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    How long has this forum been going?
  2. I am doing a physics assignment on basic mechanics of a rollercoaster i have written it all up apart from the section on future developments in this area of physics. I was tinking about doing it on space advance since there is alot of mechanics, does anoyone have any other suggestions or knows of somthing quite unique to do with mechanics of free fall that you can refer me too to create a more interesting project?
  3. whats the point in giving a question letting one person have an attempt and then post the answer when they get it wrong, at least let other people have a go and maybe the first person might want to correct themsleves.
  4. if i have a elastic ball and i throw it at a wall on cantact the shape will change but the volume is the same. So if i put a dollar or whatever in the bank when i left went all the way to the star and then came all the way back i could pay for my trip assuming i could live for 720 years.
  5. i heard that gallium was reasonably safe yet you need to take some care and precautions while handleing it. May i ask what you are going to do with the gallium, just interested
  6. martianxx


    If i were doing it i would say what y = when x=0 y would = -3 then what x is when y = 0. You have to use the quadratic formula x = -b (+/-) Root of b^2 - 4ac all divided by 2a for this particular equation a = 2 b = 0 and c = -3 you can work out the maximum/minimum via differentiation but you can get a prety good outline of the graph from working out the y and x values. p.s Remember when you square root in the formula it gives two answers still when b = 0.
  7. I think i have cracked this idea. The body that is moving at a given speed has a time change relative to someone's time who is stationary due to the changes in acceleration and speed etc. Is this correct? If it is does this mean that if i set of in space acceleration at 1 earth gravity per second towards a star 2500 light years away not at but close to the speed of light the time taken for my family on earth is 2500 years but for me it would seem like alot less due to my acceleration and deceleration when i got closer to the star. Is this right? So more like a time dilation rather than a time change.
  8. martianxx

    Sum of A.S

    I had a question in a recent exam that asked you to prove the formula to calculate the sum of an A.S. I only got 2/11 on it so i was wondering if someone could tell me it. I have searched the internet for one but all seem to be a bit rubbish and i think i can get better results here
  9. shouldnt h be s for displacement?
  10. How can a light year = distance light travels in a year, if time stops at light speed according to relativity? Surely light could travel 2 lightyears in an instant if it wants...
  11. martianxx

    Speed of light

    according to relativity IF it were possible to reach the speed of light time would stop leaving what iNOW said would be correct you can travel anny distance instantly, there would be no time or distance.
  12. going back to the original question i like to look at the data that you have. you have: s (displacement): 140m t (time): 3.6s v (final velocity): 53 ms you can then use s = [(u + v)/2]t 140 = [(u + 53)/2]3.6 140 = [(u/2) + 26.5]3.6 140 = 1.6u + 95.4 44.6 = 1.6u 27.875 = u Then you can use this to work out the acceleration: v = u + at 53 = 27.875 +3.6a 25.125 = 3.6a 6.9792 = a Hope this helps - ps may have made a slip up on the maths in the first part it is late and i am about to go to bed
  13. It is quite hard to understand, this is how i see it. If on car is travelling at 70 mph and another is travelling at 100mph the first car is accellerating away from the second. A person at a stationary point observes the first car travel by and it appears to be going very fast, yet from the drivers seat on the second car the driver sees that the car appears to no be accelerating away as quickly. This is motion relative to time. But if time was relative to motion and its speed changed when a body moves then time would have a speed. So what i as saying is if we give time a speed. 1 being a body in motion at a speed of 186000 miles per second and 0 being a stationary body. When you begin to move from 0 to one time begins to accelerate less quickly from you and so its speed is slightly less. Only if it were possible to travel a speed nesicary of have a great significance to the speed of time would it be possible to prove this of course. In theory when traveling at the speed of light it would be as if the 2 cars were both traveling at exactly 80 mph realivly they would appear to not be moving at all, as if they were stationary. Yet the world around them still moves. deltaT/deltaT would = one assuming that speed had no effect on time. Sorry, it appears that i have just accidently proved relativity. Look here http://www.themodernreligion.com/basic/quran/quran_time.htm where it is explained alot better. just ignore some of the later, it is more related to islam than physics.
  14. no there is a way where you start if assuming that A=B or somrthing, ill find out tommorow.
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