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  1. I took this quiz awhile ago. I could not for the life of me figure it out. My mom did it in a few guesses and I asked for the answer. I would have NEVER thought that up on my own.
  2. Yes! I beat level 8 (I'll give a hint to whoever asks)! On to level 9!
  3. Hey RedAlert, it's: SPOILERS (highlight after here for answer): www.dievo.org:82/apprentice/level5aaa/indexaa.php?password=eagle
  4. I am at level 8 on Apprentice. Very tedious.
  5. Actually, nature would weed out those diseases. But it would take time, maybe generations. Remember the bubonic plague? Modern medicine hinders the process because it demands a cure in an instant and on an individual basis. This is contrary to nature's harsh way of dealing with the diseased: letting them die (while a few build up their own cure). Survival of the fittest.
  6. So you are making a proxy? Yes, that will work (provided they don't block your proxy).
  7. You should pay for it on your own.
  8. Is parents were allowed to choose which traits they wanted for their children most of us would look like celebrities -- most likely the same celebrities. I guess this is kind of dystopic, but it is likely it would happen (just look at teens and their trends).
  9. Rekkr

    Why Gravitons?

    So what exactly is gravity? If Transdecimal was taking the analogy too literally, then is it right to assume gravity is an all-permeating aether as Descartes suggested? For example, imagine a pond. That pond is the universe and the water molecules are gravitons. Is this correct? Someone please explain.
  10. What kind of network do you have? First check to see which computers are signed which IP adresses (Because I use Linksys, I enter in my address bar to access the administration.). Sometimes two computers will try to take the same IP address. This might be the cause of your problem.
  11. I have heard that autistic savants do their math my similar means. They supposedly associate an individual symbol for every single number. When they think, the symbols just "blur" together into an answer.
  12. If your brain deems a piece of information important, it will remember it forever (long-term memory). If your brain deems the information unimportant, it will be forgotten quickly (short-term memory). I can't explain any more complicated than this because I don't know all the little details myself, but that is the basic idea.
  13. Rekkr

    Why do we age?

    We must die so that our species can stay alive. Evolution takes place over generations. The parents give birth to offspring which may have or may not have mutated whilst in the womb. If no one ever died, we could not evolve and simple, cell-dividing organisms such as viruses and bacteria would over-take us and we would all die from disease.
  14. Rekkr

    Why europe?

    Somehow I find it hard to believe that EVERYTHING can be attributed to geography. Surely there must be other variables involved. North America is similar to Europe's geography around the Great Lakes area (Mediteranean + North Atlantic = Great Lakes + Hudson Bay). Sure, it is a little cold in Canada, but not much colder than northern Germany and southern Sweden and Norway (all successful European areas). Look at the Vikings for example. They thrived in cold weather, even venturing as far north as Greenland. North America also has very good farming soil (and I'm sure around the Great Lakes area also). There are plenty of deer in North America; they should have been perfect for sustaining food. I can't think of any milk-producing animals from North America which could have served an equivalent function as Old World cows and goats, but is milk really THAT important? Milk isn't a requirement for life; water should have worked just fine (and there is plenty of that around the Great Lakes). I'm surprised there were no somewhat advanced civilizations around the Great Lakes area. Plus, no one should ever underestimate the power of religion. Christianity told the Europeans to go out to all areas and spread the religion. It also didn't hold nature in a very high regard compared to most non-Christian/pagan religions. I think European success can be attributed mostly to religion and the numerous wars which took place between, generally, north and south europe. Both of those are social influences, not geographic.
  15. I've seen it. You can download it via BitTorrent from http://www.mvgroup.org.
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