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  1. once had a psych professor use the light spectrum to illustrate what portion we can visually see. he then asked what wave had the shortest length. I raised my hand and said 'gamma', he then replied, 'no', to which i replied, 'yes'. this happened one more time then he asked me why it was no. i had to explain to him negative exponents. he said, i dont think youre right but ill check on that.

    so the next week he came in, began his class and addressed a few other concerns and then said, 'and john, youre absolutely right. i guess ive been teaching it wrong for 20 years now.'


    thats rather unsettling. does anyone else have stories like this? i hope im not the only student getting nailed with the B squad.

  2. Most grad schools will give you a tuition waiver and also a stipend to live on (usually with a TAship as a condition for that' date=' though). I know mine has a stipend that, while not exactly rich, provides enough for me to live on with more than adequate comfort.




    yes, this also came up in my thoughts. i am told my current chem. professor was paid 29k a year for his services during grad school.

  3. the choice between the two comes down to the fact that i do not want, nor can i afford to wait 5 more years to receive a paycheck. Both will make me equally happy, as both incorporate a plethora of negatives, as a chemist: deadlines, protocols and fda audits, and as a surgeon: stress, and the feeling of losing a patient. i am a sensitive person in that respect.

  4. I am almost through my junior year of college. When i was a freshman i had the desire to enter medical school. I knew of the road ahead back then, and it was what i expected. But as i went on and filled more med school requirements, i was exposed to other areas of science and saw they intrigued me more than the prospect of becoming the surgeon i wanted to be. There was a point last year when i focused no longer on the necessary pre-req's like a&p and instead invested more time into chemistry classes. The idea of doing drug discovery is fascinating. I had several discussions with my chemistry professors who, obviously, advocated graduate school in chemistry. Both medical school and graduate school will prevent me from becoming another nameless blue collar worker. i hope so at least. However, the problem i am faced with as i leave school in only two more semesters is what road should be taken. If i enter medical school, i am thus a slave for an additional 7 years.

    The allure of graduating in chemistry is what im offered immediately after. I will have the option of becoming a bench chemist in the drug discovery branch of pfizer. (This also has as im told exponential room for growth) This money is nothing to write home about (considering ill still have to live at home with this salary). But starting off at $51,000 a year and then having my graduate school paid for in full is in itself an incentive. I suppose im being to verbose but i havent spoken to anyone about this that is a peer. It helps to hear comments from others who have some kind of experience with issues such as these. Thanks guys. good to be back to btw.

  5. youve completely changed my mind about relativity. This, in conjunction with my refrigerator magnet as proof of god has persuaded me to leave school and instead focus on my career as a member of the clergy attempting to debunk the theories science has created. my first objective is to prove that snickers bars dont exist.

  6. Q: How can a fridge magnet cling against gravity

    endlessly without draining a power source?


    A: It can't ... fridge magnets are impossible according to

    today's science. As we all know, it takes tremendous energy

    to cling to the side of a cliff, supporting our own weight against

    gravity, and before long we would tire and fall. Yet a fridge

    magnet is not glued to the fridge -- it is held by magnetic

    energy. And, as both our science and our common sense tell

    us, such an expenditure of energy requires that a power source

    be drawn upon to support this effort. Yet, a permanent magnet

    not only maintains its strength indefinitely (no theory or text-

    book shows the power drain characteristics of a permanent

    magnet as it holds itself or other objects against gravity), but

    there isn't even a power source in sight! Endless magnetic

    energy apparently emanates from permanent magnets without

    any explanation in our science. The only explanation that any

    physicist will give for this mystery is that there is no mystery at

    all since the magnet isn't moving, which gives a zero result if

    you plug this into the Work Function. No physicist will discuss

    this matter further.


    this is from "The Final Theory" link up top.


    what are your opinions on this matter? is this another attempt at a creationist to convince us of his views with relatively uneducated statements that would sound convincing to someone unfamiliar with the specifics, or am i being too critical?

    So a kitchen magnet proves a god exists?



    sorry to swear but thats some ironic shit. I too went to a prior university for computer science where i spent 8k over the course of a year. i left and transferred to a university majoring in chem.

  8. u are readying yourself for work, and just as u are about to pick out two same colored socks, the lights go out in the room. in the dresser there are exactly 8 socks left. 4 white and four black. without turning on any lights, whats the least amount of socks u could pick out and have one pair of matching socks?

  9. since they are doing stuff without your consent, you should see what there are in complaints procedures and so on. I know this sort of thing is heavily frowned on in the UK. something similar happened to my parents over their gas bill and they got about 6-8 months of free gas out of it, since all previous charges were refunded.


    yes, they offered me compensation. the cust. serv. rep was willing to reimburse me for the overbilling charges ive incurred since the new contract.

    i figured that i could accept this credit from sprint somewhere in the amount of $100, and then cancel the entire plan later that week so i would only owe them $150 for the remainder of the balance, but it wouldnt work.

    virgin mobile does sound like a good idea; the g/f has one and loves it.

  10. no, i was very unhappy with the billing cycles. three separate times i called the company and spoke to a representative who was suppose to change my account and downgrade my plan for me but failed to. this added $15 a month onto the bill. Also, when my last phone broke, i purchased a new phone. it was a cameraphone for $30.why not right? U never know when a girl's shirt is gonna come off. they installed a plan without my consent for unlimited picture sending at a cost of $15 a month. So now i was paying $80 a month for a phone bill which should not have been over $20. ive been wanting to cancel the phone for quite some time due to their negligance. I was a customer of sprint and will not consider getting another cellular phone until i see that its a necessity of my life.

  11. what kind of plant are u attempting to grow? I am certain this problem is due to the pH of the soil. While growing pea plants for some experiments of my own, i saw that they were the only species of plant not responding well to their conditions. After varying the temp, waterings and amount of light, i concluded this was a result of the soil they were planted in. A quick change to a different soil brought them back to par.

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