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  1. I dislike oprah because i feel she's a vector for the transmission of endorsements. She'll have someone on the show claiming a new mode of thinking, or caring, or health guidelines. Then these impressionable women run and purchase these books. They read the books and follow the protocols in them for a few weeks then they stop. Then another book. Saw it happen with eating for your blood type and then something about your body, a guide. To illustrate more, Dr. Phil who was primarily on that show to advocate his tactics was on his show telling a compulsive shopper that in order to stop she had to just "stop". like, seriously, are you ****ing kidding me?

  2. If Kevin Trudeau infiltrates a larger percentage of the american consumer overpopulation in the states will no longer be an issue.

    Thats right Kevin, tell people you alone have found a cure that eliminates advanced breast cancer in 30 days. They don't need doctors, youre right! graduating from county prison and all.

  3. Also, I'd like to point out that the Natural Cures book written by that conman Kevin Trudeu is full of assanine advice aimed at an audience of idiots. Don't buy it, or look at it.


    separately, i would like to add that his major scheme is the raising of the body's pH will prevent it from getting cancer and rid the body of someone in which it pre-existed. note that u can't change the body's pH from the coral calcium he properly places throughout the infomercial; our stomach is designed to maintain a very specific pH, if for instance we drink an assload of water, it would logically increase pH, in relation to the amount of H+ present. and the body's pH is raised! but we still get cancer kevin trudeau (cancer's like you, you ****ing piece of scum). to continue, the normal acidity of the stomach gains restitution in a short matter of time. finally, if we were capable of changing the body's pH, we would die. goodbye enzymes

  4. "Oh, I'll work, knock on wood."


    at that point i knocked on my bed post but i thought, if the wood has been laminated, does this not qualify for the wood considering there is a barrier between my knock and the wood?

    its a question we've all thought at one point but im the only one stupid enough to ask it.

  5. if 'god' has kept the 'answers' so elusive since man's creation, do u really think the ultimate answers lay in bacteria, or tigerlilly's or cheese sandwich chemistry?

    The f'in problem with religion is how they inherit the unknown. Can't understand what the sun rises and sets? Its a deity. After its been proven its due to orbit and rotation they rescind. And this is the process now, as word from the vatican has announced it is foolish not to believe in evolution. They had no choice but to abandon their safe-zone in the unknown of evolution until the information presented was beyond reasonable doubt. ****in seriously man, the bloody glove and 911 call saying it was OJ simpson are about as incriminating as vestigial organs dinosaur fossils.

    on my personal interests at 2am im certain if a deity did create everything for us, it wasn't exclusive to a species as undeserving and disgusting as our world has become. thats it. im going to create my own church. screw this.


    evology. combines dianetics with proper sandwich making techniques. and well serve tacos on monday.

  6. yes i agree on the mis-application of c14 dating. Ive had several discussions regarding this, to which each reply is, 'tests indicate they are not older than..." in addition, explaining their half lives, the limits of carbon dating and explaining other isotopes such as k40 have remained unanswered. the k40 stymies them until they pronounce if c14 isnt valid then k40 isnt and then its a cycle of ignorance.

  7. Well, i dont feel that way. however i was wondering how scientists alike respond to the statement that for a cell to create spontaneously would take 1 x 10 to the 40000th years. I feel this view pigeon holes the listener into thinking it requires every step up to the final step of the cell's creation to be valid. While, if we look at that statement being a logical assertion, a cell that fell slightly short, lets say to the 39999 years would be irrelevant, as per their reasoning. They compare this to the construction of a boeing 747 (as im sure we've all heard this) and that the possibility for the atoms to construct this mass in its entirety is identical. I feel this is a poor representation and again, reinforces the pigeon hole thinking. Orchestrating that amount of metallic atoms(lets assume there is nothing else save metals) would prove to be much more impossible. after all it didn't happen, right? But i digress; the construction of a protein from organic componds would react in a more characteristic method with other organic macromolecules. A mol of titanium would react in a less conducive manner than these two; i feel the disposition that is inherent within biological components to react and form with each other is what makes that an inappropriate comparison.

  8. seem accurate to me. while an undergraduate it was about the percentage, if not a little more. Very few of the women went on to graduate school. Some wanted to work as a medical technologist, a lab assistant, etc. Others didnt want to commit to the additional time graduate school requires. They wanted to start making money and begin the domestic route. When i was a seniormy girlfriend was already an rn making excellent money and there i was, another 4 years with a 25000 dollar stipend.

  9. I've never been so afraid of people with such preposterous beliefs that have been brainwashed into seeing nothing but the church of scientology. It offends me as a scientist, and, if i had faith im sure it would offend me as a practicer of a religion with a deity.

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