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    I would not be in the least bit surprised if Bush and his administration were making plans for some sort of military action in Iran, because they were planning to invade Iraq even before they had publicly laid the idea of an invasion on the table.
  2. The iPod, although one of the more expensive MP3 players, is definitely the best choice. Apple quite simply "gets it", and the other companies don't. I had a Creative Zen Micro, and I liked it alright until the headphone jack started to break and lose contact. After looking on the Internet, I gathered that every type of Creative portable player (flash-based and hard drive-based) uses the same headphone jack and majority of the people have had trouble with them. Some people have gone through as many as 5 Creative players due to this problem. Shortly after mine broke, my friend's Zen Micro started to as well. Creative continues to make their players this way (the Zen MicroPhoto, which just came out, has an identical jack) and they haven't addressed the problem. Luckily, I had a Best Buy Product Replacement Plan, and got all my money (except the $40 for the plan) back. I then used it towards an iPod Photo that was on sale for $250 at Best Buy right after the iPod Video came out. The iPod has a lot more features and iTunes is much better at managing any music collection (especially large ones). I don't see much of any reason to buy any player other than an iPod. And you absolutely should NOT go with a Creative.
  3. Thanks YT2095 I was thinking that if I got another one it wouldn't be the same one so that answers my question.
  4. Thanks mmalluck, I think it probably is what you said, it only has an On/Off and a sensitivity switch, which is turned up all the way. If I got another one, would this same problem happen or might that one not experience this problem?
  5. Hi everyone! I got a small plasma ball off eBay in April. I have it on a timer so its on from about 7:00PM to midnight. Over time, I have begun to notice that it doesn't seem to be as vibrant as it used to be. Is there some component that will slowly die after awhile or after a certain amount of use, or is there something wrong with it?
  6. Taking them seriously and claiming to for one's own benefit are two different things. btw, did that astrologer predict that NASA would do this and she would benefit financially from it?
  7. Yeah, well I had already done it with my XP machine. I installed SUSE on their and now I wanted to try Debian. Before I had installed Linux, I knew Windows wouldn't boot. like I said before, it was definitely Partition Magic that messed up my Partition Table. After Debian, didn't work, I installed SUSE like on my other successful computer and then was able to see all the Windows files were their but the partitioning is messed up. I was also able to copy the Windows drive. Like I said above, now I will repartition and install Windows and then SuSE (Which WILL be successful because I won't install Debian) and then write the old files over the new ones so my old data is completely (or mostly put back). There is no obvious corrupted Windows files so it shouldn't be able to mess it up again. Now all I have to do is actually do the installation. But I am in no hurry to do that because that machine is hardly ever used.
  8. I used Grub on a Floppy. I couldn't get Windows to boot even before I installed Linux. Debian wouldn't let me make a new partition. I ended up installing SuSE. I think Partition Magic did me in when I created the ext2 and SWAp partitions. If I was installing SuSE, I wouldn't have used Partition Magic. I think I am going to reinstall Windows and then reinstall SuSe and then copy the old Windows files back onto the new Windows. That should get back all of the old settings and files.
  9. Yeah, I think somehow creating the ext2 and SWAP partitions messed up the primary partition. What I think I am going to do is re-install Windows 98 and then copy over all the files once I can get the network up and then I should be able to get that to work. Although some system files obviously won't be able to be over written... If I could just partition C and leave Linux I could do it in Linux....
  10. Interesting project. Post the download when you get done. I can't wait to try it out. Is it more secure than AES or DES?
  11. Nice. I just got a TI-84 Plus and have been wondering how to create programs in TI-BASIC. Thanks for doing it
  12. I have an old Dell that used to run Windows NT. It stopped working and I installed Windows 98 SE. I then used Partition Magic to repartition the 6 GB hard drive to fit SuSE Linux on it. I tried resizing and it didn't allow Linux to install. So I created a SWAP and ext2 partition. Here comes the bad part...Ever since doing that, Windows 98 SE won't boot. It just comes up in what looks like MS-DOS but I can't type and all I see is the DOS blinking cursor (underscore-type). I was able to install SuSE and can still see the C drive and all of the Windows files. I just cant boot. I copied all of the files over to my other computer. I have a verbatim copy of the C drive (including system files). I really don't feel like re-installing Windows (call me if you do). I tried a Windows 98 Boot floppy and it says C is not valid and needs to be partitioned My goal is to partition the disk and then somehow get all the old files back over so it doesn't even look like anything happened. If I have to burn a disk with the data, or get a network connection working or install the basic OS again, I will do it. As long as I can get all the original files and settings back on. Tell me if this is possible or not and if so, how I can do it. I REALLY appreciate your help!
  13. Thanks for the quick reply 5614 What you said is what I thought... but the sight says otherwise. I just went to the official site for Laser Straight. There is a small window that should start playing a video similar to that of the commercial (but no sound). Be sure to pay attention to the text that comes up. When I played, if you pause it, you can see the line going around the corner and it says "Goes around Corners" and there is fine print underneath that says something but I can't read it except for "Laser must be positioned..." Link to Official Laser Straight Site: https://www.drdynamics.com/products/laser/?tag=1026 <edit> I think the fine print says, "Laser must be positioned on corner." I am not sure but that seems to make sense I would imagine the commercial was computer edited. I don't even think the line is as bright as they show it as.
  14. Most of you have probably seen the commercial for the Laser Straight. It is a wall-mountable laser that projects a line across the wall for haning objects. Of course, it is only accurate as you are in placing it on the wall. The part I do not understand about the commercial is when they show it with the laser line going around the corner onto a perpendicular wall. The narrator also acknowledges that, "Laser Straight even goes around corners!" However, I cannot understand how this would at all be possible unless mirrors were involved--and even if they were, a mirror would turn the line into a dot projected onto the adjacent wall, You can see Laser Straight at: http://www.asontv.com/products/1075855371.html and for more links: http://www.google.com/search?q=Laser+Straight&start=0&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official
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