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  4. He could be. I'm not all that smart, you see. I cannot see my avatar either. Time to change it, I guess.
  5. Sorry, I over exaggerated a bit when I said EVERYTHHING possible. I realized that after I posted and haven't had a chance to fix it. I'm having a hard time understanding some of you. I don't get how people can be for abortion in the first tri-mester but anything after that is wrong because the baby is more developed than it was earlier? Abortion is abortion is abortion, either way you look at it you're ending a life (or soon to be life) pre-maturely. My point is - things happen and sometimes having a baby isn't an option in your life right now. Some woman deal with it by changing their entire life, but they shouldn't have to.
  6. Everything we do involves consequences. Do you think your choices of resolution and/or options to take care of those consequences should be limited? I believe everyone should have every option available at their disposal so they can make the choice that best fits their needs/situation.
  7. How is that going to stop a woman from having an abortion? Women don't go around having abortions for fun you know. It's not like they want to have one. Hearing the heart might make her feel even more guilt for having an abortion and make it harder on her, but I don't really think it would change the mind of most women who are looking to abort. Though it shouldn't be used as a form of birthcontrol, abortion in any case should be legal.
  8. Huh? Skye, I was thinking the same thing. I bet he probably doesn't even really care about the unborn child or anything, he just wants votes.
  9. This is true, but do you think the government cares? The government supports the death penalty and infact has it's very own capital punishment system. Bush is a murderer as far as I'm concerned (just look what he did as governer of Texas) thus it is very hypocritical of him to sit here and tell future mothers they can't have partial birth abortions because it is cruel to the fetus.
  10. Bah, my one attempt at a real discussion and no one wants to discuss.
  11. I know I said I was going to leave, but I figured this topic would be good for discussing. I got the article from CNN.com I want to know how you guys feel about this. I don't want to know if you're pro-choice or not, I want to know how you feel about someones right to make a choice being taken away? Granted, partial birth abortions are inhumane, I still believe it's a her body her right her choice type of thing. “the right to life cannot be granted or denied by government.” Is what Bush declared as signing the bill. Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the banning of partial birth abortions granting the right to life by the government? I understand it all depends on if you believe the fetus is life at conception or not (which is a moral debate and it's not the governments responsibility to force morals upon us). I also believe (after reading the article a few times) Bush basically said that the fetus inside the mother is a life. If he didn't believe that it is a life, he wouldn't care if partial birth abortions are or aren't "cruel to the fetus". Him stating that it's cruel to the fetus leads me to believe that he believes the fetus inside a mother is life. If it wasn't life, how could be cruel to it? That's like saying cutting up paper (assuming you don't believe of disbelief that paper is life) is cruel to the paper. Also, if he didn't believe it was life, there would be no reason for him to sign the legislation to ban partial birth abortions. Technically they shouldn't even be referred to that since we're not trying to allude to the "fetus" having or not having life. Also, these women who are losing this choice are still going to go about the partial birth abortions, just not in a safe or legal manner. It will just be done like it was back when abortion in general was illegal. I would rather see it done safely than unsafely. I would also like to point out that I in no way whatsoever approve of abortion, however I do not approve of this ban.
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