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  1. Im in my first year in university i have to write a report 10 page report on "methods and technologies used for geochemical exploration using stream sediment and soil sample" call me retarded but i dont exactly know what the question is asking or how to answer it am i suppose to basically display and write about methods on how we explore/study sediments from stream lines, such as lakes running off mountains and such and how their are different methods for different depths of the water bed to find different sediments? i guess the soil sample is also refering to how we do a chemical anaylsis of the soil, what we find at differnt depths, how we identify it am i on the right track? any help is appreciated thankyou
  2. i nevr could of made nitrocellulose (cellulose hexanitate) from cellulose and kno3(pure white)/90%+ h2so4 i tried to many many many times but my result was something that didnt even burn. my resulting cutton looks nothing like that in those 2 websites
  3. i heard car batteries have Leadoxide electrode (good for chlorate making)... i found a car battery, how would i harvest the electrode from it (probably including the sulfuric acid)
  4. clear and simple, distill.. the gas given off is run thro a tube and then HNO3 gas turns to liquid and drips down
  5. hold on, how can CaCO3 / Al work? how will that oxidize the Al to get a reaction happening
  6. I think cobalt nitrate is made like every other nitrate, mix nitric acid with the elemental metal or carbonate, hydroxide, oxide compounds. i think razor blade is made from cobalt, drop it in to nitric acid see what happens (cobalt salts r carcinogen)
  7. i heard keeping chlorate at melting point for a while turns it to perchlorate. is this true? also i bought a multimeter and i wanted to measure how much A(current) is going thro the electrodes, how would i do this? (im no good with multimeter)
  8. anyway, i was experimenting with some kclo3 i made, these ones seems very pure since it burns so much faster http://media.putfile.com/ChlorateCharcoal
  9. so would it actually be possible do light a light globe attached to the body? lol
  10. hmm ok, how were you to purify it?, the barium chlorate and chloride basicly have the same solublity
  11. what you need is 13-0-46 fertilizer which is KNO3, seeing you probably live in USA, you can probably buy a 25kg bag from any plant store lol. 29-3-4, its nitrogen, phosporus, potassium, you can not use it
  12. @woelen, if using Barium Chloride instead of Sodium chloride, would the time taken to convert 100g of barium chloride be the same as converting 100grams of sodium chloride in the method you described couple of pages back
  13. Whats the best way to produce Barium Chlorate instead? i know i can be done by a double decomp with sodium chlorate but then its basiclly impossible to seperate the 2
  14. Hydrogen burns too quickly and ur fireball wouldnt look sexy
  15. diamond isnt a compound tho http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boron_nitride says the hardest material known.
  16. i found some nichrome wires lying around, would it work as a cathode material? and circle it around the carbon anode electrode? or would it heat up to much causing to much evaporation? i know nichrome is expensive and it can be used for better things...
  17. nah could be impurities in the silver disks tho, how much no2 gas evolved exaclly. no you dont need to see the doctor, did you actually feel the no2 gas go in? i highly doubt there would be a large no2 gas forming being enough to kill you. only worry if you have your face over gas and breathing everything in. but it wont hurt to go to the doctor, i breathed in no2 gas before. i feel better then ever.
  18. thats only ~33% btw (ofcourse it can be concentrated)
  19. I think it had something to do with it being warm, cuz after a while it went back normal (i dont treat my crap with oil ) when i attached the second set of resistors. it went much hotter then just using one set, by hot i mean more then just hand burning hot. i reckon a minute on a paper will light it on fire. (also i could see a line of gas going up a metre above the beaker) so i put another heatsink and stuck a fan over it edit- if i stuck 10 in parallel, thats like 2.2ohms of resistance, so that would be ~5.45a if what i learnt in physics is correct... would that setup work? wouldnt 5a take like 2-3x quicker to complete its job?
  20. [w00t]

    Pizza Problem

    im thinking 10% of this is mabye related to chemistry
  21. Is it normal for the electrolysis cell to soap/foam up, like a lot of bubbles everywhere in the mix
  22. it burns so well when its rolled in to a star shape, i light up a round ball just on the ground with a fuse and it goes in to the air (like a metre) and spins. anyway, could these be used as rocket fuel or there would be a CATO
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