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  1. Well I suppose what conservatives see as "progressive" is more so referring to "socially progressive". The main problems that Republicans have with social progressivism is that according to them, it is decadent. Now to the extent in which something can be considered decadent (and even more difficult if it is a society) is debateable. However, according to the Republican Party it is a huge issue.
  2. I always loved prehistoric sharks growing up. It is sad to see that there are not many freshwater sharks in modern day times. (atleast not in considerable numbers or strictly freshwater) Good to know there is appreciation for these creatures.
  3. Let us hope that the people who do contemplate suicide do not miscalculate their misfortune.
  4. I have a textbook called "Understanding Abnormal Psychology (Eighth Edition)" and it reads on page 412 and 413: "The following letter captured worldwide attention when a twenty-one-year-old paralegic, Vincent Humbert, wrote a special appeal to French president Jacques Chirac asking to end his own life: Mr. Chirac, My respects to you, Mr. president. My name is Vincent Humbert, I am 21. I was in a traffic accident on 24 September 200. I spent nine months in a coma. I am currently in Helio-Marins hospital in Berck, in the Pas-de-Calais region. All my vital organs were affected, except for my hearing and my brain, which alllows me a little comfort. I can move my right hand very slightly, putting pressure with my thumb on each letter of the alphabet. These letters make up words and the words form sentences. This is my only method of communication. I currently have a nurse beside me, who spells me the alphabet separating vowels and consonants. This is how I have decided to write you [sic]. The doctors have decided to send me to a specialised clinic. You have the right of pardon and I am asking for the right to die. I would like to do this clearly for myself but especially for my mother; she has left her old life to be by my side, here in Berck, working morning and evening after visiting me, seven days out of seven, without a day of rest. And all this to be able to pay the rent for her miserable studio flat. . ." There is more to this letter but I stopped here to save character space. I am sure you can find more of it online (though it might be in French), but I digress. My point is: I would say, yes. The right to die is as important as the right to live, or the right to a pardon according to Humbert. Suicide is caused by a lack of hope. With an invalid like Humbert, there is no doubt in my mind that there cannot be more hope for him. It is simply a recognition of reality and he himself knew this.
  5. No wonder why the correlation between slavery and abortion (since it centers on personhood) is so often brought up.
  6. I would not be surprised somebody would make this argument; this is an argument that has been made regarding the issue of free states and slave states during the mid-1800s. Dare I say, history repeats itself...
  7. "If the facts are on your side, argue the facts. If the law is on your side, argue the law." -Al Gore The people who are trying to overturn abortion rights or diminish the level at which it is allowed have the advantage of the law.
  8. I think that atheism and religion are not mutually exclusive, which I probably should've mentioned in my original post.
  9. Main problem is the fact that sports are separated by sex. Take out the transgender athletes and you still have a sexist system. Though, I would have to say, eliminating the barriers does not exactly mean women will go into more diverse sports. Chances are, women excel and are interested in different things than men. Goes with many things and not just sports (like jobs). Anyway, yeah- sports should be based on capacity and not sex. There's a reason we have the Paralympics, right?
  10. Being an atheist does not exactly entail being "rational". I used to go on another forum called DebateIsland in which a user named "Swolliw" -who was a proclaimed atheist- that kept posting anti-religion and pro-atheist sentiment. Stating things like religion is harmful and that atheism is the only rational disposition to hold. He was very militant with his words, to say the least. I mention this because this is a loaded question that assumes atheists are "rational". Not all of them are. Buddhists are the followers of the religious ascetic Siddhartha Gautama or Gautama Buddha. Buddhists may believe in deities but they do not hold positions about god (in the classical sense). Thus, they are atheistic. By the way, I do know that certain Buddhists have varying beliefs about the legitimacy and existence of God but the teachings of Buddha do not explicitly state so. Indeed, Buddhist teaching states that one who goes through the path of the Buddha can become an entity like Gautama Buddha did. Buddhists have different dogma and issues for themselves but aren't the kinds of atheists who proclaim odd rhetoric like my aforementioned Swolliw friend. To answer the question: Yes. it's entirely rational for an atheist to believe in religion because atheism and religion are completely compatible. Buddhists are the definition of a religious atheist.
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