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  1. here's the free response. ap04_frq_calculus_bc_36108.pdf
  2. I'm sorry, the answer is 0. (check the 24th factor)
  3. a=2 and each letter proceeding is 2 times the letter preceding (ie b=2a, c=2b). What is the value of (x-a)(x-b)(x-c) . . . (x-z)?
  4. quack


    What are your reasons for pursuing an undergraduate degree in neuroscience?
  5. Lines a, b, and c lie on the same coordinate plane. Line a is perpendicular to line b and interscets it at (3,6). Line b is perpendicular to line c, which is the graph of y=2x+3. a) Write the equations of lines a and b. b) Graph the three lines c) WHat is the relationship of lines a and c.
  6. The x-intercept of a line is p, and the y-int. is q. Write an equation for the line.
  7. So if you were walking down the street and somebody was being stabbed to death in an alley, would you turn the other way and say "thats their moral choice"?? This is murder and the government should most certainly be involved. I dont understand why anyone would be pro-choice(pro-death).
  8. faf, blike have either of you taken the MCAT yet?
  9. Thanks for the response
  10. Here's the question:
  11. from October 11, 2003 SAT I: Reasoning Test.
  12. It was cool until you said you found it on the net :-/
  13. Usually students with lower scores on Medical College Admissions Test(MCAT) apply to Osteopathic schools, rather than Allopathic, due to the selectivity of admissions.
  14. I used my calculator and got square root of 2 (actually 1.4 etc.). What is the reasoning behind it?
  15. Ain't that the truth. I totally bombed the free response questions on the AP calculus exam...come to think of it, i bombed all the free response questions on all the tests I took. I'm an idiot. Thank god for the generous curves
  16. Advanced Placement.. It's similar to IB (International Bacchelurette)
  17. Yea my schedule is completely immutable. They're all 1-section courses. And the same teacher teaches AP calculus and physics. I couldnt get in everything (AP Biology) but it worked out nicely. I live in Tyler, TX..
  18. 1. Band 2. AP Calculus BC 3. AP Physics 4. US Govt-Economics 5. AP English 4 6. AP Chemistry 7. Academic Decathlon yep..
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