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  1. i think it'll still be an above average year, but nowhere near the level of last year. a year ago today, tropical storm gert formed in the bay of campeche..that was the 7th named storm of the season. we've only had 2 so far this year. things will likely pick up in a little while, but last year was a little crazy.
  2. i'm guessing it's just the university firewall blocking the ports or something. they'd probably do something like that, knowing them.
  3. i'd vote for him. that damned hurricane better stay south...
  4. what do you mean? i've definitely seen it done this way before, and i'm not making it up off the top of my head or anything. i'm almost completely certain that it works. look here:trajectory wikipedia if you scroll down 4/5 of the way or so, look for equation 10- it's exactly the same thing with different variables.
  5. didn't work... i've got no idea of what the hell is going on
  6. the position of a projectile divided into x and y components is: [Math] x=v_{0x} t [/math] [math] y=v_{0y} t - \frac{1}{2} g t^2 [/math] solve for [math]t[/math] and plug in: [math]y= \frac{v_{0y}}{v_{0x}}x - \frac {1}{2} g (\frac{x}{v_{0x}})^2 [/math] then, you know that [math]\tan \theta_0 = \frac {v_{0y}}{v_{0x}}[/math] and the x component of the initial velocity is [math] v_{0x} = v_0 \cos \theta_0 [/math] plugging those in, you get [math] y= (\tan \theta_0)x - \frac {g}{2(v_0 \cos \theta_0)^2} x^2[/math] you can see [math]a[/math] and [math]b[/math] pretty clearly like that i think hopefully this helps... first time i used latex... maybe it'll get less annoying when i get used to it
  7. can't copy for some reason, but here's what it says: looking up jersey.blackcobalt.net connecting to, port 6667 sending login information... jersey.blackcobalt.net- ***Looking up your hostname... jersey.blackcobalt.net- ***Found your hostname (cached) timeout connecting to jersey.blackcobalt.net then it tries again
  8. at the level of M.I.T., a lot seems like it's thrown to chance. i talked to an admissions guy there and he said that MIT couldn't choose the best, they had to choose from among the best.
  9. unitversities generally want multitalented, well-roundend students so they can keep or better their reputations. extracurricular stuff is incredibly important to admission. they don't generally want people who study all day and do nothing else- academic perfomance is important- probably the most important thing in admission, but it certainly isn't the only thing.
  10. that's the new orleans arena- it's pretty new- the hornets play (or used to play) there. it's also incredibly ugly- definitely not the same kind of roof- i think the superdome had a white foamish material on it... the arena has a much more metallic roof. and the walkways aren't covered, just cement bridge-paths.
  11. yeah, i tried that too- i also tried to pull a delta x out of the numerator and canceled it with the denominator, but that didn't get me anywhere either. too many damn letters. aghhh.
  12. i've seen some of the smartest, most well rounded people rejected from there... a friend of mine was valedictorian, a professional-level pianist/violinist, 1600 SAT/36 ACT, in every club/service organization imaginable, and he was rejected. the applicant pool to MIT is ridiculous- if you get in, it's like winning the lottery- just about no one is guaranteed entry. there are a lot of other good schools out there that you should look into. good luck though.
  13. how did you get that updated satellite picture?
  14. i give up on that one, man. i tried messing around with it a bit, but i got very close to nowhere with it. algebra was never my strong point anyway. i guess this post is meaningless, but i'd be really really happy if someone figured this out and posted it because it's been annoying the hell out of me.
  15. i'd really appreciate it if people donated... the people of new orleans really need it. i'm trying to get somthing set up at notre dame right now.
  16. it isn't ignorance most of the time... people who live in hurricane prone areas are very used to hurricanes. i'm 18 and i've been through at least 10, maybe 15 or so and i've gotten through fine. people don't realize how strong these things can be because they're used to getting sideswiped or being hit by relatively weak storms. a lot of the people who die are also stuck in the position they're in- tourists with out a flight out or access to rental cars, people who can't afford to leave, people like my aunt and uncle, who can't get very far away because they're in charge of caring for over 50 sick elderly people. don't assume everyone's stupid because of the few that are.
  17. i hate that "live your life" line- i get it way too much. i just do what makes me happy- which at this point has a lot to do with making a certain other person happy.
  18. ok, irc used to work fine for me, but for the past few weeks it's been giving me trouble regardless of the client. it looks like it connects, then it looks up and finds the hostname, then it times out. i'm not exactly sure what any of this means, but it's not working. any help would be appreciated.
  19. i think he means to solve it using first principles- the whole fraction-y thing with the delta -x's
  20. yeah, snarling'll do that to ya. haven't been able to get into irc for a while for some reason. it does the whole connecting... logging in... thing, but stops and gives up after a while. that was off topic... eh... i can identify with lots of people on this thread. all i can say is patience can have its rewards if you're open enough. damn you, irc, work!
  21. another levee broke last night- water's going to rise untit it reaches the level of lake pontchartrain- which is at 3 feet above sea level. the entire east bank of the city will be under water in a few hours.
  22. the water breached a levee in new orleans east- there's a big chunk of land there under 8-10 feet of water. apparently there are bodies floating in the water there and at least 200 people or so waiting for rescue from their roof. just about no one has power and it could be out for a month. no news on when anyone will be able to get back. personally, i don't know what's happening with my home. all i know is that a building was destroyed less than 5 miles from my house. no idea if there is any flooding, though. my 80-year-old neighbor stayed behind and we can't get in touch with him. your prayers are appreciated.
  23. 7 o'clock advisory just came in- winds are down to 160. pressures up a little bit at 904 mb. and it has slowed slightly. heading in a more northerly direction, but it's still looking really bad for the city.
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