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  1. Recently, I had taken a look at some of the works of the Presocratic Philosophers, particularly Parmenides and Heraclitus. Basically, Parmenides thinks that the "One" is immobile and unchanging and that motion is an illusion. His student Zeno gives the following as a proof: Can Achilles with his winged feet reach the boundary stone of the stadium? He needs a lapse of time to travel half the distance, and still another lapse of time to travel half the remaining distance, and so on and so forth. Hence he needs infinitely many time intervals to reach the stone; but that is an infinite amount of t
  2. I think that a womans attraction to the “bad boys” has to do with her own rebellion against having to be a “good girl”.
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    Recently I have been reading a book titled “MIND in LIFE. Biology, Phenomenology, and the Sciences of Mind.” By Evan Thompson. The book explores the so called explanatory gap between biological life and consciousness. Thompson argues that life and mind share common principles of self-organization, and that the self-organizing features of mind are an enriched version of the self-organizing features of life. Thompson states “The idea that all life evolved from a common ancestor and hence that there is an underlying unity to the widespread diversity of life is central to modern biology.
  4. After smoking for over 30 years, I haven't had a cigarette since this past September 14. Here is how I got away from them. I think it started when I went to the dentist, and the hygienist (during one of those ultra-vigorous cleaning sessions) stated that she found it to be very curious that smokers gums rarely bleed during these cleanings. For some reason that got me thinking about smoking and my health. I found that the more I convinced myself that I needed to quit, the more I smoked. Crazy. In desperation, I just slapped a 21mg. Nicotine patch on my upper arm. I told myself that
  5. Clearly, many of you firmly believe that the practice of spanking is not a bad thing. In fact, you think it is a very good thing. Maybe even close to 90% of parents in the U.S. would agree with you. With a resounding “yes” you all agree that spanking is a very good thing. Some even think it's a God given right. So everyone goes along on their merry way, all agreeing with each other that spanking is a very good thing. What happens though, when you look a little closer? This group over here, believing that spanking is a good thing, spanks and hits infants. That group over there, spank
  6. For those who are concerned that an official ban on spanking would put 90% of parents behind bars, from what I understand, in the countries where spanking is banned, it is under civil law not criminal law. No one has ever gone to jail for the two-swat spank as far as I can tell. It amounts to an official condemnation of the practice of spanking in all of it's various forms. It is a social recognition of it's potential harmful effects. Education is the cornerstone of the policy. "Most of these countries do not carry criminal penalties for spanking. For example, the law in Sweden carries
  7. So the rod comes into play to clean up the (spoiled) mess created by the parents themselves?
  8. How did they learn that, if they weren't taught it? Wouldn't it be better to not reward the behavior in the first place? You sound like a grandfather.
  9. spoil: 1) to damage or injure in such a way as to make useless, valueless, etc.; destroy. 2). to impair the enjoyment, quality, or functioning of 3). to overindulge so as to cause to demand or expect too much If a parent thinks they may be over-indulging, over-protecting or over-involved, they could just cut back. However, especially for the very young, I think that more harm can done by under-indulging, under-protecting, and being under-involved. I work with the severely mentally ill (schizophrenia, bi-polar, psychosis, major depression etc.). By far, the most difficult and ch
  10. Though I thought that Skeptic Lance made a good observation of other mammals in regards to mild physical admonishment: ....................................................................................
  11. My best moment today, was when I convinced the dentist that from now on, nitrous oxide is to be used at all times. The best I can recall, is that the great mystery of life has something to do with Self and Other.
  12. I don't think that spanking and beating are necessarily clear and distinct separate entities. If you were to hire a babysitter and informed her that she could use “spanking” but not beating, could you be sure that you were both on the same page? There could be an awful lot of slapping, smacking, belts, spoons and what not that can come into play under the umbrella of “spanking”. Clearly the issues of severity, context, and frequency need to be addressed to determine whether a particular form of spanking behavior is harmful or not. I can understand how it may be considered appropriate
  13. That's an interesting observation. Not too long ago, I turned to see our youngest cat chewing through the power cord of my wifes computer. Instinctively, I swatted her and yelled No! That's one of the few times I can recall ever hitting one of our pets. I'm not sure if she learned not to chew through the $80 replacement cord, but she did avoid me for quite a while. In regards to child rearing, I wonder what type of parenting would correspond to a “cuff with the paw or even a bite” and under what circumstances would it be considered appropriate. For example, I could see a child sud
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