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  1. the excuse to take public transportation isnt feasible for everyone. and those who it can not convenience, myself among many, are suffering greatly. Im open to suggestions, but realistically, its not going to be effective.

  2. i commute 7 days a week and it hurts a lot. i can not take other transportation. gas prices are severely crippling my finances. something needs to be done

  3. you're not in love with her in any way. crushes are not love. like is separate from love. youre young, youre just in love with what the chick shows. being in love is something on a level u cant imagine. love is that feeling u get when youre with the person holding them close but you want to get inside them; you can never hold them close enough to quench the desire. at any time.

  4. the evolution of rap produced a culture that has a need to be rich; or to appear rich in the smallest sense. black guys driving in escalades, chrysler m's, bmw's, and most importantly, older luxury cars like acuras only have it for the name. Its just to look sophisticated and its being perpetuated by the continuation of the culture. its what we think is required of us. when 110% of your paycheck goes into a car, youre probably a d-bag. rappers rap about that shit because thats all they know; theyre ****in idiots. Its almost discgraceful to listen to a rapper talk because its such a monumental ****in task. some exceptions exist like LL and the conscience rappers.

  5. omg herme, thanks. WHEW. i was really sweating that one along with the rest of the uncertain scientific community. And to think, the conclusive evidence youre using to infer a god is real is right there on the internet! thanks for solving that one. now if u can get on why theyre making a sequel to old school thatd just be greeeat thanks.

  6. if the chance of any outcome being 50% in a yes or no situation, that would mean i stand a chance of getting laid 1 out of every 2 girls i blindly ask on the street. in reality, someone did this and the number was 1 out of 100. but who knows it couldve been a crackwhore throwin off the curve.

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