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  1. John Titor really is popular on the intarweb!
  2. That you shouldn't be mean to creationists.
  3. They are suck, choose a career you enjoy. Simple as that.
  4. For some odd reason I don't like chocolate milk, never did since kindergarten. What's really fun is chugging your milk, everytime I poor myself a glass (morning or night) I love chugging it and getting an ultimate brain freeze. Painful, yet fun I must say.
  5. I only posted because I thought I could answer the question. I mean logically speaking, no biblical influence involved, how could the first human be a baby? Would it be able to survive on it's own?
  6. The problem is, soymilk doesn't taste too good with cereal.. That's why I just switched back to normal milk because I didn't want to constantly drink both types of milk on a constant basis, might not be too good for the stomach.
  7. I'm not bitter, really. No matter how many times both sides argue over this matter, it will get nowhere. Besides, haven't I given you enough explanations on my beliefs?
  8. You mean only with the word "evidence." Honestly, you didn't even have to respond to my post, but it seems like you love instigating conflict.
  9. Okay fine, since I do not possess the ability to back my statements up with 100% proof, I lose.
  10. It's not very nice...you big bully! I'm gonna call your mommy and tell her all about what you said!
  11. I was being sarcastic. I just don't understand why you're attacking Creationists (For the other guy, I meant "Creationists", I just couldn't think right because I was mad at the thread-maker's prejudice post).
  12. Thank you for attacking Christians, I'm sure you make every Evolutionist extremely proud, considering you represent them just like the sites above represent all Christians.
  13. Since I cannot back up anything I say with hard-core proof, I lose. You guys win.
  14. How are my disputes based on ignorance? You're automatically saying the Big Bang theory is correct because there's scientific proof for it. Am I correct? The only ignorance I see here, is that you believe every aspect of life should be proved with science and only science. Job recorded it. Really, I'm not asking you to believe this, just stating that the Bible shouldn't be quickly dismissed as false. Are you sure? Try these, pretty interesting reads: http://www.answersingenesis.org/Home/Area/AnswersBook/flood12.asp http://personals.galaxyinternet.net/tunga/Flood.htm http://archives.cnn.com/2000/NATURE/09/13/great.flood.finds.ap/
  15. Cornelius

    Zombie Dogs

    "But even this should be enough to save lives such as battlefield casualties and victims of stabbings or gunshot wounds, who have suffered huge blood loss." Well if someone is shot in the head, it's pretty much over for them. What I'm trying to say is, for those who aren't shot in the head (the majority of the casualty victims), it would take only a couple of hours to revive the soldiers, and while the others are out there, inevitably about to get shot, the revived soldiers could go and replace them and so on. A never-ending cycle, which could mean a never-ending battle..
  16. Cornelius


    Just to ease the tension in here a bit..
  17. Sorry, I wasn't clear on this. "Genesis" and "Psalms" are considered books of the Bible. I was just curious as to which ones you have read. I don't deny evolution, it's a fact. There are even some evolutionary-Christians, Christians who believe in the Creation and then evolution occurring afterwards. However, I seriously doubt the Big Bang like you doubt the Creation. Oh well, it's a draw here. None of us can prove our cases 100%
  18. Cornelius


    That shower curtain is definitely something stolen from the Lion King.
  19. Cornelius

    Zombie Dogs

    This means battles can go on forever?
  20. I must say, they didn't get the best side of Mary's face in that picture. http://www.thefleshfarm.com/facesofdeath/fod1pre.html If you really want to see the trailer for 'Faces of Death,' you can click on that link. Otherwise, if you have a weak stomach, you really shouldn't. To be honest though, the narrator really makes the trailer extremely hilarious and the images you see aren't half as bad as what you're seeing in horrors movies today (ie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre). I bet you the makers of FOD had a blast and enjoyed the fact that they really messed up some kid's around the world lol. *note: When it seems like there's gonna be some "pop-up" scary thing in the trailer, it won't happen. They don't use those tactics, although it would have made it a lot scarier..
  21. You can pay old Bloody Mary a good visit by going into your bathroom, turning off all the lights, looking in the mirror, and saying "bloody mary" thrice. Has anyone actually tried this before?
  22. That was a lot of information I just absorbed into my brain...I think it's going to explode...!
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