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  1. So! It is true. Roe V. Wade is gone. Just got back on the forum after awhile.
  2. Intelligent design IS related to creationism. In Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District, Dover changed its curriculum to accommodate intelligent design in its biology classes. The court ruled that the change was not related to any scientific consensus, but rather a political and religious with the pretense of science. Furthermore, the court ruled that intelligent design was unscientific and a form of creationism (which even then is not hard to deduce since the theory explains a creator). I suggest watching the video I linked. It answers your questions and arguments and I'm not to regurgitate something that has been already said.
  3. All peoples of all sorts of races have managed to conjure up discrimination based on someone's race. It is quite unfortunate that these events happened before and still continue to happen. However, my question is not about racial discrimination but I thought I'd clear that up beforehand. I was watching a video (which I believe I can't link here as that would be an advertisement) that was essentially explaining the role race plays in sports. According to the video, there seems to be a relationship and correlation with race/ethnicities and what sports these people dominate in (ex: East Asians tend to dominate in weightlifting, Europeans tend to dominate in swimming, West Africans tend to dominate track and etc). My question is: How can the physical differences between race/ethnicity be explained? I ask this question on a forum like this one because it seems to be filled with people who have more qualifications than me.
  4. Oh yes, this is true. I believe I read somewhere that using robots that would multiply across different planets, systems, and galaxies would be very efficient.
  5. At times, I like to think what we know about the universe, we can assume that aliens (especially intelligent ones) would know about it too. In fact, we could assume that intelligent aliens would be thinking about the same issues we propose like the scope of the universe and its relations to us. If we are interested in finding other aliens, we can assume they would be too. Chances are, aliens would be more technologically advanced if aliens came to us. Just a thought...
  6. Apologies. I mistook Einstein's theories in which he had no preconceived notions as an attempt to disprove his theory. Though I can't say the same with Freud who did have preconceived notions.
  7. It was not a good idea searching that up.
  8. That seemed to be awhile ago with different people I though it was pronounced "swan-sont" not "swans-on-t(ea)" Good to know
  9. How did you all formulate your usernames? My username is LazyLemonLucas. One, I'm not lazy I just had to put it in there to make it an alitteration. Two, I'm not a lemon, again, I just had to put it in there to make an altteration. Three, my real name isn't Lucas either. It was actually one of my old buddies who I met in school and I just thought that it would be cool to have my username as his namesake. Lazy. Lemon. Lucas. Triple L.
  10. My views on it is that the central thesis doesn't need a book to explain it. It's not even scientific either. What Behe is trying to argue is a trivial and primitive argument in which he strawmans Darwin's theory. I suggest watching Qualiasoup in which he disproves Behe's unscientific claim.
  11. Karl Popper read about Sigmund Freud's theories and listened to Albert Einstein's lectures which helped him formulate the theory that makes "pseudoscience" (as he coined it) and "science" distinct. What he realized is that Sigmund Freud could warp evidence to conform to his theory. For example: Sigmund Freud could explain how a child might feel lonely by explaining that they were hugged too little as a child (lack of affection; induces alienation to affection) or being hugged too much as a child (affection becomes a normal occurence it is taken for granted). Sigmund Freud seeked to prove his theory which ultimately leads him to cognitive dissonance and bias--something unscientific. Albert Einstein did not do what Sigmund Freud did. What Albert Einstein did sounds counterproductive, but he seeked to disprove his theory. The solar eclipse of 1919 was heavily watched by Albert Einstein as the way light would travel to Earth would've disproven the Theory of Relativity, but as we all know, it becomes the most well-known scientific theory today. (The solar eclipse proved the Theory of Relativity as Einstein observed how the light warps or bends) What seperated Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein was unorthodox and seemingly contradicting, but we can never trust how we "feel" but rather what we "know". We know that theories that seek to disprove are scientific because they do not have the bias that a theory that would seek to prove. It sounds weird, I know, but Karl Popper thought that seeking to disprove eliminates more bias than seeking to prove ever would. In his eyes, every "wrong" theory that we assume gets us that more closer to the truth, because we have just crossed off one wrong idea to be replaced with a right one.
  12. Joe A minecraft reference out of all things... haha
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