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  1. Sounds cool. I got a microscope for christmas every year when I was 7-13 years old. Fun when I was 7, not so fun at 8-13. Im Into electronics, you should also have a section for it too.
  2. I never said it was the heaviest element. It has the heaviest stable nucleus; all elements past 83 have no stable isotopes. Diamagnetic is the Opposite of ferromagnetic (i. e. it is repelled by magnets) but you need some very strong neodymium magnets to see this.
  3. Bismuth! My favorite element. It is less dense as a solid. So as a result, when it cools to its solid form it expands. Bismuth is also the heaviest element with a stable isotope. Its also very diamagnetic and you can make bismuth crystals with it. Not to mention it’s the main ingredient in Pepto-Bismol! I thought waters density was 1 because they use it as a reference?
  4. Lance


  5. Are resistors or other eletrical parts aloud?
  6. This might be a little of subject but there was a study ounce where one set of rats were fed only cereal and another set were fed only the cereal boxes. Guess which lived longer? The box eaters lived much longer because they were "fasting" while the cereal eats were poisoned by the sugar. Uhg I hate cereal anyway. I imagine much the same thing would happen with "crisps".
  7. Lance


    Ya, a handgun has no other purpose but to take another mans life just as a double-edged knife. I would not want to own one anyway. If you’re being robed and you own no weapon then what going to happen? They are going to rob you and be on their way. If your being robed and suddenly you have a gun in your hand what’s going to happen? The criminal is going to panic and try to murder you first. If you’re being robed with a guy with a knife are you going to shoot him? I would not be surprised if you would be charged for murder. Now I’m sure the gun owner is a smart guy but in a split second is he going to think out the results of his actions? Where are you going to store your gun? Locked in your closet with the latest safety features? I don’t see how that’s going to help you in the event of an intruder anyway. Do you think your going to see the guy coming from 3 miles down the road and have time to prepare? I personally think owning a gun would do more harm than good to a wife and kids. Protect your self against the government with a pistol? Your joking right? The US amendment has been obsolete for a long while. The answer to a utopian society is nether too give everybody a gun nor to take them away just as the answer is neither nether war nor taking war away. Without wars where would we really be? Do you think we would be at peace? That’s like saying we should get rid of the military. Do you think that would somehow protect us more? If might work if EVERYBODY got rid of it, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.
  8. Yes I have been warned by many people about that "cookbook". 4hv.org has gone so far as to ban talking about it or anything in it and they have a few sections devoted to weapons.
  9. You could try just soaking the string in isopropyl (Rubbing alcohol) but you would have to light it right away before it evaporates.
  10. I am doing a home school chemistry course over the summer where I will basically teach my self from a college chemistry book. I have already gone through the book and written down labs that I would like to do and the chemicals that I will need. My parents do not think its safe because they say I do not have the knowledge to know what I am doing, and they want more structure. Does anybody know where I can find/buy a lab manual that has instructions in it? Some of the things I would like to do are: Burn Sulfur Potassium chlorate + Sucrose Burning Magnesium Ammonium Nitrate +water I have only written down the more dangerous ones. I really need to convince my parents that I am not going to: A) Blow the house us B) Blow My self up C) Burn our lungs by filling our lungs with sulfuric acid D) Blind my self and in the process burn off half my arm
  11. I dont think so, It is sensitive to shock, sparks, static and friction. Its considered a High explosive while Black powder is considered a low explosive.
  12. No Thermite is Iron Oxide and Aluminum. He’s talking about Flash powder. One wrong move and in the blink of on eye half your face is turned to ash. Fun Stuff!
  13. Yes a fuse would be very easy to make but if he/she is 13 then he/she will need to find some potassium nitrate and sulfur. Both of which are no longer a household product. The Site a gave I link to up there sells both and has instructions for making the fuse. http://www.skylighter.com/ Also has the chemicals but you will need to send them an ID. Unless of course you make the fuse out of crushed matches...
  14. You can get safety fuses at http://unitednuclear.com/tubes.htm As well as Nichrome wire to make an electric ignition system. If you don’t have a credit card you can also get nichrome in fish tank heaters. You can also use very thin wire instead. Wouldnt wanna be too close.
  15. You can also take apart a disposable flash camera and use the capacitor/transformers to create a nice spark. I don’t know how much skill you have in electronics but you could also find a flyback and build a simple driver for it. If you change your mind about Piezo-electric igniters check out http://www.scitoys.com/ you can buy one for $2.50 US. If you decide to use a flyback and people here do not have the experience to help you check out http://www.4hv.org/
  16. What color is copper oxide? I have a ton of copper coils from old coil gun projects but when I bring a flame to them they turn gray. I remember a copper penny turning gray when I heated it once to melt the zinc out.
  17. Hey guys I just found this board. I just saw your post about making Copper sulphate and I wanted to try it myself. However, I am not very well stocked in my lab, and by "lab" I mean bedroom. I am planning on sanding down Enameled copper magnet wire and twisting it into coils. Then I will use Aquarium "pH down"(sulfuric acid) along with water and doing the electrolysis with a printer power supply (24v 3.7A). I will then use a coffee filter to remove the copper sulphate then let it dry. Do you think it will work?
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