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  1. WHY...my big questions is...."WHY is it difficult to understand....that it is indeed us humans who have accelerated the global warming....and still contributing to it?" One of the threads asked for a scientific opinion..so being a budding environmental scientist...let me just try explaining. There are several ways in which we humans have (and are still) contributing to the global climate change (a.k.a global warming). But...lemme just explain one... Now I hope all here accept the fact that Carbon...in most of its form..is a greenhouse gas...and that the more it is in the atmosphere...greater will be the warming. Nature has been, over a period of several centuries...been trapping the atmospheric CO2 and has put it...deep under the earth's crust! This, it has been doing for ages....in the form of green plants...that nature stores in the earth's crust......and decreases the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere and of the environment. Now...man, in the last few years...has discovered this dumped away CO2.....found their use as "fossil fuels"...and has been burning it like hell....in the process....returning all of the CO2 back to the atmoshphere. Clearly...man is undoing nature's work of sequestring away Carbon......which is now entering back into the environment at a HUGE rate......and thus the accelerated Global Warming. Now..which part of this did not make sense to anyone...plz point out. Also..this is just one of the ways in which human interference is accelerating the warming.
  2. Im no climatologists...but I read somewhere...that our climate system is also determined by the salinity ...in that ....if the salinity of the sea changes (as will be the case when all teh ice meltes)....the climate will unpredictably change as well.
  3. Hey back of bud!!! I`m doing an MSc in Environmental Science!!!...well its actually Studies..but it shd ve been science..not for the Univ`s interventions!
  4. Hmm...big brains Yg..right u are!!!..but in the formation of the female gametes....3 cells degerate(read do not give rise to furhter progeny) and only the 4th one mature, divides and gives rise to the individual.... ...so don u think the other 3 should be called son cells??
  5. Hi guys... ...Not that I'm a Quiz Master or somethin..lol...but let's see who gets this one!! ok...u know when a cell divides...into 2(mitosis) or 4(meiosis) cells.the cells so formed are called daughter cells. My question is why do we call them daughter cells and not "son" cells!?? I used to so bug my science teacher with this question when i was in 8th standard i rem!!!
  6. lol..nice good guessing...sheep or pig it cud be then...nice logic man!!
  7. yyar...where did the hippo come in the scene now..lol
  8. hmmm...interestrin...rat!!..could be...specially if we consider the diseases transmitted by em too!!
  9. Govind

    banana mystery

    nope..i havent seen seeds too lately.... these stupid plant bredders...they are Public Enemy No. 1 for us Botanists. They have literally made many many plants infertile and impotent
  10. Well...its not wats PMed to me... and yourdadonapogos is right...why r u confusing guys...(and YT2095)..i said mammal...man is a very nice mammal!!! The answer is Man
  11. My question is simple and straight!!...unlike tht of the Sphinx... Well...name the mammal who has killed more human beings than any other mammal?? Let's us see the bright ones here...lol I`m from India...so u can expect all this from me...lol...we are known for are education...lol
  12. Govind

    banana mystery

    Banans undergo a phenomonon known as Vegetative propogation!!!!... ....in which no flowers and fruits are required for propogation GOvind
  13. Moles have no apparent reason to appear on anyone's body..and quite frankly..I have never seen anybody grow a mole (like a pimple) on their body. It's usually since birth and therefore more appropriately known as birth mark!
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