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  1. It seem you don't understand what is boolean algebra ... you see every variable X is a logical statement, Example: X = "It is raining", X' = "It is NOT raining" X + X' = ( It is raining ) OR ( It is NOT raining ) = TRUE = 1, is a certainty X X' = ( It is raining ) AND ( It is NOT raining ) = FALSE = 0, is a contradiction 1 = 1 + X = 1 OR X, here we don't care about X 1 = 1 . X = 1 AND X, here X has to be TRUE, X = 1 Relations between variables are defined according to the context, Boolean Algebra is called Prepositional Logic, A higher degree of this is used in AI, First Degree Logic
  2. Let me simplify this, You have to apply one rule at a time, F' = (xyz'(y'z + x)' + (w'yz + x'))' = (xyz'(y'z + x)')' (w'yz + x')' = ((xyz')' + (y'z + x)') (w'yz)' x = ((xy)' + z) + ((y'z)' x') ((w'y)' + z') x = ((x' + y' + z + (y + z')) x') ((w + y' + z') x) Note that you have to keep the same structure of the equation when applying rules = ((x' + y'x' + zx' + (y + z')x') (wx + y'x + z'x) = (x'x' + y'x' + zx' + yx' + z'x') (wx + y'x + z'x) = (x' + y' + z + y + z') (w + y' + z') x' x = FALSE = 0 Since ( x' x ) = FALSE = 0, simply because, it's a contradiction, This results in, F' = FALSE = 0, F = TRUE = 1
  3. I don't have any .. but Statistical Learning needs hundreds of images to train your model !
  4. History of the Computer .. I can only think of some names, De Morgan .. Al-Khawarizmi .. Turing .. Church .. Godel .. Post ...
  5. Why are you trying to study what you are supposed to study in the Bachelor degree, Mathematics Basics is all you need ...
  6. X OR X' = TRUE X AND X' = FALSE You can only use DeMorgan Laws to simplify a boolean equation, but evaluation is only due to input
  7. in Mathematical Logic: (C ? A : B) where C is a condition, A & B are statements IF C is TRUE then A else B
  8. Hard to imagine ..? Atoms protons and neutrons are tied together making the central sphere inside the atom, electrons flies circularly around the center ... Forcing electrons to move between atoms started to idea of electricity, messing with the center of the atom was messing with the unity of the atom itself, In the Center of the Atom, I don't think there is any space .. but the space is between the inner spherical center of the atom and its final level of power ... But the question is, what are electrons, protons, and neutrons from the inside ...
  9. First of all, you should consider a Block cipher based on the SMS block size .. the output has to be the same size, for the Encryption I'm sorry, I don't have a Java smart phone,
  10. As a programmer, I'm okay with managed programming .. but I don't like high managed languages, ones that seem like Lego Blocks game ...
  11. 480p is a good quality, sacrifice some quality and your streaming will face less troubles ...
  12. There are two points I'd like to preserve: 1. New high level programming will become higher in level, simpler, and more efficient .. but, on the other side, there will be more complex system to work with, and more complex systems will be developed at the low-level of the computer ... 2. High level programming will always become more managed, simpler, with more prepared for use, working with the say "don't re-invent the wheel" ...
  13. See, the difference between FAT and NTFS file systems are that FAT file systems use an old standard where to store a single file, it has to be a single continues block in the memory (12\16\32) and have a limit on the file size, thats why in the old Windows systems, it was important to do Disk Defragmentation ... NTFS on the other hand, has introduced the idea of streams, meaning you don't have to store the file as a single continues block, and there is no limit on the file size ... The difference in file nodes can be noticed in this figure: Computer Engineering is more related to the Hardware, Computer Science is more related to Software ...
  14. Just like what Xit has shown, most Universities have minimum requirements on a master in a field, some do equalization .. and may request more pre-requests to be done, so .. you can list all possible colleges on digital media, then see their requirements, program, location, and ..etc .. and make your decision. .. good luck
  15. Machine Learning is a field, you need to learn basics on the following: - Fuzzy Logic (good knowledge in Logic too) - Statistics & Probability Mathematics (Mathematical basics in Calculus) - Modeling & Simulation - Neural Networks .. good luck
  16. 1. 1 figure = 1000 words 2. Simplify .. simplify .. simplify 3. To introduce a new idea, try the projection of your idea on their fields 4. Divide the problem into independent parts, Explain each part individually 5. Makes examples, related to real-life if possible ...
  17. Loop = Code + Condition a loop will execute the Code, if the Condition returns TRUE, The Condition can be pre-condition like in for and while loops, post-condition like do-while and loop-until loops, or in-condition such as base-case, intelligent-search and decision-problem ... pre-condition: LOOP ( CONDITION ) CODE END-LOOP post-condition: LOOP CODE UNTIL ( CONDITION ) in-condition: LOOP ( FOREVER ) CODE IF ( BASE-CASE ) THEN BREAK CODE END-LOOP
  18. distance is always positive, signed properties are given when there is a direction since we are talking about spherical coordinates .. do the coordinates advance in spherical lines ?
  19. Advice: there are preferred requirements for Ubuntu 10.10, I think it says 512MB RAM .. it's preferred that you upgrade your RAM memory from 256MB to 1GB (it's a cheap chip you can install at any computer technician) ... Since you can't boot-up from any USB, only Floppy-disks .. this means either you need to upgrade your BIOS, or you need to upgrade your Motherboard ... Now, if you want to stick with your current old hardware .. you better go to Ubuntu Forums, there you will find experts who can pinpoint your problem ... good luck,
  20. directly, I don't think so ... but you can connect your WebCamera to your computer .. and utilize a software to use your internet connection in order to power a live streaming ... a live streaming needs a good server with a powerful caching, or you will experience some problems !
  21. infinite storage, super processing units, and much more .. in a finite space, it's beyond all we know
  22. As I know in geometry, positive coordinates heads to the deep-right-top and negative heads out-left-bottom .. and positive rotation is counter-clockwise & negative rotation is clockwise,
  23. It seem you are a C programmer, because in C++ you can just type # include <cstdio> anyway, you should tell the computer either to wait for any input, this can be done in many ways ... and your code will be like this: #include <stdio.h> int main() { printf("whatever"); getchar(); return 0; }
  24. Prism Volume = [math]\frac{1}{2} \times length \times width \times height[/math]
  25. Currently, Linux is very good to me, but, there is one thing I couldn't really find a good replacement for, which is Photoshop .. there are applications such as gimp and krita, but they are short on the functionality on many things such as Selection like the Photoshop,
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