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  1. doesn`t read like it`s for any Delicate work if Thermit will do!
  2. LOL @ Cap`n my wife an I are currently sitting next to each other on the bed, emailing each other on our laptops! I sent her that link
  3. YT2095


    One hint for you to use in the future, if someone drops the soap, don`t volunteer to pick it up
  4. I often wake up to see, 12:34 on the clock, I`m not sure Why, but then I must factor in the amount of times I wake up and see Other times that don`t grab my attention, then it`s pretty even. it`s just the way our brains work, we like patterns and symmetry for some reason.
  5. you got an Infraction for posting stupidity, with an "I couldn`t care less" attitude that could just as easily see you Dead, we also have a Legal obligation to the content on our site. THAT is why you had your Official warning above the ones given to you in threads such as this. if you`re Genuinely interested in Science (and Specifically Chemistry) you`ll learn quite a bit here, but Not by being silly or doing crazy things, it Doesn`t Impress us! but do it Properly and post your results, Then you`r on the right track btw, you`re Not the 1`st to have a hazmat warning (and won`t be the last), it`s nothing Personal, it`s just the Rules there to protect You as well as US.
  6. This thread is now on 24 Hour Suicide Watch. The thread starter has failed or is failing to support their position, has not managed the thread direction in a manner which supports its purpose, or is actively encouraging a disorderly discussion. The thread starter must bring the thread under control in order for the thread to stay open. Alternatively, there are more reportable posts breaching the SFN Rules in this thread than there are non-reportable posts, and all participants are expected to improve their level of input if this thread is to remain open. If the thread does not turn into a productive and rational discussion within 24 hours of this post, then it will be closed without any consideration of the moderation policy. All participants are responsible for helping to bring the thread back on track. This post is a standard text set by SFN policy.
  7. GaAs technolgy is supposed to have a high imunity to these sort of effects, perhaps a Mil-spec SD or USB flash drive/cards will be good too.
  8. I can be sure, but my Gut says this will probably be a Hit`n`Run type debate.
  9. that`s happened to me a few times, I find that giving the book name and ISBN will suffice, if (as is the case with some of mine) the book is Pre ISBN codes, then title, year and author will have to do.
  10. oh Goody, I haven`t played "Guess the Polymer" for ages!
  11. I just wonder how long he expects those rubber seals to hold out!
  12. Wiki`s a nice Entry point but the Bibliography given at the bottom of most Wiki pages are the real gold. Like Swansont, if I say mixing A+B is bad idea because it`ll do something dangerous, 9 times out of 10 I won`t give a source (often it`s screamingly obvious why it`s bad) but also I Don`t want to point people to Recipes either!
  13. LOL, I`v encountered enough Blank stares with eyes glassed over, to know That`s the truth she still married me though!
  14. Never mix Ammonium Nitrate with Copper! explosive TACN can be formed, which it is doesn`t go off, is certainly Plenty enough evidence to get you arrested and sent away for a VERY long time!
  15. YT2095

    Ban Black Cars?

    isn`t that going to upset a lot of dead people though? erm... Naah probably not
  16. they do, x-ray pictures exploit this, or the wi-fi in your computer, or mobile phone etc....
  17. Hmmm... here`s a simple test someone could try, you`ll need a similar setup as I did, but a regular weight will do. then you`ll need to hook the string up to some Spring scales, the sort fishermen use. I would do this myself but I don`t have any. when you swing the weight, This Time you look at the scales reading, if what is being said in here is true, I predict the weight should be greatest when the mass is at it`s lowest. if no one tries this before me, I`ll have a look at what junk I have laying around and build something similar if I get time.
  18. I used roughly a Litre for the tests, but they we all the same amount because of a marker line/fill level. the stopper for the Swinging tests was pulled at it`s greatest height before letting the bottle go. the hole was done with a 1/4 inch drill bit. I have no idea of the exact angle as a number but the bottle was raised to a specific height for all tests.
  19. the best answer anyone can give you is to Be Yourself!
  20. My vote says it`s "The Schwartz". May the Schwartz be with You, and all that...
  21. if "it" can change "state", then it`s bound by Time, "It" can be anything you like, whether "it" is a unicorn a hammer or God, and state can be anything too, a Thought, a Voltage a Direction whatever...
  22. my Experimental evidence suggests the swinging one will be a LITTLE bit faster, roughly a 44:47 ratio faster. I just tested this using: like this: when still it averaged 47 seconds to empty, and in motion it averaged 44 seconds in 5 trials of each (10 total experiments). hope that helps a little
  23. we Have threads on how to make elemental Br2 here, but simply, NaBr and NaBrO3 (I forgot the ratio) will liberate Br2 when a strong acid is added like Sulphuric for instance. that`s how I make mine except I distill it afterwards.
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