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  2. so the skulls are from hunting? Or something else...
  3. Ohhh... that's cool. So how much money did you get from the lottery? I just saw the biography section of your profile; now when you say playing with skulls...
  4. Don't you have to pay for dual enrollment? What school and grade level are you in?
  5. Guest026


    was that a joke? If it was then lol.
  6. Guest026


    Sorry but I don't really uderstand the question. Or is it a joke that I don't get?
  7. I only take one AP which is human geography because freshman here aren't allowed to take any more than that. I had a friend in AIG.
  8. You might have had a siezure or something I don't know.
  9. Yeah, you're right but I've been told by my dog's vet that a sudden change in its diet would cause diarrea.
  10. here are the formulas for the second ones (tell me if you dont understand) F=fat per serving(4g) S=sodium per serving(140mg) A: 6(8(box weight)/0.5(serving size)=? B: F/6(serving size)=X(grams of fat per cracker) X multiplied by 10 is your answer. This time I didn't give him the answer. oh and never mind cutiexjinax I wss typing this when inow posted his help so you should trust inow over me. Oh, and inow, at the end of my other post I pointed out that I might be wrong so there was no need to correct me (it's actually really sad that I didn't know this especially because I just learned this at school)
  11. for the first one there are 100 meters in one kilometer so so the balk would be going 18,500 meters per hour you divide that by 3,600 (thats how many seconds are in an hour) to find out how many meters per second it's traveling then divide 23.8 by the meters per second to get your answer. by the way, I'm not sure if there are 100 meters in a kilometer; it might be 1,000 I'll give you the formula for B. A(area of court)=27 X 78 150/A=gallons of paint needed
  12. Yeah but I can't use it to highlight stuff for some reason.
  13. I heard that listening to music when you're young can make you smarter.
  14. Okay, sorry by the way the talented and gifted is actually REALLY overrated. I cant higlight the spoiler because I'm on my Wii and the the other computer is taken.
  15. ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! ITS 16!!!!!!! I HAVE IT NOW!!!! I KNOW IT!!!!!
  16. WAIT!!!!! I MEANT 14!!!!!! i kept thinking it was 3^3 instead of 3^2
  17. so there's this lady at the docter n the docter says u have 3 worms in u so we need to take them out at 8:00 and inside the lady a worm says "hey guys! u here that!?" the 2nd worm says "wut do we do now?!" the 3rd says "im gonna hide behind the liver!" a different 1 says "im hiding behind the stomach!" the last says "im catchin the 8 'o clock outta here!"
  18. I MEANT 25!!!!! that was a stupid mistake cuz im too used to plugging things into a calculator
  19. lol thats funny but it's not very nice
  20. Guest026


  21. tag is a special ed class (talented and gifted)tag kids learn more stuff than others do ex: i had honors geometry in 8th grade and sum1 in my homeroom had precalc at 8th grade too i also took physics and chemistry in 8th grade but the geometry i took is only honors cuz i took it in 8th grade n physics n chemistry was really basic stuff and aldgebra 2/trig is REALLY easy (so ive been told cuz im only reveiwing stuff right now so i didnt learn anything new) uhhh... i cant read the spoiler by the chinese man could u unblacken it?
  22. doing that to ur dog is against the rules cuz it feels nasty to the dog to diarria im in 9th grade and i take all honors and an AP!
  23. nope 27! but u should learn how to do it too
  24. my 6th grade science teacher ms. sawyer invented the "what is the effect of IV on DV" thing wut grade r u in tooz? btw u could start by researching capitol punishment or the electric chair and find out how it effects humans then use common sense from there
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