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  1. Oo first on the message bored




  2. If the world ends in 2012 I will have spent my whole life in school, I shouldd go on a big vacation that summer or do something crazy jussttt in case lol.
  3. I looked at a few articles about 'zombie powder'... that's pretty disturbing that people would apply this... since on top of tetrodotoxin, there's human remains in it! Though the only zombie symptom this produces is paralyses for a few days, so when you recover you seem to be revived from the dead... no flesh-eating symptoms or anything lol. No worries for spreading either...
  4. At my university if you don't take a physics throughout highschool you are recomended to take an introductory physics and then you have to do 2 physics (waves and one thats a bit more general). I guess it depends on your university.
  5. I also read in there that animal based proteins are more efficient at building amino acid chains than vegatable based proteins and therefore making you more suseptable to kinks in the chain (i.e prions). I dont think this book is garbage at all, theres some really interesting statistics in there and a lot of data to back his claims. He also says a lot about the government earning money from dairy and meat industries and that is part of the reason why both are so heavily promoted.
  6. I know there isn't any known parasites with this affect on their hosts, and for a parasite to have such radical affects on someone it would probubly have to be tampered with somehow...I was mostly joking though lol. Oh but even if the zombie was easy to kill and didnt bite effectively, in the first stages that noone knows about it... noone would be expecting to be randomly bit by someone. Even though theyde be easy to kill... they would still be affective at speading the contagon around and then as the numbers grew... welll not so managable then? lol Merged post follows: Consecutive p
  7. So in my invertebrate class a while ago we were discussing brain parasites and I couldn't help thinking about 28 days later. Maybe it's because I watched a fringe episode a few weeks before with a brain parasite infecting humans. Some parasites will affect the behavior of their secondary hosts to make their way over to a target host for example; toxoplasm will affect mice to be attracted to cat pee which they obviously wouldn't be otherwise and therefore be meals for the cats... we talked about a few others. Now I can't claim that I have the greatest background in parasites but what if... A br
  8. For this to happen naturally through evolution there would have to be a need for it. Birds need a more efficient gas exchange system then animals because of their heavily taxing life styles. Mammal respiratory system work through 'pooling' and is very inafficient in comparission to other respiratory systems. Changing our respiratory surface would have obvious benifits but to backtrack to more efficient respiratory systems seems extreamily improbable... maybe instead the pooling system would maybe be evolved to somehow get rid of the stale air faster to increase the o2 rich air on the respitory
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