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  1. Well it could be in a vacuum and lubed up really well.
  2. I just thought of a design for gauss gun-like contraption that never stops moving. Here's a picture of it. the + - at the bottom is a horse shoe magnet, n means non magnetized material, l is an insulator, and + and - signs are positive and negative polarities. (Sorry the picture is so ugly) + + - - - - + + ll ll n n + -
  3. So do i use that "cd" command to do it? (I still need help figuring out how to make an administrative account from the command prompt by the way)
  4. I was trying to learn how to make batch files with a tutorial but when I tryed one of the examples it wouldn't work. The screen just flashed black really fast so I couldn't read the thing on it. This is exactly what I typed: @echo off :start echo hello goto next :next echo this text is in the ‘next’ secton goto end :end echo and this code is in the ‘end’ section Can someone PLEASE tell me what's wrong with it?
  5. What does it take to get into this college?
  6. Where can I download this? I'm not going to use for anything dangerous; I'm just going to use it to prank some of my friends. Edit: If you don't know where to download shark I'll be happy with any trojan making progam that's easy to use. Edit: I'd also like to know how I can make an administrative account on my Windows XP/NT/2000 from the command prompt. Can someone tell me how? (this question has nothing to do with the one about the Trojan making programs, in case you were wondering)
  7. Guest026


    Does anyone here have an Omerta account? In case you want to know what this is, here's the link.
  8. guess what? i found out what dreamweaver is! but its too expensive for me so i use nvu
  9. How do I get the film out of a flash camera without the risk of damaging it? The kind of camera I have is a Fujifilm QuickSnap Outdoor 1000 with 27 exp (whatever that is) I'm not even sure that's what this camera is called.
  10. Can someone link me to a good website that can teach me the basics of flash programming? I just joined the html programming club but I want to do flash too and I would feel kind of out of place if I joined with absolutely NO knowledge about flash at all. (a website with programming language tutorials would be nice too) By the way, PLEASE don't post a link to a tutorial on how to make specific affects in a flash game.
  11. So that's why you're called ParanoiA...
  12. Guest026


    Which movie? By the way I was going to say quarter but that didn't make sense because I'd dive after a quarter any day (I'm not poor by the way) an a penny seemed too small.
  13. At this school a group of disgruntled terrorists hold a bunch of people captive in the gymnasium and gives a mother a choice of taking one of her children but leaving the other with the terrorists. Q: Which child stayed with the terrorists? A: The ugly one. On an airplane that's about to crash a lady gets up, takes her clothes off, and says "If I'm going to die I want to die feeling like a woman! Is anyone on this plane man enough to make me feel like one?" A man gets up, takes his shirt off, throws it at the lady, and says "Here! Iron this!" Docter Dave slept with one of his patients once and he felt guilty even though he was single. The guilt nearly drove him mad because he began hearing voices in his head. One voice said "It's all right Dave! Let it go; you're single!" Another voice brought him back to reality by saying "Dave! You sick bastard! You're a vet for God's sake!"
  14. I would join if my mom would let me (she wouldn't by the way). I hate parents that sue schools for stuff like the expiration thing mentioned earlier. Did you know that in some schools students just walk up to their teacher and hug them then tell their parents to get the teacher fired?
  15. Guest026


    Did I go to far with that joke?
  16. Yeah I guessed that you knew that already but I said it anyway for some unknown reason.
  17. Guest026


    This might sound stupid but what are the benifits of taking rights away from homosexual couples that are married? I've always wondered (not that I dislike gays or anything). Edit: Is benifits spelled wrong? Because, to me, it just doesnt look right.
  18. I'm actually the average student. And like I said before, TAG is overrated and sounds better than it really is. *snicker snicker* I said something like that once and everyone got mad at me (at school of course). Did you know that this school is actually named after a person's name?
  19. Guest026


    JEWS!!!! ATTACK!!!!! *throws nickel into hordes of truffles*
  20. Guest026


    I too have a secret weapon! Are you ready funnel cakes? ATTACK!!!!! *funnel cakes charge with gas masks on as wave of gas suffocates donuts* wait... DONUTS DON'T BREATH!!!! QUICK!!! FIRE YOUR MORTARS AND MACHINE GUNS!!!!! *hailstorm of mortars appears out of nowhere accompanied by stream of bullets* We're having a cyber war because he ate my last jolly rancher gummy. A rerun of heroes is on so I'm not leaving yet.
  21. Guest026


    I'm going to leave soon because Heroes is on soon but I'll be here during the commercials. *drops nuclear warhead on YOU!!!! and counters nuclear missile by firing a patriot missile* WHAT NOW!!!!
  22. Guest026


    hmmmm... someone ate my last Jolly Rancher gummy... OREOS!!!! ATTACK!!!! *oreos march out making gutteral yelling sounds with rpgs flying on ahead of them*
  23. Guest026


    That's what I thought.
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