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    Too busy with work for hobbies!
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    PhD pure mathematics, the University of Manchester
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    Mathematical/Theoretical Physics. Modern differential geometry and applications in physics.
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    Born in Wales, studied at Swansea, Sussex then Manchester.
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    Somewhere in between physics and mathematics, a little closer to mathematics I think.


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  1. Just had a paper accepted in the Journal of Geometry and Physics. The paper was rejected by a very high ranking journal only to be almost right away accepted by JGP. Over 14 months ago we wrote the first version!

    1. Sato


      Congrats, ajb! It's not completely clear, JGP is just as / higher ranking than the journal that rejected?

    2. ajb


      JGP is, for some reason, not very high ranking as far as IF goes. I am not sure why as some very capable people publish in that journal. I think it could just be that it is quite specialist and so papers there do not pick up lots of citations quickly.

    3. Sato


      Ah, alright, congratulatory for your work getting accepted to the specialist journal then!

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