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  1. rail gun... coooool i played w/ one made with magets a ruler and a bunch of little metal balls
  2. Does anyone here teach tag there?
  3. did u know ford tried to make a nuclear powered car?
  4. What I'm doing is having the lion get up and curl its mane (surgical tubing) around my high school's opposing football team. To do this I'm using pneumatic acuators and elecric actuators, but the problem is, I can't get the hair to stay up because the compressed air runs out before the float stops moving so I need some kind of quick drying glue or cement that will harden when cool to keep the tubes up. I'm also thinking of making it's mouth open and shooting purple and gold (menchville's colors) paint out w/ a small explosive charge behind it. edit: <font size="50" color="blue">PLEASE HELP MEEEEE!!!!!!</font>
  5. I need help finding a way to do this for my schools float after inflating it with compressed air a sort of glue or cement that only hardens at a low tempurature would be fine but it needs to harden quickly Edit: can anyone PLEASSSE HELP ME?????
  6. ok i will [now i need to find out how to make the hair (tubes) stay in place for a few hours im gonna start another thread]
  7. wouldnt a fire extinguiser make the rubber glass-like n break? i know if it gets cold enough itll break how bout slow burning rocket fuel? Edit: nvm the rubber would just melt n kill everyone (im exagerrating)
  8. surgical tubing is heavy so compressed air would take a while to lift the mane so i thought a stable explosive like c4 only not so powerful would be good (i took diet coke n mentos into consideration n i have no clue why) Edit: do u know a teacher named timothy creiner?
  9. no its for a lion's mane becuz the opposing team will be on the float n i thought sum kind of pneumatic actuator would be perfect to make the hair quickly n efficently ensnare the other team its a good idea isnt it?
  10. I need to know what explosive I could use to quickly inflate and stretch about 15 feet of surgical tubing (its for the menchville football team's float). Could you not give me a formula for the explosive because I only need the name of it. The explosive must be legal for civilians to use.
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