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  1. i think an asteroid is a large meteor...a metorite is whats left after a meteor hits the earth...no?
  2. good points on those... atm i was thinking alot about the overall way they presented themselves...i think television these days encourages young people to experiment with the opposite sex...im 23 and it seems like theres more gays then ever...i know what AIDS is...but i also learned that life expectancy in gay men is shorter then straights due to AIDS...and we dont know where the virus came from...i have nothing against gays and i dont think theyre the reason it exists...but i think the bisexuals spread it to women... and that makes people like me scared to death...if you truly love men then thats how you were programmed...but dont lust for women on the side
  3. homosexuality is a choice...we cant control our thoughts but we CAN control our actions...im not sure where AIDS comes from...but it does seem more common in gay men
  4. about the technology thing...ii wonder what would happen if a computer who knew it wasn't human had a human conscience...itd prolly figure out how to make moves behind the scenes...being scared of being killed n all
  5. you seem down...enjoy your time here while you can...who knows?? in 20000 years earth could be just another legend humans talk about while on the tough voyage for a new home...we live in a good age
  6. i think so...we would be witnessing its creation right now...but whats the point?? that lightspeed is impossible?? and is the farthest that planet can see is 1.5 LY away...or is my thinking too simple?? btw that father thing was trippy sorry for not giving that simple answer...just imagining what you said got me pondering..lightspeed to me seems to be time (or distance) itself...its the limit BUT what if we found a mirror ball in space and zoomed in on it 1.5 mil LY away??? would we see the future??? past or present of ourselves??
  7. I dont even know if this is the section but...if a trip to saturn becomes accessible how could a planet in a state like ours (not unified) possibly settle who gets what?? (like titan) eventually there will be alot of space to cover and if things stick to the status quo (and they probably will) then we could have serious problems in our own backyard over something so far away... i guess what im looking for is...do we achieve a REAL unified planet by then?? or does china try to fight over a hospitable planet for their overpopulated country? (very loose example) also keep in mind how fast science and politics have changed over the last 100 years (science clearly making more breakthroughs) and keep in mind human behavior (duh!) i see this issue coming up...every country has its own history, pride and election (or lack of)...somethings gotta give and could see something like titan causing temporary insanity...and you know what they say...all you need is one knucklehead... im definitely convinced it wouldnt be settled peacefully over any treaties cointosses or soccergames...
  8. i personally think theres intelligent life with long lives but as for us...i dont see how humans make it too long...unless we can program a computer to build a human on the next hospitable planet or we move brains into robot bodies (this would be my pick)
  9. 28 days later was about the rage virus correct??? i was born in 87 so when i hear zombies i think resident evil! id say a parasite that numbs peoples sense of touch and makes them angry is more realistic then a walking corpse...also...whats the name of that m night shamylan movie with those suicidal people?? ive always wanted to see that...
  10. thats why i like u guys! besides God talk i could ask u anything and get a serious answer i joined these boards at 17...(ill be 23 tomorrow) and i still lurk around every couple of months to feed my imagination...LONG LIVE SFN!
  11. so if there was an intelligent alien world looking at earth from billions of lightyears away and we left today to go there on course at lightspeed (or closest to lightspeed) what would they see when we arrived?? would they just see the ship leaving earth as we physically arrived to their planet?
  12. Could it survive in a meteorite in space?? Would it burn up and be destroyed before it hit the earth?? also...what are the chances that we have seen every element in outerspace?? maybe theres something out there we could digest that keeps us awake for 7 days straight! there is probably a solar system with multiple earths out there...warring planets...we probably literally cant IMAGINE whats out there while i think its a good (overall peaceful) time to enjoy life i would like to know humanitys fate...i doubt living 10 generations on a giant spaceship in total darkness with no beaches or snow is much fun...im sure billions would be left behind...and even if we did land on a green planet...who knows how our immune system will hold up...so many questions..so little time
  13. Law


    thanks for the explanation
  14. Law


    Playing advocate but arent there systems moving away FASTER then light?? as for time...i think its reletive to the location...how far can things further towards the edge of the universe see?? because they would (i think) be older then us since they are moving away God and science to me go hand in hand...he makes everything fit and since we are in His image we have the genius, and intuition just built in from the start...if its not in our DNA...then there really is possibly some sort of 4th dimension to life that we cant see Its like when people KNEW the world was flat(false info by God?)...and that was only what?? some xxx years ago?? everything works too well with overall decay and recycling to say its just coincidence...or maybe it is... Im torn like most people...the universe is definitely older then 6000 years simply because we see further away then that...I personally think we are trapped in this sort of 3d world with these resources and (Scientific) Laws are able to create things out of them has anybody been able to create something out of absolutely nothing?? No. Its Impossible, that would make us God Himself. I wish we had the answers to what created everything on the Atomic level... Do you guys think there will be a big crunch?? and eventual big bang again?? If so...do you think everything will happen JUST as it was again?(destiny?) Sorry if I sound confusing and flustered...I just happen to be contemplating this topic to myself when it was on the forums:doh: i havent been on these in almost a year...great timing huh
  15. Law

    can we play god

    give me that DNA that jellyfish has...so i can mate and turn into a kid again........IMMORTALITY!!!
  16. geez...that is SO depressing...theres no possible way to communicate with outside life then...
  17. what really bugs me out is that i havent seen these threads since sept 07 and one of my topics is still active LOL,,,i forgot i even asked this thanks for the responses very informative
  18. not to kick up a dead thread but its just not possible....in the ed time is relative to ourselves so if say...my best friend traveled back 2 years ago what would that do to me and you?? do we just become forcedto go back?? and say if i had a time mchine and traveled back to yesterday would the present me still exist?? there would be two of me in the same timeline?? whos controlling the other me if only 1 me exists?? if the world revolved around me then yea i think it could be possible but it doesnt...but existence (planets,bacteria,sun, galaxies) is too large to just bring everything back in age...only God Himself could...and if He did we would never notice....by the way sorry again i rarely ever post here but i love to check in a few times a year and read the debates and info
  19. Im not sure if someone already had a thread about this...But my friend told me he saw somebody with two different colored eyes and now he wants them:confused: I told him about these forums and he wanted me to ask, is it possible to give yourself two different colored eyes without hurting yourself or blinding yourself?? p.s w/o contacts of course...thanks
  20. i havent been on these forums since 04, i was just wondering if theres any new info on this subject last i heard they could freeze but not thaw, did we make any progress?? is it impossible?? sorry if this question was asked recently and if you guys dont feel like talking about it just give me some links and i can read up on it, thanks
  21. not to scare u or anything but i saw somthing on TV just like that and it was parasites under his skin the name of them escapes me but they looked like worms almost but he couldnt see them
  22. Do you think that humans will live on forever? It seems hopeless because theres so many ways we can be wiped out. Global warming, asteroids, or comets are the obvious ways. But then theres bacteria because antibiotics are getting less effective, we can also end up killing eachother by war. There STILL is no cure for viruses. Also if we somehow survive and live on for hundreds of thousands of years. The sun will consume us all. I dont think well ever get to another solar system because if we went lightspeed it would kill us. I know this sounds depressing, sorry. But I want everyone else to see it from my point of view. I THINK, the earth is the only home we will have. Scientists are terribly optimistic about moving billions of humans into space...
  23. Law

    Paper CD`s

    Not to sound like a hippie but, shouldnt we try to save trees? Because honestly people dont recycle enough to make a huge difference. (including me)
  24. Law

    Sasser Virus!

    OMG i got hit by that sucker....i had to reformat my computer....and YES it stays on there. ooo i wish i dowloaded those windows patches.
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