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    My name is Eadaoin Devlin. I
  1. It sounds REALLY cool! I might get it.
  2. I think that you are very rude to call Christmas xmas. because you are leaving oiut the important bit "CHRIST"
  3. Eadaoin


    Diabetes is very common nowadays and doctors and scientists are trying to get rid of it. I am ten years old and I have diabetes but it is not so bad. I've only had it for 1 year and a half so I'm not exactly accustomned to it. There is now a needle-free injection I tried it but I think it is quite confusing. If you have diabetes or want to know more, reply!
  4. I have never read it but it sounds really intresting so I might have a go for it!!!!
  5. Jane Eyre is a really good book. It is about a young girl who is treaterd badly by her guardian. Her guardian despies her so she is taken away to a strict, harsh boarding school called LOWOODS. After that she goes to THORNTOWN to work as agoverness for a young, spoilt french girl. She falls in love with her master MR. ROCHESTER. It is a very good book!!!
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