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  1. garbles dna. i still have not relinquished disdain over that comment from two days ago. garbles? it just garbles dna? where did he get this information from?

    secondly, you know he has a napoleon complex (small penis), finally, how is it that this man was in a debate with someone? actually, **** that. how can i email this man, would it be possible to stage a debate with him? the whole SF.net squad. i'll fly all you ****ers out. except u bacteria, u can drive to jerz.

  2. it reads to me like an advertisement that kevin trudeau would employ.

    "Inside my book is something so secretive and covert, i may go to jail for telling you this. I have cures... CURES for every disease and ailment out there. just buy my book. inside you can see what 'they' are hiding from you."


    then you get the book and it says to cure herpes, yes, cure, Hydrogen peroxide. and thats it. no mention of application, amount, or concentration. just hydrogen peroxide. maybe a mechanism for action too b/c it cures an incurable disease right? Anyway. thats what i get from this book. congrats on your supposed research ethic, but a picture of a mummy with a brief backstory is not elucidating any of our confusion slash questions

  3. hole e shit mon. paraphrasing - "I teach my students the information theyll need to counter what their secular professors will lecture to them about in college."


    Yes. he does. and when little becky martinson is sitting in bio101 learning about deletions, insertions, duplications and transformation she'll immediately believe this is nonsense. thanks dr. phil.


    note: garble? like... youve a doctorates degree dude. and youre recycling the term garble twice in successive sentences? how did u write a thesis paper with this command of language? they give philosophy degrees to anyone.

  4. its.... a mummy ? followed by a link to buy your book? basically what im seeing here is a mummy followed by a link to buy your book. whats the significance of this mummy? you said it was never seen again. are you trying to say youve discovered the mummy's location and put pieces of the mummy into each book? that would be a fact. in a way. well. not really. but it'd be pretty snappy. how many books have you sold?

  5. speaking of the ignorance these people have, i was on a CAM website earlier and saw a man explaining how his wife became very ill after a few treatments of EDTA, chelation therapy. SO, after almost nearing death, they stopped that treatment, and have now spent money on a machine... its an IR sauna. Supposedly, sweat contains 30% toxins and i guess the IR beams detect these toxins and the magic fairies remove said toxins from the body without depleting mineral content, or any depletion for that matter.

    after almost dying, you would think, hey, maybe this shit isnt used in a hospital(with the exception of lead poisoning) for a reason. lets NOT buy a ten thousand dollar sauna thats probably powered by a 30watt bulb painted lipstick red. but no. they do it anyway.

  6. oh excellent! what a wonderfully spectacular question!

    the biggest most profound problem with alternative methods of healing is they apply science to solve problems. Now, the science they are aware of is always.. ALWAYS extrapolated from a brief snippet of science, of true science. An example would be microwaves are radiation, radiation is bad. Thus all microwaves are bad radiation and the atoms and molecules and such that come in contact with this radiation absorb it, change its energy qualities which can affect us. it makes logical sense, sort of. but thats not how it works. they adamantly believe this and it leads to many problems.

    Colloidal silver is one of their main panaceas... also, their understanding of physiology and chemistry is more than extremely limited. they contend CS can cure.. .well anything. it does have some microbial properties, but it in no way has the scope of ability they propose.

    thirdly.. without a firstly or secondly... they also feel any condition with the body is because of a mineral or compound deficiency. again, with all their claims, it is taken out of context. yes, scurvy is Vit. C deficiency, but it does not mean leukemia is a lack of taurine.

  7. I Hate Snakes. **** those things give me heebiejeebies. And what the hell, u couldnt find a more menacing, demonic looking picture of a snake than one coiled up in its mass of malevolence and evil? Yeah i probably couldnt either. Kudos.

  8. i thought about an R32 or an R33 but i dont think the 30k for the R32 is worth it. i mean, it is, but to get one in the us requires several modifications to exhaust and such. Companies import them to the use with those already made and the cars are in excellent shape. Im looking for something that i have to get my hands dirty with.

    but youre right, gt-r's are beautiful.

  9. its down to these two beasts. RWD. Sexy.


    '95 RX-7




    '96 S15


    they will not be driven everyday, so i am not too concerned with the maintenance of the mazda. im caught directly in the middle. I know a lot about both cars, so im not looking for people to list their attributes. Which would u go for

  10. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Bzt3HTPOCrs have fun. i sure did.


    some random quotes:


    "This is science, this is scientific, we know that"

    "A car requires 9 liquids to run: gas, brake fluid, motor oil, water, air"

    "And so i realized people were dying around me, and surgeries and cutting out 8 inches of the cole-on"

    "And the transpa...transplants" (He's right, i know when i needed a heart transplant i said no way, Coral calcium please!)

    "When you look at the pesticides, the herbacides, the genocides"

    "Understand, that nutritional books, mostly are selling a particular product. I sell no product..... You need to buy my book"

    "Your body needs 9 things to function everyday, and in my book i can show you these things" Shit! i've spent 6 years in college to find out theres only 9 things i needed to know.


    also, i dont know what is more convincing of a proposition, the home video style infomercial, or the various fruits and vegetables adorning the picnic table with the lawn ornament behind him. He's got my vote

  11. ok, first, how were you able to marry off a woman so religious? (me in same position yet she hates the situation)


    second, no, dont fight about it. youve already lost. youre the man, she has the vagina. she wins before a fight begins. they make sure of it. starts in grade school.

  12. ps3 can cure cancer its so the shit. the games for wii look immature and lacking depth. xbox is meh. the competition, if any, will be the previous rivalry with microsoft and sony. the ps3 is heaven. i unplug it at night and we hold hands and fall asleep looking at each others eyes until they shut and we think about each other.

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