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  1. This time dilation is an appearance, not an actual occurrence. Time appears to slow. If things that accelerated experience some time change, than it would have to be in some sort of time bubble, where the time of the object is different then time elsewhere or around it. There would have to be some sort of barrier or place of different times on each side. You also have to believe that time is a real physical thing that can be effected by other objects and influences, like motion. If time is a thing, than what is it made of? Or what makes it a thing that can be changed just by motion. How does gravity act on time? What do you mean?
  2. Your understanding of spatial dimensions, did you come about this understanding through direct observation or someone else’s account of dimensions? Where did you get the reference that space-time is warped by gravity? The general theory of relativity states that mass distorts space-time. Anyway that is not important. Your understanding is that space-time is warped by gravity, so that would mean that all the objects in the room you are in are warping this space-time fabric. Can you perceive this happening or are you just it is assuming that this is occurring because that is what you have been lead to believe? How do you know that space-time exists and can be warped? These “real” dimensions, what form do they take? What makes them a real physical thing? If they are real like the rest of the things in this universe, then they would have an atomic structure, and mass. Have you ever run across a scientific definition that stated that spatial dimensions are real physical things?
  3. Where is everything in the universe going to vanish to? How do you stop time?
  4. Farsight, after reading through this thread it sounds like you are a believer in String Theory. Tell me. String theory states that there are extra dimensions to the three that we use to define the location of points in conceptual models, and when we are describing the size of something. Do you think that these three spatial dimensions are real physical things? These extra dimensions that we are told that exist, extra to what? Where is the scientific data that states that the first three dimensions are real things. What are these string guys looking for? If these extra dimensions are real, then so must the first three. So these three spatial dimensions are made of what and are in what form? Look up any scientific reference book for the term spatial dimension and see if you can find that dimensions are real physical things. That string theories have no basis in reality, pick up any book written by the “experts” on string theory and go to the back of the book and look in the index to see how they define spatial dimensions. You will find that they have no scientific evidence, or proof that the first three dimensions are real physical things. It is all based on an assumption that these spatial dimensions have extras. And as far as time being a dimension, that is when man is making a conceptual model of a moving object. Time is not a real dimension. Look, do research on dimensions and see if you can find anywhere that these first three dimensions actually exist. This will help you in your blind obedience to authority. Do your own research and see if you can confirm what all of these string guys are saying about extra dimensions. Go ahead be a scientist and have some fun doing some research.
  5. Eric 5


    The futures are not different just the motions are different. There is no future that is set up like a path. Just motion and thought. Your concept of the term future leads you to think that “the future” is a unit of time different than some other “future” unit of time. I am making choices on which keys to hit as I type this, what am I doing, time traveling between many “mini” futures. Forward, backward. When you say that you cant walk backwards, backward is just a movement or direction that is perceived to be contrary to the normal motion or direction that we are used to. Backward is a motion in a specific direction, the same as forward motion, is there really a difference between these motions. No! you call one motion forward and the other backward, both are motions. I put a mark on the ground and walk 5 feet from it in a direction. I turn around and walk back 5 feet to the mark. I am in the same place from where I started. Are you saying that if I did not turn around and walk back, but reversed my motion, I would not be able to?
  6. If you are going to use thought experiments to prove something, you will only prove it in your own mind. Prove it the right way and do the experiment. But since you want to use thoughts to prove your point, then think about this. If you had a situation with no mass and no motion, you could still have this time period of no mass and no motion. This thought experiment has to take place somewhere so this somewhere would exist for a time period with no mass and no motion. Just a thought. Your equation proves that if we stop everything in the universe then everything will vanish. Vanish to where? Where is all of this going? You say that this can be accomplished by stopping time. How do you stop time? Are you saying that time is something that can be stopped? How long can this time thing be stopped? How fast is this time thing moving? Stopped in what way? Stopped vibrating? Stopped how? I could go on and on about how absurd this idea is, but I think you get the point. Use established facts to base your thought experiments on.
  7. So you think chemical reactions are responsible for emotions? Tell me, if emotions are purely a chemical reaction then what starts this chemical reaction, and why are we able to control these emotions. Emotions are not an automatic response, emotions are based on how we react or allow ourselves to react to a situation. Chemicals do not make emotions. Emotions are reactions of life to the world around it.
  8. ACCORDING to OTHER observers. If things actually contracted and slowed down, then if you were on a ship traveling close to the speed of light don’t you think that all this contracting would effect the propulsion system in some adverse way. The appearance of these effects is based on viewpoints of the observer, and not based on what is fact. Also if things contracted and time slowed down how do these work together ? Contracting is a motion which involves time, a motion that can be timed, yet if time slows down for the object then so does the contracting of that object, the closer to the speed of light the more it is supposed to contract yet the slower the time for that object would be. So the slower it would contract. Seems like it would all balance out and nothing would change. To iNow and Lockheed. So are you saying that time is a physical thing that is effected by motion? In all of those experiments regarding time, only two things could have been acted on by motion, Time or The measuring device. Who is to say which was effected? Believe what you want, but for time to be effected by an outside influence it would have to be a physical thing, with some sort of atomic structure. Do you really think that time is a thing that is at the effect of other forces? Besides this time change that occurred in a specific location around the test object, was there some kind of bubble around it so that only the time in that small area changed and no change for the measuring device, or the airplane or the area outside the plane, or the Earth, or the universe. If there is no protective time bubble around this test object then what is to stop this time change from happening to everything connected to this test object? Why the time change in only what was being tested? If objects moving around can influence the rate of time…. Well you can see what a mess that would be. Planets, photons, comets etc. So an airplane flying around can effect the rate of time, but only in what is being tested, how convenient. Man has a tendency to find in his experiments what he is looking for to prove that his beliefs are true. Again, if an airplane flying around can effect time why is time only effected in what is being tested? What are the mechanics behind this pin point time change in things that man is testing? It is either that, (pin point time change) or time changes all over the place and that would include the measuring device and the plane flying slower and my clocks going slower all from one airplane, now include all the other things that are moving as fast or faster then these airplanes. Wow! Look at all of the things that effect this thing called time. I will not get into the idea that time speeds up or slows down depending on which direction you are traveling in. Can anyone describe the mechanics of how directions effect the rate of time? How is time connected to direction? I wonder which way time is going for all those satellites circling the Earth? I am sure that those experiments that you posted gave the desired results that were being hoped for.
  9. It APPEARS from your point of view to slow down or contract. If things really did contract then Einstein would have said that it actually occurs and not use the term appears. Also, if space ships traveling near the speed of light actually would contract then you would notice your own ship contracting and not the other ship appearing to contract. It is all relative to your point of view, it does not actually happen. Go ahead and look at all the scientific papers written on this topic. It says appears, not actually happens. Yes I have heard of the twin paradox. It is a mental paradox since it is not a statement of an actual occurrence. It proves nothing, it is just something to think about.
  10. In order to experience something it has to be physical in some way. Are you saying that the first three spatial dimensions are physical? Space is soft like a blanket? Where did you get this information? Anything heavy placed on it bent the blanket? Bent the blanket in what direction? What is this blanket existing in? Who or what does this placing of heavy objects? Please when answering science questions refer to established data on the subject. Otherwise arbitraries get introduced and the whole subject goes off the rails. Again, I am not trying to pick on you, but where are you getting all of this information that you wrote? Anything too close rolled into the well. Why would it roll into the well, unless an outside force caused it to change course. Otherwise it would travel in a straight line and not vary off course. Light growing colder? What?!! In Einstein’s theory of special relativity it states that objects APPEAR to an observer to contract the closer they approach the speed of light, they do not actually contract. Clocks APPEAR to observers to slow down, they do not actually slow down. That is why it is called relativity, things appear to change relative to other things. Nothing actually changes.
  11. If it is in a vacuum how do you suppose this experiment is going to work.
  12. Look up what sound is on wikipedia. This will explain what is really happening with this string thing.
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