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  1. How it so happens that a light beam traveling through a material with -ve index moves faster then 'c'?I read that 'it emerges before it enters'.What exactly does that mean?And finally,why it does not violate relativity or will a massless particle moving faster then 'c' violate relativity?Why?Whynot?also,what are the consequences(or assosiated phenomenans) of this faster then 'c' travel. Thanks in Advance. Also,if someone is intrested,here is the news link http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/841690.stm
  2. Here are a few for you.Rest use similar logic.Try them. 1)56 2)60 5)36 8)54 Remember,this should be your first and last mistake.You do it once more and I will be the first one to bash you.Moreover,you wont get any answers till you put it in homwork forum.There also,you only get hints.If you keep doing this,you will find more an more people becoming hostile towards you.If you will behave so dumb that you make your homework look like homework, then sorry mate,it will be over for you very soon as others have already said.Seriously,put it in homework forum and expect only hints.
  3. Yt,can you(or anyone else)explaine to me how it happens bit by bit using a small example(say 3+2=5).Thanks.
  4. How basic arithmatic operations are performed by a computer at hardware level.Putting it in another way,what kind of assembly,in what manner takes a binary strings as input (say 10(for 2) and 11(for 3)) and produces an output (like say in case of addition 101(5)).By "what kind of assembly",I mean the combinations of gates and other electronic components. Thanks in advance.
  5. Can anyone tell me of a website that teaches Japanese for free. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello everyone. Just wanted to know which one is better,AVG or AVAST and why you think so? Thanks.
  7. Dark-Matter.....I have also been thinking about it and also posted a query which was discussed by others on board.If you want to read,here is the link: http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/showthread.php?t=19334 As far as string theories are concerned,not many people are asking questions about it,but,one thing I can assure you of is that if you ask some,then people here will certainly be able to satisfy you(specially the physics experts) Also,with people like klaynos and ajb and others and with the physics experts,I can safely say that we here have one of the best physics team that are out there.So,if you have any questions,just post them and enjoy the symphony of strings.
  8. One should not forget that battles are not won by using brute force.One who has got brain,tactics,strategies and can manipulate one's opponent wins.We should remember that spidy is mentally fragile and Bat is very good at manipulations.You can not fight(what to talk of win) if you are not focused and a person who is mentally/emotionally/psychologically fragile cannot keep himself focused against an opponent who is the master of mind manipulation. In simple words, BATMAN WINS Batman=infinite everyone else=0
  9. Which country(countries) do you suppourt in FIFA-2006 World Cup?Which country you think will win it this time? I suppourt Italy,Japan and Brazil and I think that Brazil will win.
  10. Can anyone suggest me a good book on mechanics that starts from senior secondary level and takes you very far(may be Msc. level or at least Bsc.) Also,it will be good if It will have some sort of revision chapters on the required maths. Thanks kenshin
  11. I also thought on the same lines,but,it just doesn't feel right enough to me.Something's a miss.
  12. My favourite subject is physics and I am not bad at maths.(I am not good at maths as I don't see myself as mathematician but I generally score highest in maths(and physics)).Thoughtful....that's what many others also say. True This is the only subject in which I barely manage to pass and this is so since the time this subject was introduced to me. There is always something troubling for someone at sometime,but yes you are right. True.I think this is the one directly coming from the avatar chosen.But,I am not too laid back. Gotta be Kidding.Most people DON'T even understand my jokes. Maybe yes That's how I do it
  13. Cloud,although you are right,but,who will read 100+,forget 100+ even 30+ posts just to make a few predictions.Moreover,no one here is trying to claim or even say that he/she knows everything.This thread has been put as an experiment to check if these usernames and avatars can give some useful info about someone's personality.So,using any resource like profile etc. which gives no direct info of the subject and trying to predict those traits which are not mentioned is the sole purpose of this thread.I would like more people to participate not just as subjects but also as phsycologists.This will also help us know what a common man(without any formal training) can tell about others from given data.So,may be it's time that people should stop saying "anyone try me" and say "let me try it".
  14. That's why I needed more data. And reor,here is one for you(I feel like a tarot card reader,sometimes,others should also give it a shot;) ) It is not supposed to be right:-p ,but still......... Always careful and cautious(instinct wise).well not always,but sometimes and,there is no pattern in it.But a few thing always put you now a high.(like a few mentioned below) You fear(I wanted to use some other word,but can't think of one now) that someone might be able to manipulate(or change) you and you try to avoid that at all costs You like people who put themselves clearly and precisely you try to be immune to any external influence in any way until unless you can digest it after proper scrutiny and you feel right about it. you can feel sorry for others...understanding,"deep thinking", you are always bubbling with new ideas,like to challenge the existing believes You have above average foresight and good grasping You have above average maturity level. you Want to have a balanced and controlled life you have a good observation. you are too logical,mostly uses brain to decide matters rather then heart. you are very ambitious attitude skeptic
  15. That much I realised,and that's why it's tough to say anything about you without further observations.Some times you are more mature then your sister,sometimes,as you have put it,a "brat".Sometimes(it may be from a split sec. to a min. or a few min.),your maturity and understanding is way beyond your sister's,and more often,you cover it with a shroud which does seem to make you a brat.Some times you hide yourself from yourself because of some unknown fear and try to play the role of a very normal person(by social scale).And sometimes,it just surfaces itself. Maybe,it's more of a junk then reality(your turn to say that "I am not supposed to tell a could be anime story-line";) )
  16. If I do,then it won't be fair.I know much about you then can be said from user-name etc. and repeating it won't make sense as then it's not known whether it comes from direct interaction or user-name etc.But,it's tough to develop further on that as you are a tough nut to crack.There are either two possibilities...............forget it I am not in a mood to go into details. And sigma,killer-instinct stands not for killing or hurting,but for "never say die attitude" and competition drive.
  17. Umn...changing value of Pi.....The defination of Pi is given for the euclidian circles ie. the space is considered flat.So,the Pi has to be constant and is given as the ratio of circumfrance to the diameter in a flat space.(we are considering the euclidian geometry).But,there is an intresting point,although the Pi is a constant,but,its value has to be determined by experiment.Now,we should know that experiment is being performed on a curved space(as ours),so,the experimentally callculated value will change with the change in curvature.Hence,although the Pi is a constant,it's(calculated) value changes because of the experimental limitations.Well,at least this is what I think.
  18. hope it works gutz as I am not able to connect to blackcobalt.net(but then from last two days I have not been able to acces a lot of those sites which I used to.)And surprise!Nothing works including 6666
  19. I was able to connect two days ago.I haven't changed any firewall settings after that, but still i have checked and they are not blocked.what I am not able to get is how can it happen?Suddenly the server is not responding.
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