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  1. SSRIs and SNRIs prescribed in high dose. I agree they are intended to aid a person but it didnt work in my case.
  2. I have tried high dose anti-depressants mainly SNRIs (for anxiety) and they actually made me feel and respond to the anxiety worse. Also, the withdrawls can be close to life threatening if you do like I, the fool, did and stop without correctly stepping down the dose. I am not opposed to medications at all but for me the treatment for anxiety as a symptom actually made the root cause worse. Maybe I should have tried the scotch... (OK, I'm still undecided on the self-medicating aspect)
  3. Do you consider it acceptable to cage animals in general (no testing involved) as pets or the like? Edit: 3 years... ouch.
  4. I think I would have been clearer had I simply asked for clarification. The statement was: "i just don't understand where people get off thinking that human lives are more important than other life. life is life." I still read over this and I try to see the prespective but I find it very difficult to define the terms used. I should have just asked "WHAT?" Edit: I pitty the microorganisms that are slain in the billions just to prove media can promote its growth.
  5. Before you conclude the question as faulty based on your definition of "value or importance" of an organism's life consider that others feel the definition is based more as described Luscpa's post above. Lovejunkie, Quick question with no harsh intentions: What has been your experience in animal testing? You are very passionate in your view (which is always a good thing) and it made me curious.
  6. So, you are under the belief that the value of my children and others lives are equal to that of a lab mouse... Is that correct? Outdated and barbaric? What do you suggest be used as an alternative in physiological and pharmacological safety studies? Are you willing to sacrifice your family and your own safety? Honestly, I am not willing to put myself or my children at risk.
  7. Interesting, but I don't believe it as conclusive in disproving the OPV/HIV theory. The OPV/HIV theory could not be disproved by the testing described in that article due to the fact that the OPV sample used in that testing was the CHAT pool 10A-11, this was not the final formulated vaccine that was used in the mass vaccination trials in question. It was the "pool" the vaccine "batches" were derived from. Sadly, there are no archives of these final vaccine products. I am not convinced either for or against the OPV/HIV theory. I do not feel there are sufficient evidence, specimens, and most
  8. There's a book entitled The River by Edward Hooper that details out the early outbreaks in the Congo region of Africa and the possible modes of transmission that spread the virus worldwide. He also tracks the early outbreaks to a few specific lots of OPV produced by Koprowski while in the Congo by passing the virus through the kidney tissue of a monkey (the type of monkey it was is not known for sure). This lot of OPV was used to inoculate the local tribes in the region and additional uncontrolled vaccinations in the United States prisons. Great book but it requires a lot of focus. Sorry to
  9. Agreed. The hand wraps are intended to keep the impact of the "punch" fom cracking the little bones and reducing the shock to the wrist. Most boxing matches require mexican style wraps that protect each finger. Training bag gloves can be either designed open fisted for speed and accuracy or closed and weighted for strength training. The MMA grappling and open-finger bag gloves are more flexible than traditional boxing gloves and many do prefer to use them. However, they are not worn over wraps and provide less potection to your fingers and wrist. I won't get into the dynamics, difference
  10. Isabelle is more common and usually already taken on forums. So I chose a lesser known name.
  11. The 1 point for Regulatory Agencies: - Be vague
  12. I have heard of the DT15150. I think that part was made about 20 years ago, or am I thinking incorrectly? Have you tried calling the tech support for Data Translation? You may have better luck finding someone willing to get up and look for the spec sheet that is not electronicly available. I have had to do that many times when customer support would not reply. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Good luck.
  13. There was a split in the ATCC 6633 organism in 2004. The cilture was found to contain 2 subspiecies: B. subtilis subsp. subtilis and B. subtilis subsp. spizizenii. We first used the new ATCC 6633 organism B. subtilis subsp. spizizenii in November of 2006. The "new" organism was not as easily expanded as the previous ATCC 6633 B. subtilis organism. Good luck.
  14. I would enjoy that but my field is rather dull (quality control/assurance, cGXPs, quality systems, etc). I'll get me CV updated and send it anyway. Boring industry regs have myths too...
  15. Oh, I just found this. I have science degrees somewhere... I think I lined the birdcage with them. I have been in biopharm for what seems like since the discovery of the cell. I deal with the regulatory agencies and quality systems. I live my life based on the FDA's "Risk-based Approach" and it really is not intended for such application.
  16. I think #2 is the solution to #1. Communication is not as primitive as it seems. It is what leads to education and understanding. It may seem a simple action but if you ever actually tried communication to reach understanding it can be a truly complicated but thorough method. Why than should it be replaced? #3....No quick decision should be an assuption. If you are using an assuption to make a decision than you are most likely not the right person to make that decision.
  17. Sterilization packets for steam/pressure sterilization are inexpensive and widely available and they work equally as well in a pressure cooker as they do an autoclave. The indicators on the packets will give you some confidence that the sterilization was adequate. The packets (sealed prior to sterilization) should retain inner sterilization as long as the exterior of the packet is not compromised. However, I wouldn’t go longer than 6 months without repeating the sterilization before use.
  18. There is a very small (but growing) field called nuetraceuticals. Although many people do not consider this a valid feild of study there are a few smaller colleges that offer this elective. The American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine is the one I am most familiar with.
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