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  1. I read that flax seed is rich in anti oxidants and has high fibres and removes toxins from our body. Also many advice to take flax seed in daiet. Is linseed the same as flax seed? Can it be taken as powder or oil? How much to be taken in a day? Also i read that flax seed powder should not turns poisionus if we keep it long. Is it so? Thanks in advance
  2. What is rock salt? In what way it is superior / inferior to common salt? Can it be used in place of common salt?
  3. Can any one tell me why transparent glass becomes opaqe when broaken? Is the phenomenon same with ice? Thanks.
  4. Thank you for ofering help. Of cource I receied reply. Still if your suggestions are welcome. I want make a very simple telescope for beginners. Murulidhara.S
  5. Some times we see two rainbows. How they are formed? Will there be in the order of colors VIBGYOR?
  6. Nano technology is considered as future technology and lot of encouragement is given. There is no doubt that nano technology has benefits. and it can be applied in various fields like food, construction, medicine, fertilizers, cosmetics etc. I feel there are many risks involved, for example minute nano particles can entre cells. They can enter lungs. Does nanotechnology make harms than advantages?
  7. When we put two ice cube one above the other and press it for a few minutes they adhere together. Why it is so?
  8. Does consumtion of coconut oil reduces heart attack risk? They say that coconut oil contains lauric acid whcih increses HDL cholestorl level. Also what are the other benefits ( if any) of coconut oil for general health?
  9. 1. I read in some articles that music cures some diseases. There are also musical therapy in some hospitals. Can music cure or it will helps in curing. 2. Does music has any effect on growth of plants?
  10. Dear members, I am new this forum. All these days I was posting questions in this forum. Forum is very good and informative. Still now I am having some doubts about the usage of this forum. Can any one clarify the following doubts: 1. Against each posits we see reply and view columns. What is this view column. How th use this. 2. Regarding private message. What is the usage of this. 3. If by chance we post in a wrong forum can we move it to the correct forum later on? Thanks in advance
  11. I think it must be "Varanus bengalensis"
  12. Bullet proof glases contain polycarbonate layer sandwithed between two glass layers. How polycarbonate layers prevent bullets? Does it totally prevent piercing of glass? Is it directional i.e is from one side only?
  13. what are the other suse of snake poison apart from preparation of antidote for snake bite in medical field? Is it used as a pain killer?
  14. Are lizards which we see in house walls poisonous? If so is it fatal? What is the first aid if consume food stuff in which lizard is found (dead or alive) ?
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