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  1. well Mars has been pretty much covered by the Viking twins and is 97% mapped the atmosphere we know a little bit about too, same for Venus (mega hostile!) so I figure Europa should be a walk in the park as far as hostility goes, and we certainly have much more technology and materials of better qualities since the Viking and the Venus probes we can also SEE evolution in action within a single human lifetime as well, so we KNOW evolution is a reality. so if we DID find even the most BASIC of lifeforms within our own Solar system, then it would be reasonable to deduce that this could occur elsewhere also even if you flat out ignore the Drake Equasion (I subscribe to his Equasion also). as Unscientific as it may sound, I beleive there IS life out there, and would put a few pound notes in a bookies that life is present in Europa. Even if I was wrong, it wouldn`t shake my conviction. I`ll stick my neck out and say WHEN we do find basic life out there, it wouldn`t be TOO much of a leap to consider that it ALSO could/would evolve. and so, a search for ANYTHING living (the definition of life is also subject to debate here) would be of profound! significance to us all, by sheer implication alone.
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    Stalking dementia

    I read somewhere that Aluminium is also a contributor to demetia, and foods containing high levels of it, Tea being one of them, increases the incidence amongst heavy consumers of these foods? Is that theory still current?
  3. I figure that there`s ONE parralel universe, identical in every way to this one composed of "antimater" for wants of a better word, and slightly out of phase with this one so that they never meet (except through black holes possibly) I got to thinking about how the universe began, how can you you create something from nothing??? I came up with this, Imagine you have no cash in your bank account (sounds like mine already how do you go about getting some? well you`de take a loan. I now have a penny in my pocket that`s real and tangible, but at the same time I owe a penny, so I have a minus penny at the same time because the penny is not in my account but "shifted" out into my pocket it can exist as an entity. I figure that`s how the Universe came into being, or universes
  4. curiosity here.... Surely a single dose of "fresh" air (LOL) would contain an overwhellming dose of toxins too? or Cosmic rays or background radiation and transmiters all around us ever your own Comp Monitor would have much more medicinal value then? such low doses over long periods (the idea behind Homeopathy). why do or can these things make folk ill? or at least SOME folks (hayfever`s about the worst I get from the air and maybe sunburn). so how does it work? or is it the IDEA that your taking something that you`re TOLD is good for you? And could you die from an overdose if you forgot to take them? my m8 said that happened to someone once? (I find that Humour is one of the best cures for whatever ails you) Also, does it work on the same principal as a Vaccine? Give you a tiny amount of a bug (rendered inert) so that your body makes appropriate anti-bodies to it?
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    What if

    Hell yeah... where do I sign? So the Idea of seeing all the new and wonderfull things yet to come does`nt appeal to you? It sure does to me, I think it`s such a waste to accumulate a lifetimes worth of knowledge and experience only to die at the end of it
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    it`s also to do with something called paralax(sp?). a perculiarity of "stereo vision" and example would be this; hold your index finger infront of your eyes and cover one ov them, focus on a object some distance away (maybe 10 foot away) block this object out with your finger. now, keeping your head and finger perfectly still, uncover the 1`st eye and cover the second one, you`ll notice the object 10 foot away is no longer covered by your finger it will apear to have moved. now repeat the same thing but cover an object 100 foot away, you`ll notice the object you covered with your finger is now in full veiw and seems to have moved several feet (light years if you look at stars! and that`s how we tell how big or distant an object is, of course the brain works all of this automaticly in nano seconds couple that with the fact that relfected light off an object is radiant, the further away it gets, the less photons reach your eye, and so it apears smaller, that`s how Telescopes work, the big lens at the front, gathers a large amount of photons and then concentrates them to a small point, making things seem larger hope this helps a little
  7. Imagine being handed that in an exam and told to correct the wrong number
  8. they would indeed send machines 1`st I`ve seen a prototype on a documentary, it had something like a nuclear tip on the end of a big screw type thing to melt the ice (a few kilometers I think it was) and as you know, material like that always maintain a few degrees above the ambient temprature, so it should do a nice job I DO however remmember thinking and commenting to my wife about the irony that mankinds 1`st trip to a distant moon and the 1`st thing he does is polute it with a nuke )
  9. I`m no expert here, so bear with me... If it Can be argued that faith and religion is something that is "within" us at least partly or wholey (I don`t think anyone would argue that point so far?) and that Science (of an empirical nature) Is based on evidence that can be witnessed and repeated (I don`t think anyone could argue with that either?) then isn`t it POSSIBLE that the feeling and "knowing/faith" that MiguelBladesman described is also to HIM the same? the only difference being is that we may not have the same "aparatus" mentaly as he does, therefor to us it would NOT be repeatable or visible? example: can we argue with Hypnotism? we may ourselves not be able or have never been hypnotised, and yet we see it`s results and it`s all quite scientific, and yet no one other than the person thats under the influence ACTUALY KNOWS what`s happening inside themselves or what they see or feel, we can be TOLD after what they experienced, and thats then become documented as fact into a Science. maybe just maybe the same applies to this design beleif that some hold? all the best each
  10. I`de back you up too! on the codition I could take some instant heat packs and my water wings (I can`t swim) Seriously though, with regards to the WHY NASA search for primitive life, I think it`s to do with learning about WHAT conditions life CAN exist in, then from this , Hopefully expanding our search a little wider than just 21%O 78%N 1%other... with an ambient temp of about 21c I mean it would be really cool to come across Silicon or Boron based life too, besides, it gives them something other than weapons to spend their money on and that`s GOTTA be a good thing
  11. Mars should be the closest it will ever to get Earth in roughly 60,000 years (don`t know how accurate that is?). On August 27`th this year! (2003) according to "heresay" a good pair of binoculars will be more than enough to get a decent veiw of it. for UK folk it`ll be in the East/South East region of our sky about 20 degrees above the horizon (from my reconing). It`s quite plainly visible now, sadly I don`t have the facilities to take pics from my telescope, but as a red dot in the sky that doesn`t twinkle. It looks great even with the naked eye! make a calendar note, and check the news closer to the date for more details. All the best
  12. Thnx both Another I came up with (equaly guess work) is that whatever kept the carbon molecules in suspension (some sort of emulsifier) may have been exhasted (chemicaly) by attacking the meat, leaving the carbon free to fall to the bottom. was there any dark particulate mater in your sludge, maybe like streaks of black/brown? or was it just one homogenous mass of yuckyness?
  13. just a guess here, assuming the meat was raw, it`s known that acids will actualy "cook" meat a bit like steak tartar or certain types of Sushi. it cause the Proteins in the meat to denature and shrink, hence the need to let meat "relax" a while before carving or eating it, it allows time for the tightly coiled protein chains to extend a little, my guess it that the caramel (a suspension of carbon made from burned sugar) got trapped in these protein chains as they were contracting, a bit like stretching a spring, putting it in sand then slowly letting it reform to shrunk, it will pick up sand grains within the coils. this is ONLY a guess though )
  14. Wow! that`s certainly more than I knew about it as well! I`ve been a smoker for 25 years now (wished I`de never started). I`de always associated it with a TASTE rather than a nagging urge, especialy with sweet things ie/ coffee, beer etc... then I get the "craving", I`m wondering now if it`s mental association or is it something to do with taste receptors as well? I`ve tried the nicotine gum, and that works a bit, but it`s nothing like the same thing. Beer is the worst offender for me, the more I drink the more I smoke? anyone know if there`s a Chemical reason for this?
  15. at face value it sounds fine (but Impossible to comment without a visual really) have you checked for any air gaps in your U tubes perhaps? and your meter is on the correct setting? Sounds silly I know, but it`s often the silly stuff that trips us up more often than not
  16. I`de 1`stly convert the HgO to either a nitrate or sulphate, then dissolve it all in water, then add a little magnesium ribbon to displace the mercury, it will fall to the bottom of your reaction vessel. washing it in plenty water afterwards will get rid of most impurities anyway, and store it underwater too, saves any nasty vapors that`ll make you turn blue and stuff
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    Other than it getting hot ? the Ammonia solution NH4OH will break down to NH3 gas (ammonia) leaving the water to further boil off afterwards.
  18. Add your 70% nitric to more 98% sulphuric and redistil it, you`ll get your 98% nitric but not higher as it forms an azeotrope with water. the addition of Urea will absorb any NOx radicals too, leaving a near pure product If your trying to make some "energetic material" I can think of only one that requires that conc of Nitric, and beleive me you DON`T want to play around with RDX!
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