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    Geek Music!

    one of my fave bands: this one`s off a pretty decent film too, although I like all their stuff.
  2. I`d love one, and I expect that like everything else, the more they sell the cheaper they`ll become (how much had a DVD player used to cost!).
  3. if the Battery for a Laptop, has "Warranty: DOA" written in the sales specs, what does it mean?
  4. although I`m not a chocoholic and have to be in the mood to eat it, Lindt anyday! I like the 70% and the 85% cocoa Dark choc, that and a pot of fresh black coffee and I`m as happy as a dog with 2 dicks it`s great for cooking with too.
  5. what sort of circuits? the reason I ask is that there are different techniques employed in design (PCB based) for RF as opposed to say Digital. or do you mean designing the schematics, in which case a good grounding in Electronics will enable you to design your own with very little difficulty.
  6. neat trick, and well concealed! air pipes would have been low on my list of guesses. although I was hoping it would turn out to be something a bit more "Sciencey".
  7. it`s not all the same age, newer elements are being created all the while (and Annihilated), there IS stuff older than us. and yes, even in P&S stuff can be Wrong where there is Clear evidence to the contrary.
  8. based upon the idea that "no matter where you are, There you are" then there IS no "Edge" to the universe. besides, we have Pictures of things Much older than us that Are close to the "edge" and we`re no where near them. so your Wrong.
  9. it doesn`t really show a Lot, but the Radiometer effect could be used with the correct sources As could vibrations at varying frequencies, perhaps built into the table itself. think NDS Lite Rumble pack or Mobile phone/pager vibrator if you want some idea of how Tiny these can be! those would be my 1`st 2 guesses without giving it any thought.
  10. YT2095

    can we play god

    SFN is NOT a platform for you to promote your insidious personal agendas and Prejudices, I won`t tell you again!
  11. I`v moved this thread to Psychiatry and Psychology, you`ll get a better response, and I`m pretty sure Glider will know the answer to this.
  12. Bingo, Thanks Snail I just installed that driver you suggested and after a reset a little icon appeared and in there was a "tap to click" thingy that I switched off. Cheerz!
  13. YT2095


    I just watched it and thought it was pretty mediocre, there`s some good effects in there, the ending was good even though I take Rorshacks view. I don`t think I`d go out of my way to watch it, but if it comes on TV, there are worse things to do with 2 hours 6.5 outa 10.
  14. yeah, in the UK it`s called a civil partnership (or something like that) and it seems to work hassle free.
  15. in the Control panel, it says it`s a PS2 mouse (the desktop sort) and there`s no driver for this touchpad thing anywhere??? maybe I can find out what it is with DXDIAG and try get a driver somewhere?
  16. there Was work at Nasa`s JPL, that involved firing laser burst under a sheet metal cone to create lift, but of course this was Real world technology based on Science rather than flights of fancy. it astonishes me the amount of people that Still think Lasers are some sort of Magical force capable of doing things that Voodoo would struggle with!
  17. are you related to Zarkov by any chance? Moved to P&S.
  18. does anyone know How or what s/ware I may need to switch off the Double click "feature" on a laptop mouse pad? I`m happy using the buttons to do this as you would on a regular mouse, and find that the accidental touching of the pad twice making it click on things you don`t want it to Very Annoying! oh yeah, it`s a Dell Latitude c400 if that helps.
  19. I will point out though, that Biblical values about gays are actually More in line with Evolutionary values and it`s adherence, that certain members here keep spouting off about ad nauseum! you can`t have your cake AND eat it! now I`m not saying that religion is a vehicle for evolution, but you`de really only have a point IF Religion was saying that mono sexual relationships were a Good thing. ---------------------------------------- Having said that, and too Keep the balance that I must. there IS Compelling evidence hat being gay is NOT a "choice" or "Genetic" or anything of the sort, but actually something that happens more often than not in the Womb. it`s forced me to reconsider my opinions about them (some of which are wrongly held and Grossly inaccurate). apparently (and statistical evidence along with brain activity scans show this), that a Mother that has given birth to a Son is more likely if she has a second son for him to be gay, and the probability skyrockets the more she has! this isn`t populous stats (more boys one is bound to be gay in group, sort), this is family (mother unit) specific. if she has 3 or 4 sons, the Youngest one is very likely to be gay. it`s suggested that it may be a depletion of certain hormones or precursors in the mother. but Certainly not the gay persons "Fault".
  20. please tell me that wasn`t Intentional
  21. Nobody performs their Best under Exam type conditions, the whole Idea of an "Exam" as it stands currently and has done for decades is a Falsity of academic prowess. and where disabilities preclude this current exam setup, allowances Should be made. Personally I like the idea of NVQ`s and Apprenticeships, Then you cut to the chase entirely (we take exams for employment), you can Then see how well they do their Job and not how many bits of paper they have. That`s where the Real Diamonds are
  22. Please use our search engine in future. Thread closed.
  23. well there`s ~6 billion humans here, if you were to tell each of them they we going to die for sure! and a fiver could ensure their safety, I`m sure most would pay up. that`s 30 Billion quid, I reckon That would cause a dent in any space bearing intruder!
  24. YT2095


    No of course not:rolleyes:
  25. Water contains dissolved gases, Some of that is Oxygen, a High pressure injection of O2 would accomplish your objective far greater than any Spammy product. it would be the O2 equiv of Carbonated water using CO2.
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