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  1. this is my super computer specs. 1. intel core i7 (3.47 Ghz) extreme edition .....( i have liquid cooling or this baby gets super hot). 2. intel extreme motherboard top of the line dont remember the model (its brand new tho) 3. 16gb ram 4. 2 TB hard drive (enough for me) 5. Antec case P180b 6. graphics card is Ati radeon 5870 HD 7. Bluray drive plus other formats.
  2. Hey guys Can some one tell me some basics about arduino, becasue i am new to it. i know very basic C language...but i dont know what are all the Inputs on the arduino for....... 1. What is the Analog Input used for...can u please give me some examples. 2. What is the Digital input used for...examples plz. 3. communication...example plz. and i have no idea what PWM is for......i have used it for LED blinking but what else can it be used for???
  3. even on a laptop battery can it last atleast 6 hours....lets just say i am using a mac book pro battery.
  4. the things is i dont really have any traffic on their except me and couple of my friends tracking it. i have tested my pentium 3 with 900mhz that can broadcast 720p hd video with a webcam connected to it. i installed windows server 2003 on it.
  5. hey guys and gals Just wondering if any one could tell me can a Mini Itx computers run off 12v lithium battery. their max consumption is 20W with full power. but i need to know can they last atleast last 6 hours on a 12v motorcycle battery. Please let me know ASAP.
  6. hey guys i have this fujitsu B series lifebook. its a P3, 900mhz, 256mb ram, and a dam good computer which has lasted for a long time. now i was trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 net book remix on it since i m tired of win xp and would like to learn linux in a friendly way. i was trying to install it off my internal hard drive using GRUB4DOS. the only problem it has is finding the iso file and mounting it. it starts up the setup and messes around. some things to consider: 1. i m running GRUB of my C: drive which is NTFS and i was reading the u need FAT32 for it to mount the iso and install. well i partitioned it in to another 10GB and FAT32 format. 2. it some time tries to find my CD for the Ubuntu and some time the iso. but it just cant find the damed iso. 3. i have the ISO file in the root of my C: drive and my partitioned fat32 U: drive. this computer cant really boot from flash drive or any other usb device except a floppy drive. i did try to install plop boot manager but it didn't work out well with the flash since i have usb 1.1 and it would just hang at the Ubuntu boot screen for like 5 hours. . Any ideas how i can fix this? i really want Ubuntu 10.10 netbook remix on it.
  7. hey guys I am trying to do a space mission by sending some cameras up. i m doing this project for my school. i m a high school junior. now lets get down to business. i was wondering is there a wifi router or a normal router than can be connected directly to my logitech c910 webcam to broadcast live video........ i was thinking about using a Mini itx computer with the webcam and gps etc. but i dont know what the power consumption is. i mean can a 10' weather balloon pick up a 14amps motor cycle battery, mini itx computer, 2 cameras and stay on for at least 10 hours. (yea i know the balloon will pop but i have some tricks i'll be doing so u dont have to worry about it). I was also thinking about my cellphone (HTC HD2) but the video camera is not good, or else the cellphone would be the best and the easiest since my phone can do live video broadcasting, gps coordinates............ talking about the gps........i have heard it will stop transmitting data after 60,000 ft Mains goals i want the computer or cellphone to achieve are: 1. live hd video broadcasting through wifi......(i 'll be adding an amplifier and a wifi router on it (rules dont matter for now)). 2. send me live gps coordinates through SMS/texting every 3 minute until it reaches 60,000ft and pauses and then start when it is falling and and gets to 30-40,000 ft. 3. gives me the temperature and the air pressure....i will be connecting the sensors and try to interface them. this is all i have in my mind for now.
  8. I know i can do that but the cell phone cant really broadcast me live picture and video etc. also i will be using a battery in it but since i will be attaching 2 balloon on it, one is inflated the other deflated and once it up there the solenoid valve turns on and transfers the air to the second balloon to balance the air and prevent it fronm popping. also the solar cells are on there to make the power last longer.
  9. Hi every body I am a teen, and am a junior in highshool. i saw this website for the first time and liked it so i registered on it, so that i can get some help since i m doing this for the graduation project. ( i do have some electronics knowledge so i m not a newb) I have seen alot of peopl do this kind of project so its not really exceptional, except nobody did it for school tho so... . Now the problem is on all the weather balloon project websites they used the components that are old...really really old, and with the technology nowdays they are useless for me...(note: please dont tell me some thing real expensive that goes above my budget....lets say my budget is $500-800) I need a microcontroller/ or a computer of some kind that is compatibe with the following item: 1) an HD camera ( i m thinking of th GoPro camera since it is good hd quality) 1.1) also a way to keep the backup of the pictues and video it takes as well as switching back and forth from video to picture mode. 2)GPS 3) sensors (temperature) 4) I want to use a wifi router to send back live data from the system. i will use a amplifier with it tho but i dont know which kind. (atleast which can broadcast the signal 20+ miles). 5) a solenoid valve/switch which i can use to transfer air from the inflated balloon to a deflated balloon ( so i can prevent the balloon from popping) 6) i have limited power so i will be attaching solar cells with it. 7) i dont want the package to get real heavy 8) i need to some how make the camera movable. Also i was thinking abou putting a small laptop in there insted of a microcontroller because laptop can extend my possibilites and make things easier....but i'll see if i cant find a micrcontoller. I know how complicated i made this project but i like it.....so please give me some help. (NOTE: SOME OF THE IDEAS ARE COPYRIGHTED BY ME ;D) P.S. can some mod plz move this post to the amateur science section rather than the experiments...so i can get more help.
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