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    i like loud music, loud cars, loud women and i want to die a loud death in a loud accident in a loud shirt.
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  1. Duke

    Crazy guy on airplne

    no chance for poor Mr-100
  2. I had a feeling IBM would be anouncing a new super computer soon. I heard they are working with sony on the playstation3. Im not sure exactly what technology they are using; something to do with gel - but if any of this is true this new technology will make the Playstation3 about 20 times faster than the Xbox2. This is all just rumour by the way but it seems to fit together quite well.
  3. Duke

    Man Made or Natural

    natural i guess. To be man made you would have to build a human rather than grow one
  4. Do you cry or do your eyes just water? If you cry then i dont think that's normal, if your eyes just water then that's fine i guess; i get that sometimes.
  5. How can black holes have infinite mass? Could black holes fuse together?
  6. Eating magic mushrooms more than 3 times a month wouldn't cause brain damage unless you ate a serious amount. Im sure the British goverment wouldn't try and tax them if they were that dangerous. Iv done them 5 times in a week once and I felt fine.
  7. Yeah I agree. It was more in response to my lesser explained comment earlier.
  8. If you have never seen anything would it be possible to visualy think of something? If you have never heard anything would you have that little voice in your head when you read stuff?
  9. What if you are deaf and blind?
  10. Thats actually a good point callipygous
  11. You're right; if time didn't exist of course it wouldn't take any time to travel anywhere. But maybe it doesn't anyway. I’m not trying to say I’m right, I’m just pointing out that we don’t know enough about time to argue either way. I read somewhere that pigeons see things 9 times slower than we do. And flies see things even slower apparently. How does this work if time is a universal force. We can only observe what we perceive.
  12. Time is just a way of measuring the movement of everything in the universe, its not a force that affects everything. Or at least thats what i believe.
  13. People get older because oxidants bombard our cells; is that right? something like that anyway. But its not a direct result of 'time'.
  14. Dont worry about it. If you have any decent firewall software/hardware, theres nothing he can do with the ip address. It will probably change in a couple of weeks anyway.
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