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  1. don't go back into history. just think what a man does when he is alone.or a child when he/she is young, either he sets a target for himself and looks for a stone and hit at it. or he will take a stone and scratch and bore holes in tree trunks or any surface. stone hits stone , spark can be seen . a curious mind can look for better ways to produce a bigger spark.
  2. i was on the back seat of a bike when my friend was in the driver's seat . i just thought in my mind that " why not go for a movie" . before i could say anything my friend asked to me " would u like to go for a movie" . in this case our heads were very close (5-10 cm) . he's my classmate , we r not related . it happens with twins . but i and my friend are two different personalities.if the neuronal architecture in the brain of twins have similarity then telepathy can b understood . what about me and my friend. is it radio waves . ,if it is then what's the strength, what's the wavelength. sometimes it happens with me. i'm at my cousin's house. two of my cousins and their kids went to church.the usual time that they used to come back has already crossed. my aunt asked me what happened , why r they late, when will they come. cousin's house is on a hill and the road they will return back home is 20 m below. when the wind blew , in that i heard their conversation a little, i told my aunt that they are coming . 5mts afterwards i see them at the bottom of the hill. how can you explain this . the piece of conversation was carried on what . was it a wave that got converted to another form in my brain
  3. time travel exists. i agree . but i don't think for it to happen you have to travel in the space. i believe there is lot to understand about the inner space that we live around . just think about this NAKED -> CLOTHED WHAT HAPPENS HERE is that you are in one phase then you enter another phase . just like that if u think there is another parallel world operating on this earth then u can understand about the phase change so stargates as in the scifi channel can be understood
  4. a thread that i have given is moved . what does it mean . it has been erased from the site or it is shifted to some other place
  5. check the salinity of the soil look for the substrate on which it grows. where does the root touch the soil look for the place where the plant touches the soil more and where it touches less based on the distance between the nodes dig the ground where it touches more and see the composition
  6. we raised pigeons in our backyard what i learned is when i touch the pigeon's egg the mother' pigeon doesn't attend to it anymore.i have never had the need to feed the young since the mother was there.
  7. hello to everybody, why do you think that aliens have to be like us .they are not like us . they are far more superior than us .they are in a form that humans cannot imagine in their wildest dreams . whichever serial . programmes people make for the television that has stories concerned with space and other civilizations , what happens - another civilization is going to attack our civilization on this earth when u see the people from the other civilization in the film what u see is they are like us , eyes , nose , mouth and ear at the same place like humans or it will be like some creature on the earth but it can talk . everything will be different , form of communication will be different, mode of transport will be different, they may be a form of life for whom gravity may not mean anything. whenever we think of aliens (a life-form that we have not seen , just thinking could be somewhere there in the outerspace ) we think based on earthly context. there are many things to be discussed . i want to know how you respond to my reply.
  8. cool_b74

    to learn

    can anybody suggest any sites where i can study about operation of laboratory equipments , methods .concerned with microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology in a interactive way
  9. what is a dream what is a vision
  10. cool_b74


    what is the maximum weight an island can hold what is the maximum weight our planet can withstand when the weight on one island is more than other, can the tectonic plate slip over another or crash with another. each and every meteorite that reaches the earth surface adds more weight
  11. cool_b74


    what is remote viewing . it has anything to do with the ability of the brain
  12. aboriginees ran for higher ground: before an earthquake , animals that live in burrows pick up strange frequencies and if it is more than they can bear they live their burrows and look for a place where it doesn't affect them . it's guessing. Mother elephant can return to a grazing ground or a water hole that is 3 days away and that she visited 3 years before . it is brain 's ability and the signals and the frequencies in the atmosphere aboriginees select a place to reside based on their past experiences brain has lot of abilities, one of them is to pick up the signals present in your sorroundings i was at home in the andamans when the earthquake struck. since i just woke up from sleep so i don't know how did the animals behave i think it is related with the brain, conversion of signals in the atmosphere to an image it creates
  13. i think woman kills more man than a rat
  14. cool_b74

    Green "Blood"

    good answers i didn't know that there is a relation for the blood color with electronic configuration, wavelength, oxidation states , thankyou
  15. i think it is because of the atmosphere where u live . AFTER PUBERTY WHEN U HAVE MORE SEXUAL DRIVE and no girls around ,thinking of society and parents restrictions remain more in boys groups or study in boys only schools. slowly this particular boyish atmosphere look for other boys . there is no discussion of sexuality. maternal uncles force them to involve in such an act. . it is something that affects a boy very early in his life. homosexuality is not genetic but eunuch is genetic
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