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  1. when im done with this single stage can i salvage parts to make a multi stage gun?
  2. I need to know if high schools normally have high voltage caps around that they're willing to give away for free and I need to know where they can be found like the art rooms, the wood shop room, etc.
  3. U R SOOOO FRIGGIN LUCKY!!!!! make a coilgun or railgun now can u help me on my coilgun thread?
  4. i need help on my coilgun thread cuz im too scared to try to make a railgun even if it is only $5.51
  5. Guest026

    What is Fire

    i used to wonder all the time 'till i saw it on tv
  6. I'm thinking about making a railgun but apparantly they can kill me so I'm probably going to make a pistol-like coilgun. I need to know what kind of wire I need for the coils. Oh and how do the coils in a multi-stage gun go turn on and off by themselves? and how do I release the stored energy in a cap? What kind of capacitor would you recommend and how many? What kind of battery? I've never made anything like this before so tell me how bad the shocks can be too.
  7. I found directions for making a small railgun online and I'm just wondering if this is something a teenager with no experience with making this kind of thing could make and not get hurt. It's pretty cheap and the directions say it's relativly easy to make.
  8. i read in a book that its possible
  9. i saw that on mythbusters and i want one
  10. I don't get why some people don't believe that evolution is real. Why do people think evolution is fake? or is asking it like asking a godwad why they believe in god? im also wondering if evolving could mean having genetic mutations because in every movie that has anything to do with evolution they say that it means to mutate, i used to think they just said this because they just didnt know what evolution meant but there are so many writers out there that write about it like this and they are all full grown adults and im a teenager so i probably am wrong and not them by the way you probably guessed already but my knowledge of genetics is the same as a seventh grader's
  11. Is it true that human milk can be made by splicing human and rabbit dna and milking the chimera afterwards?
  12. the majority of young boys that go on disney forums think that they're Hanna Montana's boyfriend i dont know what you're talking about but what i just said was a cool fact (more disturbing than cool)
  13. thanks inow what do u think of what I thought? never mind thats cool
  14. i try not to wonder about these kind of things because it kills me inside to not know and at the same time to know it is impossible to know but i think about these things a lot anyways Edit: i think its impossible for nothing to exist because if nothing existed then well... i dunno i suck at explaining my ideas in a coherent manner PUH-SHAAAWWWW!!!!! that is sooo not true when someone dies they rot away but of course they dont disapear they just get separated into atoms n molecules if thats what you mean by this "afterlife" one never ceases to exist they only cease to be a living thing though what once was there body would eventually end up in another living thing (if thats what you call an "afterlife")unless everything dies before this could happen
  15. Is the information in this magazine reliable?
  16. There should be a list of teachers in alphabetical order that are users on this website.
  17. Guest026


    21 kinda sounds like a 5th grader wrote it
  18. In an article in "Popular Science" I read a theory of how light speed could be acheived and the article said something about a bubble of electrons that the vehicle stays in which keeps the space inside of it a normal while the vehicle compresses the space in front of it and expands the space behind it and apparently using this method it's possible to "travel time". Does anyone care to explain to me how this is even remotly possible? Now I most definitly am no quantum physics expert but I think all this is impossible though I know that space expands and whatnot I dont see how it can be controlled like that. The closest thing to this that I can think of is somehow slowing down the atoms and molecules travelling at "light speed" by using the "electron bubble" mentioned in the article somehow bringing everything in it to near absolute zero while the vehicle travels at normal speed giving the illusion of light speed traveling to whoever is inside. I know how stupid my theory sounds considering alk of the mistakes in it (no need to point them out I'm well aware of them) so can anyone tell me what they were talking about in the article? srry if I posted on the wrong board by the way Edit: If one of you mods could move this to the quantum theory board could you move it? Edit: come on people dont not read it because its a little bit long! dont be lazy now! Edit: are you not replying because I said something stupid or simething?
  19. thanks! Edit: so does anyone else have anything to say about my "inertial dampener"? Edit: does any of what i just said have any credibility at all? because i get the feeling that you think its a pretty stupid idea
  20. never mind its on wikipedia
  21. oh cuz im 14 n i always considered myself smarter than average untill i read u ppl's posts now i feel kinda like a little kid at sum adult dinner party or sumthing oh and jet engines have enough power to displace the air at high speeds the power problem is with the static inertial dampener because it takes lots to suport a humans weight plus the g-forces would make the prrson even heavier Edit: i never knew about science forums until i decided to ask sum1 on a forum bout whether i should use compressed air or explosives in a pneumatic actuator
  22. I saw a history channel program about making water based organisms fly with no thrust but with static pulling the water in different directions and just then I thought of using this, not to fly, but to pull you around in a jet where you could experience high amounts of g-forces; a computer similar to the kind used in the Harrier vertical take-off and landing fighter would be needed. Of course this sort thing is rediculously impractical but could it be possible? I have another question what age group was this forum meant for? Edit: Anyone? Edit: come oooooon don't be lazy!
  23. sorry for making a thread like this 2 other times but no one would help me. I need help with keeping tubes in place after being moved to a certain position without having to do anything to it manually my idea is to put wires in it so I don't need to do anything to it after its moved into place pneumaticly PLEEEAASE HELP!!!!
  24. oh my teacher said its a rail gun i never did like that teacher...
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