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  1. yes thats true that yeast wouldn't have anything to gain from it but it could be just a stimulated response. the zymosan thing is pretty interesting, but I really can't risk using LPS if there isn't published support. I've checked chemical company catalogues and nothing has come up but by any chance, do you know of any NOS inducing drugs?
  2. thanks but i've checked google scholar and the University of florida library database but nothing has come up about yeast being sensitive to LPS addition.
  3. I really like PNAS (proceedings of the national academy of sciences), great research. As for medical sciences, the lancet is pretty awesome too, except one issue only has about 3-4 articles so its not really worth the money but its a prestigious journal and the research is very good too.
  4. well I guess its pollen season again and my sister is having this huge allergy attack. Do any of you guys know some good home remedies or foods/herbs for allergy relief b/c she is EXTREMELY sensitive to medicines. Or maybe the medicine with midlest/least side-effects? thanks.
  5. Hi, I am trying to add a chemical to some yeast cells but I found out that this chemical can't penetrate through the yeast cell wall. Then I thought of adding a lysate buffer to lyse the cell, therefore the cell wall wouldn't be a problem. But does lysing the cells prevent it from functioning and being "normal". Thanks.
  6. is microsoft going to send you alotta product info and advertising stuff though?
  7. does anyone know of a nonspecific nitric oxide or nitric oxide synthase drug inducer? not LPS or any cytokines. Thankyou.
  8. Does anyone know of a nonspecific (if that exists) caspase inhibitor or inhibitors of caspase-3 and/or caspase-8? in addition, what assay technique would you need to measure the activation/activity of a caspase?
  9. Hi, i am doing a project on yeast. lipopolysaccharide is usually used in mammalian cells to induce NOS expression but does anyone have literature that has demonstrated yeast sensitivity to LPS? secondly, how does someone come upon identifiying a downstream regulator to a process? is it mainly just reviewing literature like determining an inducer/inhibitor for a process or more different? Thankyou.
  10. i created a birthday card on paint and I have some flower shaped things on the top corner of the page but I want to move them to the bottom corner of the page, is there a way I can "move" them without erasing the image and drawing it again since these are very tedious pictures to draw. are there other programs like adobe photoshop that can do this? Thankyou.
  11. When I think of a computer, I think play, play, play
  12. I am conducting a project where I grew different dilutions (1:10-1:10^6) of 6 different strains of cells in 4 different drugs to induce cell death and grew them on petri dishes. I am not sure if there are different types of siginificance tests but what type of significance test would I need to use in this project? What other types of statistical analysis would be needed? Help is apreciated, thankyou.
  13. i downloaded a NIH software called ImageJ to analyze the area of growth for some cell cultures which were photographed and put into a ppt. document. however, when I try to upload/open it in the program, a window popps up that says "plugin not found: ZVI_Reade". I checked the available plugins but ZVI_Reade doesn't exist. What does this mean and do I need to download a plugin? Thankyou.
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