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  1. I thought I replied to this before, I guess maybe I put the post somewhere else by accident. I love the lessons, don't quit posting them!
  2. We're going over basic differentiation, and the problem I had is to find the derivative of f(x)= x^(1/3). I have to use the definition of a derivative, but I'm not sure what to do when I begin with two cube roots in the numerator. Can anyone help?
  3. Thanks! Sorry I couldn't have just used the thread that was already posted! I have worked with that method before, I've just never heard it called by that name. That clears everything up! Maria
  4. Hi! I have an assignment to find the derivatives of two funtions (1/t and the square root of t). I know how to find derivatives, (a couple of ways, actually) I've just never been taught something with the name 'the first principle of calculus.' How does he want me to find them? I probably already know the method, just not by that name. I saw Dave's lessons, but for some reason they don't display properly on my computer. ( portions of the text are bold and missing) Sorry to ask for something I know is already posted, but I can't get it to display properly. Thanks! Maria
  5. I'm reading them! And trust me, they help a lot!
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