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  1. Were the slaves from Africa centuries ago bought from their tribes, voluntary emigrated or abducted ?

    All the above, none, or how did it work ?  Conquerors just disembarked as planned business and captured whoever found fit and force taken to Americas/elsewhere  ?   Were violent conflicts capturing them ?

  2. Good day.  Please move to another section as deserved.

    Conquerors, migrants, as in the 'discovery' and settlement of Australia, America, Oceania, Africa as by europeans half a milennia ago was reported as finding savages, uncivilized tribes, with poor justice practices, perhaps ignorants surrounded by gods, myths...

    Is there any recorded opinion as what did the conquered tribes and civilizations thought of their conquerors and their guns, riding horses, methods of building dwellings, transportation using wheels, tools, clothing, writing, inventions... ?  What did those tribes think of their conquerors ? 

    Those currently isolated amazonian and other tribes, what do they think of the civilized ? 

  3. Done it a few times very successfully with less amount of water than in the video onto older hot non-stick frying pans; but do not know if the name is deglazing, degreasing, other or none.

    The explanation heard is the 'explosive' conversion from liquid to steam mechanically dislodging residues by steam expansion 

  4. Dad had a toy on his '59 car dashboard, it was engine-vacuum operated.  The nearest found today is called push puppet buy it had some bladder in the base instead of a spring;  suction by a tiny hose to engine intake collapsed it, likely made in Germany.  Are those still being made that you know of ?

    Just nostalgic...  Similar :

    VINTAGE DONKEY PLASTIC Push Up Puppet Toy - $55.00 | PicClick

  5. Thanks.

    No need for temperatures higher than the source.  Just capability to gather sun radiation into a hole on a roof by optically redirecting at also lower sun elevations.  Seems moving parts/mirrors for tracking are mandatory. 

  6. Hello.

    Has there been any ruling, trend, disposition to swap the order of given name and family name recently ?  Like since 1-2 years ago ?

    Is that for spoken or written, official documents ?

  7. Greetings.

    An "internet4" without advertising, with no intrusions from Google and other profit-first oriented entities, with zero social networks, not for entertainment, and no idiots pushing malware.

    Erasing the blackboard, like getting back to ~1995 when navigating the web was a wonder.  Yes, too big of a dream.  But could it be possible ?


    The existing players can stay with its chaos where they are.   Just a new page/chapter, not meant to promote lazyness. 

  8. Do not assume dwelling illumination.  Am after gathering a ~2 square metres of sunlight opening into a duct with a flat fresnel lens at its exit to get focalized ~2KW of heat.  Works good around noon but not at lower sun elevations.

  9. What contraptions can re-direct sunlight during dawn to dusk hours towards a single direction ?  Is there some prisms, lenses, mirrors, combination of them ?

    The solar tubes product seems does it well to a certain degree; may have been designed as best as the manufacturer could.  

    Find Solatube Dealer Near You - Solatube | Geodesic dome homes, Tubular  skylights, Energy efficient homes

    The point of entrance/collection of solar light...  What other passive methods exist ?  -No heliostats, no moving parts-

  10. Often find reports that seeds from any plants, trees... do not produce the same exact varietal as their 'parents', with good chance that seeds yield different characteristics for the next seedling growth.

    Does it refer to their fruits only or to the characteristics of the plants as shape, height, color, growth speed, hardiness, yield...?   Many seed merchants push to not use 'natural' seeds.  How has nature been reproducing a plain apple for centuries ?  If changes happen in a generation, a century old apple tree would be yielding way different descendants. Is that what is called 'heirloom' ?

    My artichokes which I set aside one plant for its seeds every year and plant them the next; are they yielding another varietal ?  How does it work ?  Or is the reverse?  The 'natural' seeds do yield the same as parent and supermarket hybrids yield a different varietal ?

  11. Greetings.

    Seems that maaaany types of microbes, bacterias, molds, cultures, yeasts produce maaaany flavors and types on products we consume.

    Are those interchangeable; like a certain microbe that makes a cheese can make -say soybeans- fermenting to obtain a certain flavor/texture/whatever ?

    Or a Camembert bacteria (or any other) cannot be used to ferment grain for alcohol production ?


    How does it work ?  Am I wrongly mixing yeasts, bacterias... in the question, and must be dealt separately ?   Like using the something yogurt bacteria to produce a way different grain fermentation for obtaining a unique bread... 🥴

  12. Thanks, gentlemen.  +1

    Opinions varied, but OK.  The task in mind is not agricultural nor leach field; but ocasional plain basement light moisture ingress and am ready to dig and set a perforated pipe in a part of the inside perimeter.  My basement already has such 'French drain treatment' on 75% of the perimeter as house was bought.  I should add like 10 metres to have all of it 'treated'

    Will re-read the suggestions and explanations to properly position the pipe perforations (not tiles)  Pipe will wear a sock too to minimize erosion.

  13. Hello all.

    Having a problem with 'tile' meaning a perforated pipe.  But hey, it is English and am not the one to fix it 🥴

    Basement Water


    [ Image borrowed from the net.]

    Unsure of positioning the perforations under the pipe half for proper drainage.  Seems like the gravel below the perforations level will always be flooded, (never flowing upwards to drain into the pipe) Shouldn't the pipe have no gravel under it, and perforations on sides ?

    What is the rationale ?

    french drain

  14. Hi.

    Can the video recording of the event show if the lower structure failed first and the top structure dropped crushing on what was already collapsed;

    or if the upper floors near the roof failed first and their consecutively fall on next floors under fractured them ?

    A sink hole would produce the first behavior, right ?

  15. What determines viability in grafting a tree,  like a cherry branch into a peach trunk.  Do the classification taxonomy terms tell what is compatible ?,  clade, order, family,  genus, species...

    Also, Is it possible to graft a branch of a male say pistachio tree onto a female pistachio trunk and obtain a self pollinating (by proximity) tree species  ?

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