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  1. meeeeowww you guys are arguing it up, lol. I'm a student, I love my 89, all the programs, the functions, and especially the games which have gotten me through many a boring math class....But in reality, it didn't help me too much for the BC calc exam. I mean, the majority of the test is non-calculator, and the parts that you can use one, it doesn't really help you that much. So...it's balanced I guess...if you depend too much one it, you'll bomb the exam! Just desserts for the wicked, hehe.
  2. So guys, how'd you all do? Did you guys think it was too terrible? I thought the multiple choice was pretty much reasonable, nothing too crazy...and the free responses weren't awful either. Well except for number 5, the one about logistic growth...Yeah, you can't arrest me for talking about it because I'm not being specific. lol, my calc teacher said I could tell him what the topic of it was. OK, well I dunno, just wanted to check up with the rest of the BC calc world, check ya guys later!
  3. OK, I'm gonna cut and paste my reply to your post on your site...yeah I'm being lazy, lol thanks for the continued effort on my behalf, those two sites are cool, but don't have answers or solutions to multiple choice questions from specific previous BC calc AP exams....actually, I don't think you're going to find them, I searched for a loooong time on google , so, thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it. Also, if anyone's interested, I found a website that has almost all the free response questions from past AB/BC calc AP exams. The answers are handwritten by a teacher and are in pdf format, here's the link: http://shenandoah.va.schoolwebpages.com/education/components/docmgr/default.php?sectiondetailid=1047&catfilter=163×tamp=1081825533#showDoc It's missing a few years and questions, but it's pretty complete...too bad it didn't have the multiple choice, lol, which is what I need more! Ok, time to go finish all the essays I have to write too, seeya guys around.
  4. Yeah, I googled for a while, I found 3 pdf's for free response solutions, one for 1998 one for 2002, and one for 2003, but nothing on the multiple choice which I kinda need more; so at the moment, I'm not going to try google anymore, I think the time would be better spent just trying to check my work over...but if anyone else could find anything to help that would be fantastic!
  5. Hey Wolfson, you've been super, but that site has all the exams for the International Baccalaureate (IB) exams, not the Advanced Placement (AP) exams....I submitted a reply to your post in your site at Dragons Lair in the Past Exams section (I figured out that I need to enable cookies in order to successfully log in!), thank you again in advance!! Oh, and if anyone else happens to know where I could find the multiple choice (and/or free response questions, preferably the multiple choice) solutions for old BC calculus AP exams, feel free to tell me too! ;-D
  6. I dunno if I'm being retarded or what, but I go to your main forum page, and then I log in from there using the link at the top. So, it logs me in, saying "hi RunningManiac, you have 0 unread messages" and then I click on the forum titled, "Past Papers", where it shows me registered as a guest again and asks me to log in when I try to post or reply. So.....Could I tell you what I'm looking for on this site and you could help me find it? ;-D That would be super, I'm looking to check all the answers and possible the work too for all these multiple choice sections on old Calc BC AP exams (1993-2003), but the ones that are due wednesday are 1998, and 1992...I could reaaaalllyy use a 100 on these, and I did put in a lot of effort into em. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks a bunch for that link, but it seems that their registration system is out of whack...I signed up 3 times and logged in about 20, but it still registers me as a guest therefor I can't post in that past exams forum or even reply to one....Sorry to keep bothering people, but could anyone direct me somewhere else? Again, thanks a lot guys! by the way, that was some quick replying, I'm liking this forum!
  8. Hi, I just signed up for this forum, so hi everyone! I also have a quick question though, anyone know where I can find the multiple choice answers (not the free response solutions) to old AP exams? specifically 98, 88, 92 and 93? Actually, any of em would be great, I'm eventually going to have to do all of them, thanks a bunch!!
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