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  1. One of my teachers told me that it is the other way around. He said that centripetal is an apparent force because it is just a form of intertia, and centrifugal is stand alone.
  2. Well, right, that's one of the groups I mentioned, the religious fanatics. Aside from them it's just the consequences people are worried about it.
  3. It isn't the actual sex that bothers people, but rather, it's the ramifications. The people you hear complaining about sex in my school are most likely worried that the majority of the kids who are or will be having sex are irresponsible and are just giving in to their primal desires without a thought of anyone else. The other people you hear complaining are those religious stiffs who think it's wrong to hold hands with someone.
  4. Ah I see, so in those averages there is an increase in temperature?
  5. Can't you use the 'cycles' argument against that? When I tell my physics teacher this, he says that it's all just cycles of temperature and that this happens all the time, it warms and then cools.
  6. So I'm writing a paper, and I look outside the window and see snow. Now, it's April, it's cold, and it's snowing. Snowing hard, and the flakes are much larger than they've been all winter. It's not really accumulating, but it's been coming down for almost an hour. I live in the East Coast of the States, and we haven't gotten snow after March in quite a while. I don't know much (anything) about weather or meteorology so I'm curious as to why this is happening. Any explanations?
  7. If stars burn out, won't there be other stars? Even if the other galaxies start drifting farther away, how will that really affect us? I was under the impression that most of the other galaxies don't affect us quite as much (except gravitationally).
  8. No, that there really is no data to disprove global warming. What he is saying that the intentions aren't enough to justify the cause, only data.
  9. I've been reading a bit lately about the possible fate of the universe. So far I've seen a few models, and they all seem interesting to me. I've seen threads about these prophecies individually, but I'm not entirely sure which one is most plausible, so I'm curious as to your ideas. First off is the Big Crunch, the idea that when there is enough matter in the universe, gravity will cause the expansion to move backwards, thus collapsing the universe into a black hole singularity.The next one I found was called the Big Chill, the idea that as the universe is expanding, matter will get spread more and more thinly, until the temperature approaches absolute zero.After that, there is the Big Rip, which says that since the fabric of the universe is constantly expanding, the observable universe is shrinking, and that when the size of the observable universe is smaller than any particular structure, tearing will occur.Finally there is the Big Bounce, which says that we live in an oscillating Universe, and that everything moves in a cycle, and after our universe collapses, there will be another Big Bang. These are all very brief summaries that I pieced together from several different resources. I'm not so sure of how accurate they are, but it has been interesting to read. Seeing as I don't know much about astronomy, I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on which one is more likely, and any possible corrections to the summaries that I've given.
  10. I assumed that weaponization meant what Mr. Skeptic was talking about. Finding a spore that could carry the virus, and modifying it to suit your needs. By the way, you say that most biological agents are lousy in regards to delivery. Why?
  11. Numbers aren't patterns. They can be arranged IN patterns, but they are not patterns themselves.
  12. I don't quite get what you're saying when you wrote that we can expect to see a mutation at or near the antibody binding site. Is it that because of the constant mutations, this new vaccine will cease to be effective at a certain point?
  13. Is that your opinion? Or your interpretation of what he said?
  14. To be honest, my physics teacher has a PhD in Geology... He is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, though. He said global warming is a scheme by the U.N. to unite the countries. I don't think that I should have told him about Watchmen. It isn't a religious school (I know you were talking to Cameron, but oh well), it's the only public high school in the town.
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