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  1. re combine :D


    it will return to a gaseous state b/c as with all matter, balance is concerned. an atom of fluorine wants to gain one more valence electron in its outer shell to become stable. All atoms want stability b/c it is the general tendency of all matter, it is searching for the easiest most unrestricted path it can find without being active.... so to speak. Its the reason lightning doesnt travel straight, and its the reason diffusion occurs. Oxygen occurs in nature bonded to another atom of itself b/c again, it is more stable and bonding with another atom suffices its need to fulfill its outer energy level.

    Now, when an atom is stable, for instance helium, it requires much more energy for its first initial ionization b/c simply put, it is more stable. so to support what was said, if there are ions, to prevent them from returning to a nuetrally charged atom, energy is needed to stop them from doing what is unrestricted, and that is finding a partner to gain or lose electrons with, accordingly.

  2. 60% of left handed people die as a result of using devices intended for right handed people. It could also be explained simply that people whom attend church are either much more calm and serene with less chance of a stress related death. Also, it could be said that those in strict attendance of church do not put themselves in some positions that account for the deaths of thsoe that do not attend.

  3. wwj(ohn)d ? :D



    anyway....i prefer to think of an individual molecule as a relative model of a solar system. Perhaps beyond our knowledge, a sun of a given circumference potentially has no more than enough mass to include lets say... 8 planets revolving around itself..

    much like the orbitals of anything beyond the first energy level.

    this is poorly researched speculation, but for an instant lets propose that what i suggest is actual, then it would be relative to a sound barrier. Atoms have two definite qualities im specifically referring to. That at which they act with soundwaves, and electromagnetic radiation. These two absolute points are universal for the most part excluding earthly singularities like temp. etc... approaching the 770mph at sea level, there is the first barrier, of sound. This is a physical barrier, seldom reached by nature. It shows this barrier has a limitation that is not easily overcome naturally; resistance builds as u get closer. Now to include the second barrier, at 196000miles per second light is the next barrier. One we ourselves can not, and potentially can not reach. It is no wonder we do not know if something can travel at such a speed. However, since more than a photon travels at the speed of light, i begin to wonder how unique this barrier is.

    Electrons are said to move at this speed.

    Photons move at this speed.


    Nothing moves at exactly the speed of sound, for example, a jet, or a cracking whip. Both are capable of exceeding this boundary.

    yet.... light is definite. Does anyone know if light slows down near an extremely dense object like a nuetron star or a blackhole? or does an atom cease to emit energy altogether?

  4. it was a few months ago that i stumbled across a website that had an archive of a man claiming he traveled from the year 2038 via a nationally funded program. His intent was rather entertaining b/c the premise of the story he protrayed was that beginning in 2005, a series of civil wars and eventually, the onslaught of nuclear warfare with russia of all countries opposing us, leads the states to a much more denatured, sentimental, essence. However, there is one computer built in the 1970's that has some special ability, either due to its lack of complexity or lack of corruption as a result of its inferiority that no longer exists. This computer holds the key to some sort of world peace and this fella was traveling back.....

    i do not condone this mans story however, i just thought it was provoking. Do i personally believe in time travel? I do not know what the answer is. It seems that as an object's speed increases, the actual 'age' and 'time' it has been gone both decrease than what should be expected.

    Also, our idea of time travel may be distorted and not resemble the scenes the many sci-fi movies predict it to appear. Initially, we expected to live on the moon by 2020...... looks like a longshot.

    im rambling on but i must say it was a fascinating read. Most likely another hoax but very readable in the least!!! now let me find it

  5. VendingMenace said in post #3 :

    Really, i find this idea much less difficult to swallow than say, life evolved from lifeless chemicals. At least once organisms existsed, theree was a form through wich the mechanism of evolution through natrual selection could function. Before life, there was no such intety for this mechanism to function. Thus, the first life form had to arise purley from chance. And what is more, one this most improbable event happened, there was most likely only 1 thing alive. Nessesarily, it must have survived to reproduce, and its offpring as well.


    this i find rather interesting to comment on solely b/c u can grasp the fundamentals of evolution, and adhere to its possibility without much doubt, yet somewhat shun the concept that the very first lifeform on this planet arose from chemicals.

    This is why: u initially said many minute mutations in the genes of an organism led to development of an eye. A precise eye. The bad ones led to most likely inferior outcomes thus causing the organism to die out, however the beneficial mutation caused a thriving, so to speak. If somewhere along this chain of events a bad mutation that became permanent, the same would happen as the beforementioned causing its inevitable fate.

    This leads me to my idea that over the course of millions of years, the appropriate chemical composition, AND quantity of such enabled perhaps.... the very first organic compound, a monosaccharide. this conglomeration of elements probably occured in a hot spring of sorts, where these three elements were abundant. Among the simple sugar, a lipid could form. With some nitrogen and sulfur a protein, altho highly improbable so early in the game, COULD exist.

    In this plethora of primordial (i love that word) molecules, several may have been put together to create the ver first organism.

    The jump from nothing, to a chair is not easy to believe. But if there were other steps... it would be more likely, correct?

    It is known that the prokaryotic cell was the very first lifeform to exist. Such a complex organism if u think about the depth it has....

    peptidoglycen.... one chromosome, however minute, STILL relays data throughout the cell via rna. My god! !

    But was it the first? There must have been something before this b/c evolution from a chemical into a tangible, living cell is just as difficult to swallow as creationism.

    lost my concentration turkeys done. happy thanksgiving

  6. If it were diffusion, wouldn't this concept work with the palm of a hand or, if it were non-scented, an armpit?

    Correct me if im wrong but diffusion is the tendency of matter to move from hi to low concentrations, so why would it be exclusive to the feet?

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