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  1. I used to go night fishing. You spend time on the beach looking up at the glowtube on your rodtip, so you see things in the sky


    surf fishin this fall and noticed strange things in the sky myself.

  2. That is the typical route i implore patients to take. Their cat has no effects from the removal of their dander. They produce more than they need from an evolutionary standpoint. YT, i sense sarcasm. If you dont believe me, consult the newsletter. It will elucidate any blurred edges you may have regarding this approach to ELIMINATING cancer from your system.

  3. You asked what cat dander is? Cat dander is dander from a cat. It produces a very complex molecule I refer to as CoASH-A4, a derivative of Co-ASH found in us. This co enzyme is marvelous at eliminating bacterial infections. It is used as an additional catalyst. Think, why can cats lick themselves so often and not consume virulent bacteria? Its because the cat dander in their fur prevents microbial growth! Swab a kitten down as much as you like, you will not grow any bacteria on the resulting plate!

  4. This is no hoax I assure you. The fact remains, this protocol has saved numerous lives. The government will not allow clinical testing of my methods, it is a threat to their booming cancer industry.

    My patient' stories have been reviewed by other doctors that are making great strides in holistic medicine. Dr. Skip Callowine has produced near 100% effective results by neutralizing the herpes virus with nothing more than 35% hydrogen peroxide. The potential of that alone..

    Ronald Fez, MD ... an MD who I know you all cherish, will conclude the lives spared by our protocol were performed in accordance with big pharma clinical studies.


    My newsletter is simply a contuation of the previously mentioned style discussion on patient recovery. You only trust biased clinical trials endorsed by big pharma which have a pre-determined outcome. You should see what their intentions are! I've had several previous employees of the FDA and one of GSK come forth and explain to me the unjustices the two share with each other. They are not in this for our health, the are trying to make money.

    But to get back to the studies... the only studies that one should listen to are non-biased, detailed case studies. All of our case studies have 100% recovery. If those are not conclusive results, i do not know what is.

    what, are you afraid that the science they've been teaching you for years is missing some gaps? Are you afraid of alternative medicine?

    The proof is in the pudding.

    Enlighten yourself and be free of corporate reliance.


    Dr. Kutakintay


    Here is the news letter containing case stories of this panacea.

    the formatting was lost b/c i use a word processor that does not induce cancer via electromagnetic energy. Sorry for this inconvenience

    Dr. Kutakintay


  5. Ok, so you've decided to make your life better. Without chemotherapy, without drugs or radiation. It is important to utilize a healthy diet. All organic vegetables and essential oils are paramount for success. The protocol to change your life is as follows:


    -1 cup flax seed oil

    -1 cup cat dander

    -3.5 tablespoons of sodium pentathol

    -6 ug of amylase

    -7" of horsehair. But only from the tail. Body horse hair doesnt contain the same amount of microessential nutrients require to jumpstart the immune system.

    -prostate gland puree from female llamas. You may be thinking, "But Dr. Kutakintay, females dont have prostate glands! Oh how you are being deceived! The FDA wants to censor this information so the public is less inclined to take their health into their own hands.


    its best to do this on sunday when your electromagnetic energy is resonating at exponential levels. The beginning of the week stimulates this process.

    to combine them, add each ingredient separately into a blender. masturbate into a gym sock and then listen to frank sinatra. Over the years ive established the most effective song to listen to i Enter Sandman by Sinatra. Its vibrational frequency is just that it creates equilibrium with toxic neutralization. This is the catalyst for the process.

    now, open a can of spam and place this atop your head. no hat. we dont want the power of the spam being blocked by some stupid trucker hat. with the spam sitting on you, take the puree you created from the highly researched list and submerge your testicals into it. For females you ask? God created you equally! Your labias are the female version of testicles. God made an equal counterpart for women.. just as the tip of the penis is analogous to the clitoris, the labias are testicles. 2 testicles, 2 labia majoras

  6. It is unfortunate that i can not afford large clinical trials. I do not have the massive funds Big Pharma does and thus can not squander moneys away on fraudulent so called double blind studies that are inherently flawed. The proof is in the pudding. If theyre getting cured then it is working. In my newsletter I have case after case of successful story showing that once my protocol is incorporated their condition immediately turns for the better. You all need to let go of the science lies youve told. Big pharma has a massive hold and influence over all clinical studie. Their medications are harmful. Toxic buildup prevents proper metabolism of nutrients and vital minerals.

  7. the evidence is in the case studies which show cancer being virtually eliminated from the body in all cases! Once the normal flora is reestablished, any cells that underwent nondysjunction are automatically lysed by the immune system. The toxins also inhibit sensitivity to glyconutrients; impairment from the glyconutrients by the bacterial endotoxins prevents proper immune system response. This point is successfully indicated by a return to normal bacterial levels which subsequently results in proper metabolism or glyconutrients to facilitate a positive immune system response, i.e. cell death of cancerous cells.

  8. thanks for moving the thread, i was lookin to make a pseudo debate. anyway..



    the peer reviewed articles appear in my newsletter which is published bi-monthly. They intricately detail the tests we have performed to show how our hypothesis was proven to form the protocol that rids cancer from a system. Our protocol is not reviewed by any big pharma corporation or the FDA because they don't want this information made public. They are trying to suppress me. I have various gag orders preventing me from conveying this message to the public but I am ready for the consequences so long as YOU hear about these trials so you can take back your life health.


    Dr. Kutakintay

  9. When i first began researching the physiological nascent of cancer cells, I stumbled across something that has went unnoticed by the conventional medical community. It turns out, that in my extensive field research, all cancers, ALL, are caused by bacterial toxin proteins. These are analogous to heat shock proteins. These toxin proteins are turned on when the system, the body, has too many competitors. As a result, the bacterial colonies are the same species release the toxins in an attempt to kill all other microbes. Well, unfortunately these toxins have mutagenic properties. They adversely affect DNA structure and prevent DNA repair mechanisms from detecting any deleterious mutations. Once you become aware of this fact and make the appropriate corrections to restore normal levels of flora, the bacteria will rescind their toxic compounds and your repair mechanisms will return to normal and fix the cancer cells. By taking my suggested regimen of vitamins and probiotics you too can be cancer free.



    Remmy Kutakintay, PhD


    I'd like to see anyone prove me wrong.

  10. why are people so willing to believe one person and their poorly based facts than an established view based on empirical evidence that has withstood scrutiny for decades?

    what is it about that one person? does he have a bit of esoteric information the entire medical community was unable to discover? why? im asking genuinely.

    why do people not believe hiv causes aids? if facts blur the edges of reasoning for some people, what hope is there?

  11. vibrational frequency memory is the mechanism by which propents of non-microwave use contend is the cause for concern. they suggest(rather, explicitly know) the artificial energy, microwaves, which cause rotation of water molecules against their will to produce heat will carry into the body of the person that is eating it these negative vibrational frequencies. by negative i mean consequently, not characteristically. these vibrations then react with heavy metals in the body that are 'vital' for basic cellular function. this is the premise of all rational as to why microwave use is bad.

  12. microwaved food has a different taste b/c its a different method of cooking. steaming, boiling, frying baking all produce different flavors. If you choose to accept vibrational frequency memory as a reason not to ingest microwaved food b/c it can distort magical body energy chi resonance leading to cancer or some other disease like Huntington's or Tay-Sachs(and this is the claim that Trudeau and concubines make), thats awful logic.


    At last count theres over 30 mutagens in a typical thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy

  13. when warming baby formula or breast milk(previously extracted), they suggest not using a microwave because of uneven heating. Indeed, you can create an average temperature from shaking, but with blood, an area may become warm and thus effectively kill the cells. formula can reach 170 degrees and not... 'die'. there is really no question about this.

  14. No, I have been putting excess time at various alternative healing forums trying to save the terminally ill from death, and lessen the severity of possible misdiagnosis from alt. healers to no avail. Your best chance to do anything is to do nothing at all. they most likely believe before they purchased the stones that they would be 'cured'. i hate that word.

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