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    I am into horses and I own a horse and dogs.I also like playing the guitar and piano and I have been playing the guitar for 1 and a half years and playing the piano for 5 yrs.I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music from country to rock.
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    Hey,I am smarty_pants and I come from australia and I am in highschool.I am very good at maths and science and my fav subject is science followed by maths
  1. Hi, i was wondering if I could get some help on a question with physics? the question is: An athlete, commencing at a point due east , completes half a lap of a 440 m track in 25 s. Determine the athlete's a) average speed b) average velocity ( in a westerly direction) c) average velocity if the athlete completes one full lap at the same pace I get how to get a) and c) but i dont understand how they got an answer of 5.6 m s^-1 W. Please help me!
  2. thank you so much. It was very helpful
  3. i would like to test the straight recall of memory.
  4. Hey everyone!, I would like some help on finding some memory tests on the internet that you know of that i could print out as i am doing an experiment for a Science Talent Competition that i would require some memory test that i could use for my testing. Also, if possible could you help me by giving me some ideas on how to make a good memory test? This would be well appreciated:cool:
  5. Need help with deciding career choices! I am a 15 yr old who has now come to the time to choose a pathway for my senior school subjects/ I have a few careers in mind and i would like you to tell me what the common characteristics are of this career if you could possibly do it! Medicine Civil Engineering/Buisness Landscape management Environmental Science Could you please help me out?
  6. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert Einstein
  7. I am pretty good at studying myself i was just wondering if it is worth it and if it gives you a head start in a particular subject
  8. there is a few tutors around where i live and some of them have a very good reputation so i'll see who is the best for me
  9. I've done that and it works but it would be good to have extra tutoring incase i missed something out.
  10. I was wondering what everyone thinks about extra tutoring as i am soon going to take my TEE's(for non-aussies it is the exams you take to get you into university)and I was wondering about doing extra tutoring so i could have a really good score as my calculus teacher has left and we now get a substitute teacher that really sucks.I'm taking calculus as i want to go onto the University of Western Australia which needs a score of 84.0 or more to do Mining Engineering so I was asking you guys if it is worth it to do extra tutoring.
  11. yeah,that happens to me because it is holidays right now so i have the opportunity to sleep more but it makes me more sleepy. quite annoying really
  12. eww,why would you take this shit?I don't understand why the hell you would inhale someones shit?
  13. I take them just incase i forget and if it something you cannot get it out of a book.It is pretty handy to have notes when you are revising for a teset
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