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  1. There is a development.This time,it displays a help window with a messge "unable to connect to the server" and gives the following reason for the problem: "Unable to connect to server If you try to connect to a server and see this message, the problem could be: IRC server isn't working You might be trying to connect to an IRC Server that is currently not working. This is the most likely problem. You should try another IRC Server. Invalid port number The IRC Server address might be correct but you've specified the wrong port. Most servers operate at least on port 6667, you should try that port to see if it solves the problem." Certainly both have been checked. Also,in the status window,the following is displayed: * Connecting to irc.blackcobalt.net (6667) - * Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out) - * Connect retry #1 irc.blackcobalt.net (6667) - * Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out) - * Connect retry #2 irc.blackcobalt.net (6667) - * Unable to connect to server (Connection timed out)
  2. Surprise!Surprise!It says nothing.Not even a single character what to talk of lines.And in GUI,when I press the "connect to server" button,nothing happens.
  3. Tried three.Trillian,mirc and klient.Well it's obvious that they worked earlier(to you people at least).
  4. So IA,that means you all can connect.Hmn....I have checked all that firewall stuff.Don't know that's happening.Everytime I join the channel sfn,it disconnects.I haven't tried with other channels though(don't know any).
  5. I am having a problem connecting to IRC blackcobalt server.Is there some problem with the server?Even the java link will not work.
  6. Nice to know that you liked it.But,telling you frankly,I would have liked it more if I could have understood that beautiful scribbling(oh yes,others call it 'beautiful equations' but I am too dumb to appreciate them.)
  7. This article was very appealing to me.Only thing is that one has to read it to completion(including the links provided in it) to appreciate it's true beauty. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Srinivasa_Ramanujan
  8. Did you say "removing" it.How is it supposed to happen.Removing a sonic boom....hmn....neat,but,how exactly is it supposed to be done?
  9. I beg to disagree with SkepticLance and ecoli.IMHO,way of looking at the things makes a big difference( things like field concept,forces as space-time geometry..................).I liked your view point sunspot.It makes sence to me and may be,it may help us define life itself(have you tried it?It may provide a boost to your concept). This may really be the differentiating statement.I liked your view point very much.At least it has given me a new way to look at things.I totally agree with you.
  10. "Only impossible thing in this world is to defeat a person who never gives up.(apart from breaking the laws of physics)" -me "IT's real fun to give 100% in a lost battle.And,if you win,you can stand at the top of the world and shout "I have been there,I have done all and I still survived to tell the tale" " -a friend "Some people have biggest of bungalows,fastest of cars,pretiest of girls,loftiest of salaries and then they say that life is fair" -same friend
  11. "We won't go quietly into the night.We won't vanish without a fight,but,we are going to live,we are going to survive." -from the movie "independence day". "Heights by great men reached and kept were not attained in a sudden flight,they when their companions slept were toiling up in the night." -longfelow
  12. No matter how much it hurt, no matter how bad, if I just kept smiling... -Soujirou It doesn't matter. Use whatever technique you like. However. Once I've said I'll kill you, your death is assured. -Kenshin (Man!I like the confidence and attitude.) Nothing is stronger than the will to live. -Kenshin The true answer comes not by fighting but by living your life, as you atone for your sins. -Kenshin The pain of wounds can be overcome with determination and preparation. For those who leave themselves to the fight, it is second nature. -Kenshin (means that if you behave like a warrior,you can overcome all the pains) Surpassing your limits is what leads to excellence.Your limits aren't something that you decide yourself. -Kenshin The strength of the Kenshin I look up to. Not just the strength of the Hiten Mitsurugi school, but the strength to keep on living bearing the pain of the heart worse than death. -Yahiko (me too) Perfect" or "ultimate" are not the kind of words you can throw around lightly. Carry your stupid self-confidence too far and you're gonna get burned! -Sano(worth remembring) You can die anytime,but living takes courage. -kenshin
  13. "How many people watching believe that I can do it,I never know.But,what matters is that I believe." -unknown "Woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep," -don't remember who
  14. hello richardrli, I would suggest that don't trust him or do whatever they say.Think about it for some time from a neutral point of view.As CurvKyle said " these 'fact' filled books are nothing more then propaganda used to trick and convert you to their beliefs." and I also agree with TimbaLanD that "Why would anyone care what you believe in?".Why are they trying so desperately to make you believe in something if it's the truth?Truth needs no one as its advocate,its powerful enough to propagate on its own.So,for the time being,don't follow them and if later you feel like they were right,then you can always switch your religion. Moreover,are they approaching everyone or just you and why?I think this much info will help us to help you better. Bottom line is,in my opinion,you should keep a safe distance and say no for the time being.Observe them carefully,see what they actually want and you can always switch later.
  15. I have been here for some time now and I came across various kinds of user names,avatars and signatures. We have all kinds of threads for best posts,quotes etc.So,why not to have a thread for good user names,avatars and signatures?Whose user names,avatars and/or signatures you like most. Among all the ones that I have seen till now,I like insane_alien signatures ""special" relativity, stupid ideas seem smarter when they come at you really fast." User name...let me see...may be "Klaynos" and avatar of saske. Edit:forgot to mention"apart from your's" Thanks to peon for reminding me that things may not be so obvious. What about you?
  16. Hmnn..let me see...you haven't left any profile to make task easier...no signature either and I am in a hurry.So,don't expect much.Here goes nothing... You are not so focused ie you find it tough to concentrate on something for long time.You like people with determination and you also have a high degree of killer instinct.You like to have a final say over various matters.You like to go for kill.You are interested(but not deeply) in cosmology and space-travel stuff.You like spicy food.You like to mess-up with people and indulge yourself in debates and discussions.You may also be short-tampered.You always put forward your opinion bluntly in a straightforward manner.You like facts,may be you are sort of "number guy".You appreciate nature for it's wonders rather then it's beauty.Literature is certainly not your first choice. As I said,no time.So,I don't expect it to be correct(haven't given much thought to the problem),but,please tell and also,try a few.
  17. Once a french came to England.He went to a fruit seller and asked him pointing towards an apple "What's that?".Fruit seller answered,"Sir,it's an apple." French: So small!We have apples which weigh at least 1KG each. French(pointing towards banana): What's that? Fruit seller: Sir,it's a banana. French: So small!In our country,a banana is at least a feet long. French(pointing to a strawberry): What's that? Fruit seller: Sir,its a strawberry. French: So small!We have strawberry which weigh at least 1/2KG each. French(pointing to a big watermelon):What's that? Till now fruit seller has had enough.He replied "Sir,It's not for sale as it hasn't ripened,but,by the way,It's a grape."
  18. I think if it falls back on your face then you are facing up else down.Right YT2095?
  19. Yup.My mistake azure.There by "They" I meant whales and not blue whales.You are right.Thanks.
  20. It's blue whale.Just today I saw a documentary which claimed that they even eat giant squids.The crew was checking there stomachs to get any remains to study them and they even got some.But you better double check it.(whale eat squid stuff,rest is right up to my knowledge.)
  21. You are requested to predict "kenshin's" behaviour(that's me) and not supposed to tell the anime story line. .Thanks anyway.
  22. All right!Let me try to predict something about you Sabbath.But let me tell you that you are a tough nut too.Wish me luck.So here goes. You are a humanitarian type of person.You like litrature or at lest don't hate it.You like food which is balanced ie. not too spicey but just ok.You are not too satisfied with your life.You have a very high thirst for achievement.You allmost every time remain in top few of your class but don't often top.You want to do something new.You are always bubbling with ideas.You like logic but you trust your intution.You are more mature then your age.You don't find it too tough to trust people. (WHATEVER I HAVE WRITTEN IS JUNK,BUT,TOO LATE. )
  23. May be,but then,I was trying to write a prediction about you and removed those facts that I got from other sources(you directly:-) ).Now if we all do that and try to predict some other things,then it would be fair,fun and science,all at the same time.
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