magic Forums!!!
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